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Gangplank Build Guide by budgingpandora

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author budgingpandora

Gangplank, the one shoter

budgingpandora Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my second build, this time about Gankplank. This build is one of the most unique builds on gankplank, and you will know why when you try it. So enjoy reading, and remember to comment and vote !

Enjoy !

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For runes, i takegreater marks of desolation x9, because we will be focusing on damage and crits, and armor pen will be the way to do the most bonus damage. For seals, i takecrit damage since we will depend on crits on early/ late game. For blue glyphs, i usually takegreater glyphs of focus x9 because i want my parley to be up sooner and sooner so i can start one shoting people ! And for quints,i take greater quints of desolation x3 for even MORE bonus damage !

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I take 21 points in the offense, taking crit chance, ignite, attack speed and bonus minion damage. In the defense i take bonus armor and bonus magic resist. I don't like taking utility points cuz i think it's useless on gp, well i would like to take that point in flash but i can't ! Annoying isn't it ?

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Congratulations ! You have arrived to the most interesting part of this guide people ! Start by getting 1 avarice blade, WTF ?? ?? why ?? 1 ! Because, you get 5 gold per 10 secs wich means ... you will get 5 gold per 10 sec .. and if you didn't know .. Gankplank's biggest secret is that hisparrley can crit ! You can go for a Sheen that will be upgraded later on in the game if it goes on for more than 45 mins. So if you stack crit and AD early game, just your parrley can do around 1.4k crits baby ! You won't need boots because you have yourfor the bonus movement speed. When you got your avarice, get berserk greaves, and then get BF SWORD. Your parley crits can now deal 500 damage. Be sure to rush inf edge cuz when you got it, you will start criting for 1k and melee for 600 crits. After inf edge, feel free to sell your avarice and get phantom dancer, for even more attack speed, and more crits ! By now, you can 1v1 any champion very easily, and 2 shot squishies like Ashe. By now you would have 1 avarice, boots, inf edge, phantom dancer. If the game goes on even more, sell 1 avarice and get bloodthirster, and dont worry about crit chance, it's just gonna stay somehow !

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Skill Sequence

: Gangplank takes a shot at the ennemy dealing physical damage with the chance to crit. Every minion killed with this ability will grant you 10 bonus gold. I start by maxing this ability first since it's going to be my bread and butter skill.
Remove Scurvy will heal gangplank, scaling with ability power and healing more by every rank. I like taking an early point in this to be more survival in my lane.
Raise morale is a very good skill, increasing movement speed and attack damage. I recommend maxing this 2nd for the bonus damage you will get on your parrrley.
It also increases surround allies movement speed and attack damage.
Cannon barrage is an area of affect damage ability, slowing all of the ennemies inside it's circle, and damaging ennemies that are around or on the X in the middle, its great for chasing and recommended in teamfights. I max this ability when it's available, at lvl 6/11/16. Do not depend on it's damage since it scales with ability power/ magic damage.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i takeflash, for flash Q combo, or to escape. I do not like taking ghost because myraise morale can do pretty much the same thing. Next, i takeignite because if you melee someone, he usually has 1 or 2 hp bars left, and he flashes away, but if you got ignite on him, he's gone. You can take exhaust, to slow them and take reduced damage by carries, but i don't really recommend it for gangplank.

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Ranked Play

In ranked play, i would say to get only 2 avarice blades, then boots, and rush [[/img]inf edge thenphantom dancer. If you get squishy, then, before selling an avarice and getting bloodthirster, i would recommend, if the other team is heavy on AP, getting abanshee's veil, as it gives you magic resist and blocks one negative spell. If the other team is heavy on both AP and AD, get a warmog's, cuz it gives you a ****load of hp ! It usually works for me. If not, get a frozen mallet cuz it gives you slow, the only thing that you lack besides your ultimate.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
Very strong Champ
Fun to play
High damage output
Great farmer

Cons :
Lacks CC, only has the ult slow (why i recomemended frozen mallet)

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Creeping / Jungling

I don't like jungling with gangplank cuz i think he dominates his lane well enough and there are better junglers than him. But what i do recommend in the jungle, is to get the red buff when available because it helps you A LOT with the slow and bonus damage.[/img] . I also recommend getting a[/img] blue buff, because with the glyphs cd reduction and blue cd reduction, you're just gonna rape everyone. And parrrley is gonna be up a lot sooner than you think.

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Team Work

In team fights, be sure to not get hit by high damage burst damage champions or carries like :
- Annie
- Ashe
- Twisted Fate
- Akali
- Nidalee

Be sure to spam yourraise morale for you team to have great movement speed and bonus attack damage.
Keep your ult exactly on the opposite team, so you can coordinate with your team and decide who to focus first. Be sure to stay back during that time, when your team initiates and you decided who to focus, go in LAST. Or else you will just get focused since you have a lot of damage and .. die :(

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Gangplank is a great farmer, because of yourparrrley, and be sure to last hit every minion ! What i usually do is stay in the bush, and when i see a minion low hp, i go out, parrrley, and go back in, but if there are some other minions low hp be sure to melee them. And if you don't get lots of creep kills, avarice blades are here to save the day !

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To conclude all of the stuff that i've said so far, gangplank is a great AD carry and can do some amazing damage if farmed and if he is dominating his lane, be sure to have enough gold for 1 avarice blade every time you recall, and that's all i have to say !

Enjoy beating the **** out of people ! Comment, and vote, and leave your opinions in the comments so that i can improve my guides! And check my Ashe guide aswell, See ya !