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Gangplank Build Guide by Gizmo101

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gizmo101

Gangplank, the full guide to effectively carrying your team

Gizmo101 Last updated on September 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcom to my guide of Gangplank!!!!

Hello again and welcome to my guild of Gangplank. Gangplank is a criting,healing,nuking carry. He is great in both team fights and 1v1s. This guide will teach you the basics, as well as the advanced, ways of using GP. Warning, if you don't like enemies surrendering right away due to pure pwnage, don't use this build.

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Reason towards the runes

The reason I choose the runes i do is so that I can have 100 crit chance late game and a ton of damage output, as well as some armor penetration and CDR.

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I choose these masteries for the cdr, armor pen, crit chance, upgraded exhaust and extra dmg. The utility masteries also give you extra gold and exp for farming early game.

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Items and item sequence

As soon as the game starts buy a brawlers gloves, an hp potion and a mana potion. This will give you bonus crit chance and lanability. As soon as you have about 1200 gold, go back and upgrade your brawlers gloves to an avarice blade and buy a cloak of agility. This way you have a ton of crit chance (over 50%) and extra gold.Save up your gold for you Ionian Boots. Then lane until you can afford a PD. Make sure to harass with your parley and farm minions with it when enemy champs aren't around (the bonus gold from parley comes in handy). After you get a PD save your gold up for a B.F sword, then a cloak and dagger. Afterwards, buy an IE as soon as you can so you can 1 hit minions and nuke enemy champs. Afterwards, buy a Phage so you can slow enemies when you parley them, then buy a zeal and a sheen last, followed by Trin Force, as it makes you parley do almost 2ce the dmg when it crits late game. Afetwards, buy a Blood thirster. Then sell your boots and buy another Blood thirster. Sell your avarice blade and get your last Blodd thirster and you have your full build.

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Skill sequence

As you would expect, always max out parley ASAP. I prefer to max out my scurvy second, as it heals you a good amount and allows you to stay in your lane for prolonged periods of time. Then you get your ult and your Raise morale maxed out (duh).

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Summoner spells

I prefer to use the summoner spells ignite and exhaust, because exhaust allows you to close gaps on escaping enemies and reduce their damage output drastically for a few seconds, which is more than enough time to kill someone. I also like ignite because if you are fighting a champ like soraka,sona or any other healers in a lane and you see someone is almost dead, all you need to do is parley and ignite them and they will receive 75% reduced healing, since ignite reduces healing by 50% and your passive does too. So you will do damage over time from both ignite and your passive and pick up an easy kill.

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Early game (lvls 1-5)

Early game, GP is pretty good if you have an agressive lane partner, so try to lane with agressive champs like leblanc, trynd, blitz, poppy etc. If your lane partner is not agressive, try to harass alot but not go for kills until you are positive you can pick up a quick kill. Be cautious and continue to farm minions until you are lvl 6 and the next phase of the game begins.

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Mid game (lvls 6-12)

Now that you have your ult, keep an eye on the map to see if you allies are engaging in a fight and use your ult accordingly. If your allies are getting destroyed in a fight, use you ult so that it is in the path they are running but still initially hits the enemies. If they are detroying the enemy, place it so that the edge of the radius hits them but the majority of the ult blocks their escape. GP has one of the most useful ults in the game (in my opinion). If your allies aren't engaging in fights and your harassing has gotten an enemy down to half hp in your lane, use your ult on the enemy accordingly to pick up an easy kill. You will be criting about every other hit so make sure you harass alot.

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Late game (lvl 13-end of game)

Now is where their is alot less laning and alot more ganking and team fights. GP excells at both of those. While you are laning, keep harassing and farming minions whenever you can. If a tower is at half hp or less and you have your ult up, shoot it around the tower. Typically, enemy champs will retreat when they see your ult at a tower with half hp and don't wanna risk dieing, so they run back (note, only do this if either their is only 1 enemy champ at tower or if their are more allies than enemies guarding the tower). Make sure you think about when and where you use your ult, especially in team fights as it can make or break a fight. Once you have all of your items, very few, if any, champs stand a chance against you. If you follow this guide you will carry your team almost every game (although sometimes you get those team mates that quit/dc or feed hardcore and their isn't anything you can do about it), and many times cause enemies to surrender due to how strong you are.

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Thank you for viewing my guide!!!

Thank you all for viewing my guide!! :D Comment and/or vote if you want. I appreciate both negative and positive comments. Whatever you comment helps me out in some way so don't be shy!! HAVE A GREAT DAY AND GOOD LUCK ON THE FIELDS OF JUSTICE!!!!