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Gangplank Build Guide by Chesswinner

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chesswinner

Gangplank, tunge vaikka perseesees

Chesswinner Last updated on July 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Prepare To Be Boarded!

YAAARRRR MATEYS! This is my guide for Gangplank, The Saltwater Scourge. Gangplank is an AD crit carry hero which tears enemies apart pretty easily. This guide will almost every time lead you to win! Gangplank is the coolest hero in League of Legends, play it with normal skin, or Spooky Gangplank skin as I do. Have fun playing with Gangplank! YARRR! :)

ATTENTION: I will update the guide periodically, upload some more pictures and maybe some videos when the time comes. ;) Now I'm kinda busy sailing through the seven seas!


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The Story of a Spooky Pirate named Gangplank - C'mere, me beauty!

Once upon a time, there was a coldblooded murderer named Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge. For 18 years Gangplank was raised by his father, the great pirate Vincent the Shadow. Vincent wanted his son to be as ruthless and cunning as him so the upbringing he used was very hard on Gangplank. Due to his father's agenda Gangplank quickly became a malevolent pirate just like his father. On his 18th birthday Gangplank murdered Vincent the Shadow and commandeered his ship. He would continue on and become the fiercest pirate out of Bilgewater. When the Institute of War was called he thought it was necessary the pirates of Bilgewater had a champion participate in the League of Legends.

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Gangplank's Base Statistics - Nothin' but a bilge rat!

Damage - 54 Growth per level - 3
Health - 495 Growth per level - 81
Mana - 255 Growth per level - 40
Move Speed - 320 Growth per level - 0
Armor - 17 Growth per level - 2.8
Magic Resist - 30 Growth per level - 1.25
Health Regen (per 1) - 0.85 Growth per level - 0.15
Mana Regen (per 1) - 0.8 Growth per level - 0.14
Health Regen (per 5) - 4.25 Growth per level - 0.75
Mana Regen (per 5) - 6.5 Growth per level - 0.7
Attack Speed - 0.651 Growth per level - 2.35%
Range - 125

I decided to add Gangplanks stats at level 6, 11, 16 and 18.

Level 6:
Hit Points 985
Health Regen (per 1) 1.75
Health Regen (per 5) 8.75
Physical Damage Health 1312.58
Magical Damage Health 1348.88
Effective Health 1330.73
Mana 409
Mana Regen (per 1) 1.4
Mana Regen (per 5) 7
Attack Speed 0.742
Damage 72
Armor 33.8
Magic Resist 37.5

Level 11:
Hit Points 1386
Health Regen (per 1) 2.5
Health Regen (per 5) 12.5
Physical Damage Health 2048.51
Magical Damage Health 1992.38
Effective Health 2020.44
Mana 579
Mana Regen (per 1) 1.9
Mana Regen (per 5) 9.5
Attack Speed 0.818
Damage 87
Armor 47.8
Magic Resist 43.75

Level 16:
Hit Points 1791
Health Regen (per 1) 3.25
Health Regen (per 5) 16.25
Physical Damage Health 2897.84
Magical Damage Health 2686.5
Effective Health 2792.17
Mana 749
Mana Regen (per 1) 2.4
Mana Regen (per 5) 12
Attack Speed 0.894
Damage 102
Armor 61.8
Magic Resist 50

Level 18:
Hit Points 1953
Health Regen (per 1) 3.55
Health Regen (per 5) 17.75
Physical Damage Health 3269.32
Magical Damage Health 2978.33
Effective Health 3123.83
Mana 817
Mana Regen (per 1) 2.6
Mana Regen (per 5) 13
Attack Speed 0.925
Damage 108
Armor 67.4
Magic Resist 52.5

This was a guide found from forums!

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Abilities - Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of...rum!

Passive: Gangplank's attacks, except for Parrrley, apply a poison that deals 6-23 damage a second for 10 seconds and reduces any healing done to the target by 50%.
Active [Q]: Gangplank shoots a target unit for 110% of his attack damage plus additional damage as physical damage. Gangplank gains extra gold if Parrrley deals a killing blow. This ability can be a critical hit and applies on hit effects.
Active [W]: Gangplank consumes a large quantity of citrus fruits which removes any crowd control effects on him and heals him.
Passive: Gangplank's Attack and Movement Speeds are increased by a percentage. Active [E]: Gangplank inspires himself and nearby champions to receive bonus attack damage and movement speed for 6 seconds.
Active [R]: Gangplank signals his ship to fire upon an area for 8 seconds. Enemies caught in the area will be slowed and may be hit by cannonballs, dealing magic damage.

