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Gangplank Build Guide by 1BillyMays1

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1BillyMays1

Gangplank, the crit tank

1BillyMays1 Last updated on January 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Changes and improvements

12/11-11: added a new section called changes and improvements.
12/11-11: changed the positioning on trinity force and atma´s impaler.

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so this is my gangplank guide. imo gangplank is often played wrong. people often build him, with nothing but crit and damage, and that is a mistake. so anyway i made this build, to show you guys how I think he should be played.

i hope you like it :)

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items are an important part of playing gangplank. so this is what we are going to buy:

we start off with a regrowth pendant, a healt pot and a mana pot.

then we get boots of speed so we can catch up with the enemy ;)

we then come back to finish our warmogs which should make us quite a bit more tanky.

so now its time for the us to finish our boots. now i like to take ionian boots of lucidity because it allows you to keep spamming your parrley

now its time for the atma´s impaler to enter the picture. this is excellent with your warmogs, because of the dmg. not to mention the armor and crit (remember crit is extremely important with gangplank)

and now we get trinity force. now for some reason i see a lot of gangplank players not get this. now i cannot stress this enough but trinity force is a MUST BUY! and it is so because its passive will make your parrley do crazy dmg

and now its time for the fun part! thats right, its time for infinity edge. now this will make you crit like crazy and it also gives alot of dmg.

and finally i like to get a bloodthirster. it gives some nice damage and lifesteal.

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Active): Gankplank shoots a target enemy with his pistol, dealing physical damage. If it kills it, he gains extra gold. This ability can critically strike and applies on-hit effects, including his passive.

this ability is the bread and butter of Gangplank. this is an amazing skill. it has almost no cd, has crazy dmg (because it can crit + is considered a normal attack meaning that it applies on-hit effect´s like sheen/trinity, phage, frozen mallet and more) and it gives you 12 extra gold! (when its maxed out) and of course this is the skill we are going to max first.

remove scurvy
(Active): Gangplank instantly removes all crowd control effects on him, as well as healing himself.

this ability is extremely useful, because it heals you for a low mana cost. but thats not the best part. it removes any cc you have on you! this is why Gangplank is great against champs like Malzahar, Warwick and even Ashe.

raise morale
(Passive): Gangplank's attack damage and movement speed are increased permanently.
(Active): Gangplank fires into the air, disabling his passive boost but inspiring himself to gain additional attack damage and movement speed, with nearby allied champions receiving half that amount, for 7 seconds.

now this ability gives you and your mates extra movement speed, attack speed and attack damage. it also gives you a passive boost in those things.

cannon barrage
(Active): Gangplank signals his ship to fire cannonballs upon target area for 7 seconds. 25 cannonballs will drop over the duration and each will deal magic damage to all enemies hit. Enemies in the area of this ability are slowed by 25% for 1.25 seconds with the duration refreshing if one stays in the area.

this is Gangplanks ultimate. this is extremely useful for helping friends or turning the tide in a team fight since its global and it slows people and damages them over time. you need to know when to use this ult, like, lets say your turret is getting killed and noone is nearby. in this situation you can (most of the times) save it by using your ult if you are fast enough.

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Skill sequence

you should choose your skills in this order:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Pros / Cons

crazy dmg with q
selfheal/debuff removal
global ult

no escape skills (although remove scurvy can get rid of those pesky cc´s for ya)

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in this chapter i will try to explain how your laning phase should look.

of course you should always try to last hit but you should also remember to use parrley to last hit a minion so you can get some extra gold on when you kill a minion. 12 gold makes a big difference! you should also use your raise morale so its easier to get the lasthit on those all important minions. and if you want you can use parrley to harras the enemy as well, but i suggest you focus on the minions. and i quess i dont have to say this but remember: MINIONS ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! if you see your enemies make a mistake though (like overextending etc.) you should always be ready to make them regret the day they made a mistake while laning against... TANKPLANK!

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so thats just about what i had to show you :) so i hope you like it, and i would be happy if you would leave some constructive criticism, or anything that helps me to improve my guide.

i really hope you like it. if you do, tell me what you like about it, and remember to vote :)