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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hewhoisnamed

ganking damage eating sonofa shen

Hewhoisnamed Last updated on January 15, 2012
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my shen and my other friends

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Shen is a tank ninja.... chances are you alredy know that. Ill be talking about the basic stuff in this guide. item choice, ability choice, etc etc blah blah blah... on with the guide!

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First off...

ignore the other characters.... im not ******ed im just trolling. My pals like using Olaf and nid and i usually 3v3 with them.... those are NOT their builds lol. anyways.... NOW ON WITH THE GUIDE ALREADY!!

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Shen is - to most- a weak therefore bad champion. But alas they are fools. Just because he doesn't deal mountains of damage doesn't make him terrible, because it would take mountains of damage to take down a shen. What he lacks in AP and AD he makes up for in his resistance to damage. He can absorb it, resist it, and protect his teammates from it. Also with his healing vorpal blade and taunt dash, your teammates will stay in good health.

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Pros / Cons

just in case you didn't get it....

Pros: Can really be of use in team fights, can take damage (whole point of a tank right?:p) and is a freaking ninja!

cons: cant deal much damage, only has one ranged attack, people be hatin on the Shen.

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My runes don't even try to make up for shens short comings in damage.. (because their runes and they don't do much anyhow)

Marks: i give him armor because obviously he doesn't have enough already lol.

seals: seal of warding = magic resist. because.... he DOESNT HAVE ENOUGH!

Glyphs: the gylphs of acumen i choose because not very many things buff your energy, and ive had moments chasing someone where if i had enough energy for another shadow dash i wouldve had him... Phooey

Quintessences: the cooldown quintessences i chose because once again... earlyer shawdow dash and vorpal blades would really help.

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For masteries i went up the defensive tree because .... duh im a freaking tank :P i got the summoner buffs from the other trees to have exaust do more for me and teleport to be more useful. Everything else i believe is pretty much self explanatory.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells are essential to how i like to play shen.

Exhaust: this slow will have your gank starting off beautifully and the reduced armor and resist makes it an easy kill too

Teleport: this is actually kind of cool. With this shen will have two teleports and if you stagger them youl have one ready almost every 100 seconds :D you get back to the action, back to your group and back to winning.

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Skill Sequence

For the placement of my skills i like to place vorpal blades in first. This is his only ranged and sets up a minor heal for you and your teamates and it marks the target therefore acts as team communication (if they catch on:p) i get the blades first because you cant take very much damage yet so shadow dash is just suicide, and your shield is just too weak to be of any useage.

Then after i get vorpal i go to my dash because its easy to get early kills when people try to turret dive you and forget about your taunt lol many lolz shall you have with this.

from their i bounce between vorpal, dash and the tele (notice i did get one level of the shield... but only because 50 damage blocked seems like nothing but i guess its nice to run away with) geting the shield at the end.

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This is - in my opinion- the most important section of any guide. Items define what kind of charecter your playing and the right item choice could win a fight. But enough of telling you what you already know....
im sorry i didnt show the building up items but im in a hurry.

the boots: I usually go for the threads because the slow recduction is always helpful. but sometimes i get the boots of mobility because theirs only so much time you can waste on running right? yea im right.

the aegis: The aegis is a nice little armor and magic resist and health item to start off your tankyness. not to mention the ally bonus..

Force of nature this is when **** starts getting serious! Youll get some intense magic resist and health regen. ALSO a little addoional movement speed making you a literal FORCE OF NATURE.

Frozen mallet I told you we were getting serious. Youll recieve health, finaly a little attack damage, and your first slowing attribute! Slows will help your allies escape, chase and toy with your pathetic enemy!

Randuin's omen This item is nice for shen because it give addional armor, chance to slow (again!!!) and an active that will last a while due to your awesome armor +magic resist score. its a solid item for a solid tank.

Guardian Angel This item is just a given, he's a tank and needs armor magic resist and the revive nuff said :p

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Team Work

Running with damage freaks is rather important seeing as shen dosnt dish out the damage. I usualy go with my friend olaf who loves the damage scene and an AD and AS cougar happy nid so its nice to play with people who dont have what shen has.

When you have your tele up (expecially your ulti) i usually wait for my teamate to run into battle then when the team tries to gank him i tele my way over to him, protecting him and giving much needed assistance. Not wasting your teleports is essential. So dont go teleporting into a lost cause. (aka dont teleport ovver to a guy then feed :PPP) Because if you do then your just hindering your team.

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Pretty much just if you play as this shen you will take tons of damage but that dosnt mean get cocky. go out there into twisted treeline or summoners rift and get ninja happy. I hope this guide helped at all, if you have any suggestions please id be glad to hear them. im interested to see what you all think of my build. Please post :D


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