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Bags Last updated on January 11, 2010
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Summoner Spells:
Rally can be replaced with any other utility like clairvoyance or fortify. When I solo queue I usually take Cleanse because of teams with 3 - 4 stuns and gangplank is squishy and I don't like to die, but I don't recommend it.
Exhaust because you don't have a slow and it makes parlay do more damage. Also great against physical carries.


  • Parlay is your main damage in small fights as it can crit hard early. It does a % of your base attack plus a constant. Parlay can crit, miss, and be dodged. It can also be blocked by spell shield because it is magic damage. At around level 9 you should be sitting at about 40% crit, each crit doing around 350 damage.
  • Remove Scurvy heals you a bit and removes all negative buffs besides taunt and ignite, soon to be fixed.
  • Raise Moral gives you a passive attack / movement speed buff, which you can double on yourself and give to teammates by sacrificing 1000 health from a friendly minion.
  • Cannon Barrage randomly launches cannon balls over a target area, more likely to hit around the X. This spell hits like a truck with magic pen and allows you to assist in team fights / ganks while farming minions with parlay.
  • Max parlay. Damage increases each level, mana cost increases by 5, and the gold gained on a last hit with it increases.
  • I take Raise Moral at level 2 if it's someone I want to deny gold / EXP.
  • If they have a lot of disables I take Remove Scurvy at level 2.
    Regardless of whichever I pick up first,
  • I almost always max in this order. Cannon Barrage > Parlay > Raise Moral > Remove Scurvy.

I like to start with --
  • Meki pendant
  • HP pot
  • mana pot

First trip --
If possible, I wait until I have around 1850 gold and blue pill back to base:
  • Avarice Blade x2
  • Boots of Speed

Next Trip --
Whenever the time comes. You can also assist a team fight with Cannon Barrage:
  • Avarice Blade
  • Haunting Guise -- gives you some regen, cooldown reduction, and magic pen. The cooldown reduction helps with Cannon Barrage's 120 second cooldown, allows it to do 100% damage to champions unless they stack magic resist, and increases parlay's damage a bit.

Final Trip --
If we're stomping them, I don't usually bother with boots. In this case, I rush
  • Infinity Edge
  • Sorcerer's Shoes
If the game isn't won by now,
  • Frozen Mallet
  • Banshee's Veil -- for magic heavy
  • Phantom Dancer -- for physical heavy