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League of Legends Build Guide Author Helsaad

Gangplank - WTF LVL 18!?

Helsaad Last updated on September 28, 2010
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'Ello there, MOBAFire'ers...yeah. Well, this is my Gangplank Build focused on getting to level 18 A.S.A.P., while gimping your opponent's carry to stay around the same level as the other laners.

**WARNING: This build is made for 3vs3; I have not tested it in 5vs5.**

Marks: Crit Chance - Gives you that extra boost on Crit Chance early game, and gives you a bit more in late game, after you sell your Avarice Blades.
Seals: Dodge - Survivability. 'Nuff said.
Glyphs: Cooldown Reduction - Lets you spam your Abilities more often, which is a big thing for Gangplank, from what I've experienced.
Quints: Flat Health - Gives you more needed survivability during the early gank and laning phases.

In offense, I make sure to grab Cooldown Reduction, ArPen and MagPen, and increased damage to minions for better farming. In the Utility tree, I get Improved Ghost, which is a necessity for Ghost users, Awareness to level faster, and Greed, which gives me even more Gold.

Normally, one would grab Raise Morale first to get your deny on early game, but I like to go for First Blood via ganking bottom by getting Parrley. What I tend to do, is buy my Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potions, then head bottom without assigning my first Ability. If no one comes to the bush by the time Minions Spawn, get Raise Morale and head to top to start Denying. If they do come, however, get Parrley, and facemash your opponents.

I max Parrley first for damage and Remove Scurvy second, because bringing up Raise Morale isn't as important and Remove Scurvy can get you out of a nasty situation. Get Cannon Barrage whenever possible. D'uh.

Ah, the bread and butter of Gangplank...the game-maker or the game-breaker.

Meki Pendant + 2x HP Pots - Get your Meki Pendant so you can lane freely without having to worry about losing mana too fast. Note: I'm testing this vs Brawler Gloves as the first item; more to come.

Chalice of Harmony - Once you have about 500 gold, port back and finish your Chalice of Harmony. Now, with Remove Scurvy, you should be able to lane as long as you want, supposing you don't play TOO aggressively and your team knows how to call those MIAs. Note: Don't be afraid to last hit with Parrley as much as possible. With your Chalice, you don't have to worry about running OOM.

Avarice Blades - Lane until you have 3,750 Gold, then recall and buy 5 Avarice Blades; this will increase your gold production IMMENSELY, and will soon turn out to be worth the time spent farming up gold. Note: If you die, just buy your way to as many Avarice Blades as you can at the time.

Berserker Greaves + Infinity Edge - When you have enough money to buy your Boots and Infinity Edge, which is around 5,000 Gold(yeah, I know it's insane, but with your Avarice Blades, that won't take as long as you think), teleport back, sell two Avarice Blades, and buy them both.

Phantom Dancer - Once you've got enough ca$h to buy your P'Dancer, sell your Chalice and buy it. At this point in the game, Mana isn't as big of an issue anymore.

Bloodthirster - Alright, now you've got your Phantom Dancer and you can kill whatever you want, but you need a bit of survivability and more damage output. That's what this baby is here for. When you have enough for the B.F. Sword, sell an Avarice Blade and get it, then buy the rest of the recipe ASAP. Note: When you get the B.F. Sword, you can also choose to buy The Black Cleaver first instead. Up to you.

The Black Cleaver - Every attack decreases your opponent's armor by 12, stacking up to five times...that's 60 Armor lost. I'm just going to let you ponder the 75 Attack Damage yourself. ;) Unlike the Last Whisper, this effect can help your Allies as well; not just yourself.

Frozen Mallet - Okay, now you're putting out immense damage and life-stealing your health back. But something's missing...oh yeah! Utility! Well, Frozen Mallet gives you just that. When you buy this, you're going to want to get the Phage first. When you have enough money for it, sell your last Avarice Blade and buy it. Then buy the Frozen Mallet when you can. Also, this gives you much-needed survivability as well. BONUS! Note: The game probably won't last long enough for you to even get started on this, but hey, if it does...enjoy. :P

Early Game: Buy your Meki Pendant and 2x HP Bots, then head bottom to wait in the bush. Supposing you get there before your opponents, lie in wait for them to come. When they do, wait until they actually enter the bush, then Parrley + Auto attack them. If they're low and try to run, Ignite them. In most cases, you or your team gets First Blood. If no one comes to get ganked, grab your Raise Morale Ability instead, and head top when Minions spawn. Now deny to your heart's content by shooting a cannon/melee minion every time the Ability is off cooldown.

Mid Game: Hopefully, you have a keen eye and have gotten some kills/assists with your Cannon Barrage. You also may have facerolled your enemy solo laner a few times with your amazing Burst, DPS, and DoT potential. Hopefully, you have all of your Avarice Blades and are pulling in a nice amount of income with them.

Late Game: Now you're in the stage where everyone bundles up in a lane and pushes it, and we all engage in teamfights...hooray! Your main goal in team-fights is to Parrley enemy Champions, Raise Morale on allied Minions to give your team the AD Boost, and faceroll everyone in sight with your DPS, DoT, Burst, and Slow.

I leave the rest up to your imagination.

Thanks for reading my Gangplank guide, I do hope you enjoyed it.


'Kay bye. :D