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Shaco Build Guide by CCmage

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CCmage

Gank,Lane,Jungle, Win all at once shaco 3v3 guide

CCmage Last updated on February 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi everyone this is my first build on mobafire but I hope that it is the start to somthing great. I plan on editing this guide over the next few weeks. Nevertheless, I dont belive much will be in need of tweeking when it comes to the actual build.

Power to the player.
As with any guide please note that it is situational and not always garenteed to grant victory. Your decision making and adaptation will win games. That being said, player choice is key!! Nevertheless, this guide will give you a leg up on the compettition.

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Pros / Cons

What are some of the pros and cons for shaco players for?
"Play shaco"

"Persons' convicted of the crime of not playing shaco."

In all seriousness there are truthfully no cons to playing shaco. He fills the role of an ad carry/jungle/pusher/ganker/escape artist. No team is worse off if they have a shaco.

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The purpose of this build guide is primarily for 3v3 matches although this build would in all likelyhood would hold up well in a ranked 5s game where you are playing as jungler.
(if you do jungle 5's get jack in box and a vampiric scepter first and stack your box's by blue golem to start then continue this build)

Inportant Note: This build is if you are comfortable with shaco and are looking for a new itemization, rune and masteries look for him. That being said this build is extreamly effective for dealing bust damage and taking down turrets tanks and squishys.

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How to effectively use Shaco:

First you are not a tank so do not try to be.

Your first and most important skill is decieve. Max this first. This along with you boots to start makes for good damage and mobility on early level ganks. (If jungling start with a vampiric scepter and jack in box then continue with this build.) Max out decieve first, following this with a point in shiv and you will be a good harrasser with a ranged poke and a built in slow. Did I mention your shiv scales on attack damage too!!

How to move:
Make sure that when you use decieve you take the time to position yourself behind your opponent. Your passive gives increased damage when attacking from behind.

Shaco is and in and out fighter so you should not be the one initiating on more than one opponet at a time. This is where player decision making comes into effect. Seek out lonely squisher targets to get easy kills early on. Shaco can destroy tanks but primarily later in game with the help of a bloodrazor and maybe a black cleaver.

Also, if you see that your are loosing a fight back away and re-enter when decieve comes back up many times people dont go back to base figuring that you have. If you think that even the second supprise wont win the fight just base and come back. You will have great mobility use it to heal and come back for more!!

Lastly, be aggressive from start to finish. Your ability to harrass and get away is what makes people rage quit.

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Attack of the Clones:

How To effectivly use your clone:
Your clone scales as you do!! Get attack damage!

Since your ability to move quickly and escape almost any encounter with your double flash, i.e. decieve and flash, getting tanky is not a requirement for shaco. Since you are no longer building tanky keep this in mind:

You should save your ult for the following: Towers!!, Dragon/Baron!!, Towers!!, A life perserver/gamechanger Or Baiting. For example you initiated an enemy champion with decieve you then slowed with your shiv they have about half health left so you start auto attacking. You notice your health is droping to quickly so you back out. They chase you but you cant get away so you turn using decieve hit your opponet and ult. Now they dont know what to do, try to let your clone close with your enemy first. If it dies it deals a significant amount of damage keep attacking them and you win the fight. This tactic is for last resort use only. You should Save your clone for towers mostly.

As noted above if you cant win gtfo and come back.

To control your clone:
hold ALT and click as if to move your champion.

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Box OUT!!

The box:
I am sure most of you who will be reading this guide have played in games with shacos who literaly stack box's in a bush hoping someone will walk in and die to the five attacking jack in boxs all the while being feared and attacked by a shaco. That strategy in my opinion is hardly effective in the long run and is extreamly overrated. For one people at higher lvls are not so dumb and will only fall victim maybe once. For two this looses you oppertuninty to properly farm and gank. For three you can only stack box's for one min a piece limiting your ability to leave a supprise for someone.

That being said With this build you should not be too concerned with your box's on offence mechanism. Here they serve as more of a utility and defense mechanism.
They are primarily used to ward bushes in areas that and enemy could supprise you from while lanning or trap someone with fear just long enough to jump in and attack them. Also, they are good to throw down next to a turret when you are forced to hug a tower by more than one enemy. The fear helps to deter enimies from diving. Also they help fend off minion waves.
The box can also be used to help destroy enemy towers.
Just drop one next to the tower and it will attack it while you do if there are no enemy minons around.
This is the key to boxing out:
Preset box's in possible escape routes to assist with exiting hostile situations for you and your teamates.

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Your items are primarily focused on damage output and farming. Note that your sixth item slot remaines open, your last item is situational and may be purchased anywhere in the build order you feel is neccessary. Perferably after you get your BF. Nevertheless this is also where player judgement is important.
Depending on the composition of the enemy team you may need to purchase some magic res items, or armor if they are going heavy ad, or armor pen if they are stacking armor themselves.
Some situational items are:
Banshee's Viel - good for survivability if enemy is heavy ap burst or has a stun.
Black Cleaver - More attack dmg!! And synergizes well if enemy has a pesky tank stacking armor.
Arch Angels - That revive is soo annoying! Plus added armor and magic res (personally I dont set much store by this item since it seems if they could kill you once they could do it again. Nevertheless good to escape with your stacks on bloodthrister.)
Atama's Impaler - More damage and crit chance plus gives some armor if the enemy is a heavy ad. This synergizes well after you have phage or trinity. (more effective if you trade your bloodrazor for frozen mallet but only in cases where enemies are primarily Heavy AD squishies and are escaping you for some reason.)
Last Wish - Also useful against tanks stacking armor
Another Bloodthirster - for when your recking the enemy and have gold to spare!!

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Recent Updates:

Changed purchase order on on some items to optimize farming phase.
Changed Font to make reading more enjoyable.
Added to situational items.
Changed the wording on awkward phrases.
Corrected the how to move your clone portion.
Edited rune page to fit with change in purchase order.

Changed purchase order of bloodthirster and infinity edge to promote easier buy transitions.
Added text to How to play portion.
Modified text color to make for an easier read.

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A really fun champion that makes ememies hit the surrender button.