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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wilzon

Gangplank - What ARR Ya doin?

Wilzon Last updated on September 10, 2010
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Gangplank - The Saltwater Scourge

So, What ARRR Ya Doin?
This particular build of Gangplank is meant to be a support DPS farmer, built for basic team lane efficiency, but can also double as a carry.

Summoner Spells
Exhaust - This ability can be used offensively to run down opponents who make mistakes and ask you to kill them. Oblige them! It's also a great way to nerf opposing physical DPS carries such as Yi, Jax, Tristana, Shaco, Ashe, etc, because it gives them a 100% miss rate.

Ghost - An excellent escape option. Use it early as a pseudo-teleport by porting back to base, buying an Avarice Blade as soon as you have the money for it, and then burn Ghost to get back into lane ASAP. The extra gold you pickup from buying the blade early is well worth it. I would normally just take Teleport if I was overly worried about getting back into action as soon as possible, but the fact that this doubles up late game as both an escape option and a way to run down enemies makes it ten times better than TP.

Other Options
Ignite - This is a fine option if you feel the need to kill opponents dead. I'm more of a passive player who waits for my opponents to make mistakes, and am comfortable with my back to a tower (Will cover this in a minute), which is the main reason I do not take Ignite.

Flash - Gangplank doesn't have any real strong abilities that require you to be within range of someone to the point where Flash would be a strong choice. It IS a decent escape option though.

Teleport - Inferior to Ghost in many ways, but some still choose to use it, and it works out alright. Ghost is still better in my opinion though.

No other summoner spells are worthy of even mentioning for using with Gangplank.

Early Game

Start the game at your creep spawn point in your own base. Make sure that your partner understand that this is where you plan to start the game so they don't get themselves killed by bush-checking or playing aggressively, expecting you to be there. Having taken Raise Morale as your first skill, you should use it on the first creep that spawns at the base; then run down the lane with your creeps, using Raise Morale a 2nd time right as you're entering your lane with your partner. This will remove 2 creeps worth of XP/Money for the opposing team in your lane. Continue abusing Raise Morale as an xp/gold stealer to deprive the enemies. This should allow you and your lane-mate to hit level 6 around the time the opponents are hitting level 5.

Note: Having killed 2 of your own minions in the beginning will keep your and your lane mate backed up to your own tower. THIS IS A GOOD THING. Do NOT start auto-attacking creeps just to push the lane. Just continue to last hit creeps and only auto attack mobs to keep them from hitting your tower if they get that far. Having your back to your tower is good for several reasons. They are:

1. You have MUCH less further to run if you get into trouble.
2. You have MUCH more room to rundown and kill an enemy if they make a mistake.
3. It allows your teammates (Mid or Junglers) to jump your lane by coming in behind enemies so that they can't get away.
4. It SIGNIFICANTLY reduces your chances of getting jumped by the opposing team's mid or jungler.

Once you hit level 2, you will start picking up Parley, but I beg of you not to misuse it as strictly a harassment tool for your opponents. Doing that is a huge mistake that i see so many GPs (Short for Gold Pirates, referencing Gangplank) do all the time. While Parley is a fine harassment tool, it is even better as a gold farming tool to last hit with, and should be used as such. The idea of the pirate is to gain an advantage for your team similar to what a solo mid player does. You out level your opponents and gain a gold advantage on them. You will be a higher level and have more items come mid-late game by using these 2 abilities properly. If you achieve that goal, then you have succeeded in doing your job as Gangplank through the early game.

Mid Game
By this time, you and your team should have a few kills under your belt, and likely have killed the outer tower of the lane you were in since you out leveled and out geared your enemies. Help your mid player push a tower or 2 if you can, and start killing jungle mobs as you get time between bouncing from lane to lane either defending towers, jumping enemies, or pushing lanes. Use Parley mainly as a harassment tool from this point in the game on. Try to get a few kills, continue farming money and xp while sticking with your team most of the time.

Late Game
At this point, some towers should be dead, and you will know which team is ahead. If it is your team, continue doing the same things as you did during the middle of the game. If not, try to kill dragon as many times as you can, while cleaning up neutral creeps and enemy creep waves in lanes that have been pushed; you can use your ultimate to do this if the enemy team is defending a tower that your team likely won't kill. Make sure you focus on the opposing team's carries first in team fights if possible and put Parley on cooldown every time you possibly can during these encounters to maximize your team's damage output. Also, Raise Morale turns into a crazy good buff for your team, so if you can, use that as well right before the encounters happen.

Special Notes
If the opposing team has several caster nukes, turn your Meki Pendant into a Chalice of Harmony. If they don't, then you generally don't need to worry about wasting gold by turning your pendant into anything else. The last option is to turn your Meki Pendant into a Philosopher's Stone instead of the first or second Avarice Blade in the early game. You should only do this if you are getting harassed heavily in your lane as the health per 5 will negate a lot of the harassment, and allow you to continue doing your thing.

Normally I suggest buying Mercury Treads because they're the best boots in the game, but since Remove Scurvy is a free cleanse and heal, the treads are pretty useless for him. If the opposing team is physical damage heavy, then Ninja Tabi isn't a horrible purchase over Boots of Swiftness.

Like so many things, these options are situational with no clear cut winner on what is best.