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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BatchOfDeath

Gangplank the Master Baiter (OP build must try!)

BatchOfDeath Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is my guide to gangplank. I want everyone who reads this to keep in mind that i made this guide primarily for 3vs3 matches. Not that this build is garbage for 5's but to really see it's true potential you should try this build out in 3vs3 before you rate it. People who will benefit most from this build are people that play aggressively this is because gangplank has fantastic survivability and can initiate team fights with very little consequence. If u follow this guide your speed will go up to over 500 which is absolutely blazing!! in addition you'll be able to demolish squishies and basically dictate how the entire game plays out, and how all of your team fights go, and how they start.. that being said here's the guide.

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I stack as much crit damage as i can, because it's hard to get through items, and i get glyphs of focus for easy spamming of hit ult. the thing that i think 90% of people that play gang take for granted is his passive attached to his e that gives him a fantastic advantage over other players. because of his speed boost on e I throw in speed quints. they make a HUGE difference!!

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Basically every guide for gangplank has this, and it has it for a reason. get it!! great initial crit mixed with speed runes is great for early ganks.

*Consider grabbing sword of the occult here, once you become experienced as gangplank*
These are the boots to get no questions asked!! They will allow you to bait efficiently, and harass like a BOSS!
This item is great for early on harassment with parrley, and helps to keep your mana up.
Zeal helps get that speed boost to be a great chaser and an excellent harasser.
finish up trinity force to get spammability and harder crits.
At this point you should literally be flying around the map constantly going mia, and ganking any hero that passes the half point mark with ease.
For obvious reasons grab this item. Most people, and guides will tell you that you have to get this early game and that it's stupid to get it last, because gang is all about his heavy crits. trust me when i tell you this is the icing on the cake not the core of your build. If u build this early you will literally suck all early game. DO NOT GET THIS ITEM EARLY GAME! That being said once u get inf edge you will eat everyone. Nom Nom Nom.

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Skill Sequence

Do whatever the heck you want here just Level your W all the way first! aaaannnnnddd Do not level your ult! most people think gangs ult is crazy OP and that it's just instant kills... it's not it's actually pretty underpowered, and is unreliable for ganking. That being said it's got fan-freaking-tastic utility. use it to escape chase, and i know this sounds crazy but USE IT TO FARM MINIONS! i only ever blow it on minions if i see 2-3 creep waves together. but when u do see that many together it is well worth popping ur ult!


gang's Q attaches with lizard buff. Grab it all the time. dont spam Q all the time for extra gold. your gold will come from ganking. use q to harass literally every time it procs. Every once in awhile use it to get two minions kills at once, it takes a bit of practice but if you get good with parley you can hit with your melee and Q another at almost the same time. you get the extra gold and another kill.

his W is VITAL level it constantly. word to the wise don't use it to be tricky with like you would with your summoner heal, because it really doesn't heal much early on.Something very important to realize is that W clears all stuns, and slowsso use it to escape!

E was useless it now is somewhat useful for escaping/chasing and team pushing towers. IMO it's not worth using often because it eats much needed mana, and kills your poison. DONT PLAY STUPID DENY GANGPLANK. that build sucks and is a huge waste of mana. really dumb build. *since patch it doesn't work anyway*

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Summoner Spells

Speed and exhaust i use these two spells mostly just to get first gank if u ping a toon and then burst speed and exhaust you will almost always get a kill. That early on gold is really going to help you keep an edge on your enemies for the remainder of the game.

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Side Notes

Jarvan is literally the only character that has a stun that can hold gangplank approach him with caution! Eve is also a nightmare to play against with gangplank,(and most other toons) because she really interferes with your strong 1vs1 capabilities. besides those characters harrass the hell out of everyone, and play aggressive, and YOU WILL WIN WITH THIS BUILD. also it should be noted this build is really great for running solo games, because it will make you a huge ks which your friends may not like. XD i mean you are a carry after all so tell them to stfu and QQ somewhere else!!