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Strategy - Well, blow me down!

Gangplank has a lot of survivability as a dps class. Remove Scurvy is a nice self heal and can remove crowd control placed on Gangplank. Parley is is a fantastic skill to kill creeps and serves as a nice harassment tool for opposing champions. It also serves as a nice gold advantage for Gangplank to compensate for his need for good gear. Gangplank excels in groups with Cannon Fire support and Raise Morale. Global Ulti, assists your team no matter where you are, getting an easy assist, and maybe even a kill.

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Some Extra Tips - I'll be usin' ye for chum!

Playing As Gangplank:
*Parrrley applies On Hit effects like Frozen Mallet or Black Cleaver.
*Paying attention to low health enemies on the map can land you a surprise kill with Cannon Barrage.
*Try placing Cannon Barrage on the path of escape to cut off fleeing enemies.

Playing Gangplank is also recommended by this little guy:

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Summoner Spells - Swab the poop deck!

1. Ghost - Allows you to chase and run away from whoever you need. Almost everyone takes it on pretty much every character. This is mandatory, always take it.
2. Exhaust - This spell can save your allie's life or either your own by timing it right. You can also receive an easy kill when enemy unexpects you to use this spell.
3. Flash – This is simply my personal preference, but Flash will save your life many times a game when used correctly. It can get you out of ganks, finish off runners, and most importantly remove you from being the focus-fire in a team fight when you are low.
4. Rally – This spell is clutch in team battles even at level 1. Good timing and placement of this in a battle can be the deciding factor of a game and it synergizes well with Pirate’s survivability and reliance on attack damage.

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Mastery Build - I won't rest till I see ye hangin' from the yardarm!

21/0/9 - The basic idea of the build is the great assets you pick up in the Offense Tree (+ Attack Damage, + Crit Chance and Damage, Improved Rally (if using as Summoner Spell), +5% Damage, etc.) which help you put out the type of damage you need to be a legit damage dealer. The extra 9 points could really be put wherever you feel it would be most useful.

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Rune Build - I ain't got me ground legs yet, landlubber!

Marks (Red):

Marks of Furor will allow you to get those big Parrrley and attack criticals that will allow for fast focus-bursts on enemy targets as well as generally just striking fear into their hearts. This is one of the most fun parts about playing Pirate.

Seals (Yellow):

There are a few ways to go about Seals. Some people prefer to keep stacking Critical Damage and thus Seals of Furor would work for that. Personally though, due to the fact that Pirate is not really a glass cannon I like to maximize the defensive returns that Seals allow for. For example, getting Seals of Evasion (Dodge) is my personal preference.

Glyphs (Blue):

This category is also quite variable depending on your playstyle. There are plenty of good options ranging from Magic Resistance to Cooldown Reduction to even more Critical Damage. My personal preference is Glyphs of Celerity (Cooldown Reduction per level) as Gangplank is heavily reliant on all of his abilities to be effective.


There really are a few things to consider here, but the easy answer is Quintessence of Furor. More Crit Damage is always welcome. There are also a great number of other candidates such as Fortitude (massive HP off the bat) for extra survivability or even Celerity as long as you’re wary of the 40% hard cooldown reduction cap.

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Pros / Cons - Look what trawled out of the bunghole!

-Crazy high damage output which becomes ridiculous with crits
-Global ultimate that can assist with fights anywhere on the map
-Scales very well with items
-Very good Non-tank survivability
-ONLY champion with the ability to deny gold and experience from enemies
-Impossible to deny early game
-You're a ******* pirate

-Very weak early game
-Requires lots of farming early game before he is useful
-Damage output can be pitiful with out infinity edge and significant critical chance.
-Cannot withstand constant high-damage focus from enemies
-Very reliant on chance until fully itemized