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Gangplank Build Guide by Heroicfiend

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heroicfiend

Gank Spank (Comprehensive GP Guide)

Heroicfiend Last updated on February 24, 2012
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3's Jungle / Survivability


3's For Easy Kills / Squishiez

Ability Sequence

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So you want to learn to play GP, or you want to improve your current skills. Hopefully this guide will at least provide you with some tactics or insight to help you further your way. This guide is mostly for 3's, but it's viable in 5's, too. The only difference in my two builds are the items. The masteries and runes stay the same. This is because universally these runes and masteries are part of my core. You can build the items any way around these runes and masteries, and should still do good. (Unless you plan on Tank-planking.)

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Pros / Cons


[*] Q hits like a truck
[*] W can get him out of almost anything
[*] E increases movement speed to catch up with people easily, plus movement quints
[*] His R not only does decent damage, but slows too.
[*] With a couple kills he scales extremely fast.

[*] Very squishy
[*] Focused in team fights usually
[*] Countered easily with

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Summoner Spells

There are a few viable options for GP's summoner spells. Three main ones will do you best, though. Flash, ignite, and exhaust.

Flash ~ I always get flash when playing GP. It can get me out of any sticky situation in conjunction with his W. If you getting stunned and ganked, just use your W then flash over a wall. Works nearly every time.
Flash ~ I always get flash when playing GP. It can get me out of any sticky situation in conjunction with his W. If you getting stunned and ganked, just use your W then flash over a wall. Works nearly every time.

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Comprehensive 3's!

So your trying to get a good top for 3's. One that does a ton of damage, but can be survivable if you need to be. GP is your BEST bet. With these two item builds your almost guarunteed to dom face. I'll edit this as I play more, and eventually I'll add guides for fives. I'll also integrate my ACTUAL play style into the guide, but I need work on my wording and such.

You'll just have to trust the guide at it's current state, although I will at COMPLETE detail, and I'll make it look good!

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3's build ~ For Easy jungle / Survivability.

First off, I'd like to note something. Depending on which build you use, depends exactly on the type of enemy champions you are facing. The runes and masteries of this guide work with either, but you need to note the enemy champions before building. If you up against super squishy people, like a nidalee, cait, ash, or anyone that squishy, I recommend the pure start crit build. It won't be a problem to get fed using that build.

In case you end up coming accross a cho'gath or people a bit heavier, your going to notice immediate difficulty. They are going to wipe your face. So you'll need to be able to get a lot of minion kills, and be able to solo dragon and buffs. I recommend this jungle / survivability build in this case. It'll make your life easier. You get minion fed and get buffs; and you'll dominate your lane. You NEED to top with this build, though. It will not work if your bot. Nuff said.

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3's build ~ For Easy Kills / Against Squishiez.

So your up against a Nid. Well, oh well, get ready to dominate. Basically, you Q the living $hit out of her, that's it. You build the crit build, and spray n' pray. Don't be afraid to flash in, Q, ignite, auto attack, then Q again. Your pretty much guaranteed to wipe face. Just follow the guide, but be sure