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Gangplank Build Guide by yayay7246

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yayay7246

Gangplank YO HO HO HO

yayay7246 Last updated on December 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi all,

This is my first build. I am also known as the1nidiot on Please read comment on tips on how to improve my guide writing.

I use these two builds most of the time.

1st Build (typical build)

2nd Build (When your team needs a fighter or more survivability)

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I use the standard runes.

9 armor pen

9 flat armor

9 flat mres

and 3 flat hp quints


Easy, Crit can be cancelled out by armor, which is why you have armor, and you get at least 55% crit chance from Iedge and phantom dancer.

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Pros and Cons

Great farmer
Hard to cc
Global ult (used to chase or out of postition)
Great late game
Good chaser
Decent early game
Very Flexible (jungler(don't have a jungling build with gp), m-dps, fighter)
Great damage
High chance of crit (with this build)

Focused easily
After your orange you will get cced again
Requires lots of money
Dependent on farm
Dodge *****s (jax) will own you (but they're removing dodge soon YAY!!!!!!!!)

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Starting items. You can go two ways here.

I get brawlers glove to get a faster avarice blade just to milk off the 5 gold and the 12% crit helps during laning phase. It pays off in 12 minutes and a half when you SELL it and 25 minutes if you DON'T SELL it, which is why I get it early in the game for more gold. You will end up selling your avarice blace for the sixth item. Of course, you don't need to get this if you do not like spending 5p10 items.


Boots and 3 health pots are for laning against casters or skillshot oriented person if you think you are going to be laning against them. You move faster so try to juke them out when you can.

When I lane, I typically just farm and use harass very little against the enemy. I have seen many gangplanks use their q to harass enemy champions and this pisses me off. It is more important to get last hits than to harass enemy champions. If you can deny enemy champions of last hits and farm at the same time, good job.

But wait how do I last hit?

Simple, don't autoattack the minions until they're at low hp. When you see the minions at low hp, go up to them or q them. Gangplank requires farm and lots of farm to be effective. If you can get a kill, go for it but always be farming. Farming is so important for all characters in the game, gp especially. You need money for better items.

A kill is worth a lot of money in the game. However, 16 cs is about 300 gold. What is easier getting a kill or last hitting 16 minions? DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF FARMING. FARMING MINIONS CAN NEVER BETRAY YOU AND PROVIDES A MORE STEADY SOURCE OF INCOME.

When you are at their tower, hit it a couple of times IF THEY ARE NOT THERE (HOPE FULLY YOU CALLED MIA). No point in hitting the tower if the enemies are just going to harass you. You can go for a parley on them but quickly move out because turret will target you because of your passive.

Summary of Priorities during laning phase
Last Hit
Tower (if champs can attack you under tower forget it)

You should also be buying wards to prevent being ganked.

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Skill Sequence

Order of importance R (taken when able to) > Q > E > W (IMO)

Why max Q 1st
Q is your money making skill. Use it mainly to last hit because you get bonus gold WHEN YOU KILL SOMETHING WITH IT[/b. ]It deals so much damage and crits too. You can also use it to get an additional slow on them.

Your R helps with runaways and teamfights. Be warned, cannonballs are random and can hit or miss.

E and W
Most of the times I max E and then W. E gives you a bonus attack and movespeed passively and it only gets stronger as time goes by.

I use E to get to lane faster after I recalled.

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Core Items
Iedge, Phantom Dancer
These two items give you the damage that you really need throughout the game. I just get the other items for either utility or I need more damage. It really depends. I typically get these items by 25 minutes in the game and I am satisfied with the damage.

Other items to consider

The TWO Boots you should consider

Merc Treads = mres and tenacity gotta have. probably the only tenacity item in the game that you should buy for every champion

Ionian boots = more skills q becomes on a 4.25 second cd without blue buff or elixir

No berserker graves because you will have a lot of attack speed anyway from pd's.

Items to consider

Last Whisperer - enemy stack a lot of armor

Wriggle's - Life steal, armor, and a free ward every three minutes. However, I do sell this after my triforce to get a blood thirster.

Triforce- a GREAT item on gp that should be obtained last. Gives more damage, crit, and the passive slow or sheen proc. I get this after I sell my avarice blade if I don't need any of the other stuff. It's a great last item on GP. I do not consider it core because you are already doing enough damage with just iedge and pd. You will be doing a ton more with this that I think you can delay getting this.

QSS - in case your orange fails. a 60 sec cd cleanse. Should be for a CC heavy team.

GA - Just to troll them even more. Makes enemies scream "F U GP"

Atmogs - for survivability. You need both to be effective.

exec calling- yay u get your old passive back and for people who regen insane hp. (Swain Mundo Vlad). the crit and life steal is a bonus.

SOTD - will prob. be removed from this list once dodge is removed. This is only for Jax.

Bloodthirster - Great damage and insane lifesteal. Hard to keep stacks though. I typically get wriggles.

Rarely bought

BV - less mres than qss but makes a spell void and more hp and mana. Should be for a magic damage team but not cc heavy. imo qss is better because enemies can control which spell to pop your bubble with.

Another PD - I don't think it's worth the money but DAM, GP is scary with 2 PD's and I edge.

Frozen mallet - more survivability and you stick to enemies for kiters ( Teemo Ashe) However, you should be getting red buff. If you keep getting red buff, you don't need this.

Frozen Heart - (if your tank doesn't have this item) for those fast auto attackers (Yi, xin) and + 99 armor

black cleaver - for AS and armor reduction. good counter against rammus because it makes his passive weaker. But not enough armor reduction if armor is less than 112.5 compared to last whisperer.

Thornmail - ONLY WHEN enemy team focuses you in a team fight 1st. If this happens once, buy this and let them kill themselves to death.

REALLY REALY unlikely to buy
Cloak and dagger - if the enemy team does not have magic damage but has CC (enemy has horrible team comp then), forget merc treads and buy this

In summary typical final items.
I edge
Boots of your choice (Merc or Ionian)
Wriggles -> Bloodthirster
Black Whisperer

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Your Orange (W)

I love eating oranges.

Malz ults me but I ate oranges and it was k.

Ashe stuns me but I ate oranges and it was k.

Rammus taunts me but I ate oranges and it was k.

Vlad ults me but I ate oranges and it was ..... o nvm.

Ok. Your orange does not remove debuffs (like vlad's ult or nocturne's darkness) just crowd control (like stuns, silences, taunts, and slows but not knockback)

You can not orange for knockups (alistar's pulverize) or knockback (alistar's headbut)

Your oranges should not be used during the laning phase to heal you but to remove cc.

Priority of when to use oranges
Supression (WW ult Malz Ult)

All this comes with practice and knowing which spells are on cd. Remember the enemies with suppression and if their skills are on cds. For example, I remember eating an orange when Ashe stunned me and then malz popped up and ulted me and this was before I had my QSS.

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Well, thanks for reading my guide. I'll be sure to update it with more pictures and include new chapters.

Please leave a comment on how to improve my guide and I am open to trying out new things. This build is one that I am used to.

Thanks for reading and good luck on the fields of justice.