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League of Legends Build Guide Author bobberland

Gankplank, one shot that squishy

bobberland Last updated on August 10, 2010
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Howdy folks,

I've experimented with a couple of builds for gang and I've found that this is by far the best dps build for him. This is the build if you enjoy watching that squishy that has about 50 armor go down with just a gun shot. Yes, every so often in those long games you can get to the point of doing close to 2.3k in just one shot. If they don't have a health item, they're so toast. But don't just take my word for it, I'll explain how I do it in detail.

Viable Summoner Spells

Exhaust: Great first blood tool and its even great to slow down someone late game so you can land your sword to finish up your kill if your parley didn't do it outright.

Ghost: I find this is useful for covering ground quick, anytime, anywhere. I prefer this one over flash just due to that's the way I play. Others play differently.

Flash: Some folks just can't live without it. I don't deny it can be useful in alot of cases but I prefer ghost as it covers more ground.

Heal: Useful. Great for baiting. In this build I don't take health items so it should be somewhat significant throughout the game.

Ignite: Just in case you really don't feel like following that guy any, this can relieve you of having to go smack that guy over the head with your sword.

Somewhat Viable Summoner Spells

Clarity: Its great for getting to spam parley early game. However once you are able of killing the golem you should be trying to get that buff. Mid game it becomes somewhat useless unless you're using parley to farm creeps. Late game you'll forget you have it since it'll be completely useless.

Cleanse: Its a great spell. have one already. Plus, yours is better as it heals you and is one a shorter CD. So if you're paranoid go for it. If not don't bother.

Teleport: Its a great pusher spell. So if that's you, more power to ya. Once you get PD you're pretty much a lawnmower on creep waves.

Clarivoyance/Fortify/Rally: You're a dps. Its my opinion these should be taken by the support champs as there are better things to help you kill peeps.

Everything else: Slap yourself for considering it. Sheesh.


I do a 21/0/9 build. I go all out on trying to explode ppl with this build plus the rank in utility master helps you keep that golem buff longer.

Item build

I know the build looks daunting. Its hella expensive but man if you can complete by either being fed or just the game went on that long, you become a MONSTER. I don't rely on SotO as I like my crit chance too much. Once you complete the build you can do 2254 with one parley every 3secs (with golem buff, which by the way puts you at CDR cap with the yoyo blade). You even have a fair amount of ArPen (around 50).

I'm aware there's no lifesteal in the build as I find when I'm about half I'll go jungle a bit and pop my scurvy to get a little health. However taking executioner's calling isn't such a bad idea. You do lose out on that second infinity edge however so you'd only be doing 1781 every 3secs plus have that 18% lifesteal and throw on that little dot. Its a fair amount lower and just looking at the build, damage is a little on the low end as I only take 2 damage items. Well 2.5 really.

And just for you people who think I'm just pulling numbers out of my butt I'm gonna break it down for you.

[316 (Base attack damage) + 410.8 (Trinity force proc) + 150 (Parley)] x 2.5702 (Crit damage multiplier) = 2253.55136 or 2254.

For you peeps that still insist on picking up executioners calling, you subtract 80 from your base damage as you don't have that second infinity edge. So

[(316-80) + 306.8 + 150] x 2.5702 = 1780.63456 or 1781.

I'd say that's a force to be reckoned with. Now for how to get to this point.


Early Game:
As far as harassing goes, the only thing that I've seen is more beast than parley is time bomb. So if you're laning against Zil, I'm sorry. I really am. I hate it. lol. Anyways, having a good harasser with you in the lane will make it very hard for the other team. I personally like teemo as a lane mate. He's great at the one shot and dodge move as well. You can't count on parley to crit just yet, so don't go crazy agressive. Get someone down to about 25-35%, ping him so you lane mate knows whats going on, ghost, throw exhaust and just beat him down. Obviously if he has flash don't waste both of your summoner spells and if you can get away with it, just push hard at him from a push to frighten him into using it. Its a fair bet as long as you don't go turret diving that you'll be able to get at least one kill if you have a decent harasser as a lane mate. If you can get some help killing golem (or if you still have the health pot) pick up the buff. Its absolutely amazing for your damage potential since parley does so much more than a regular attack. Also it enables you to grab some extra gold by last hitting with parley when the enemy is hanging back. I mean mana isn't a problem with the golem buff so that's always awesome. A thumbrule for your creep farming tho. You should always have enough mana to pop a scurvy. Just in case that annie comes from mid and tbombs you since you're destroying the lane, you need that cleanse of her stun to make sure she doesn't straight annihlate you.

Mid Game:
Start being on the look out for tangles in the lanes so you can help out with your ult. Throwing it on someone that's turret hugging can be great for him to come out of hiding straight into a stun and death. Also I've found that, like rammus's ult, it friggin HURTS if the enemy stands in it for the duration. So once those team fights start up start tossing that on top of them and either watch them scatter, making them easy pickings, or watch them get straight up decimated if they stick around. You should be getting your PD done about this time of the game and you can really start making someone scared when you snipe half their health in one shot. You don't have to be as cautious as you were in early game but keep in mind you don't have a 100% crit chance yet. If you're counting on a crit and it doesn't happen, don't be a fool and stick around. Get out if you can. Oh and as a sidenote, if you don't have the golem buff, why the hell don't you have it? Keep that thing on. Its no good to waste a mastery point.

Late Game:
Finish up that item build!! I'm aware that unless you were fed like crazy you still have a few items to get yet. Keep at it. After you finally finish up, it becomes very hard to be challenged by anyone. You have a cleanse so you can't be stunned out and destroyed. You have a heal that does about 400. Its not too bad considering. The only problem is a double disable, but if you're initiating you're doing it wrong. You are still squishy. If you remember you didn't take a single health item no less something that resembles a defensive item.

A few solid rules to follow:

1. You are NOT a tank. While you might feel invincible with your destructive capabilities, do not initiate. Leave it to the tank.

2. Early game, you're kind of a wuss compared to some champs. Keep to harassing until they're low. Otherwise you're gonna end up dying.

3. The slow on your ult is incredibly useful in alot of instances. Getting ganked? Throw your ult down to slow em up and watch your mobility boots kick in and get out. But don't be stingy with it. Couple of teammates running for they're lives? Help em out. Heck its even a little harassment from across the map.

4. Scurvy is a small heal with a cleanse. Incredibly useful and against someone like annie which tbombs with the stun, and relies on that to have time to walk up and incinerate you. Cleanse that **** and get the hell out of dodge. More often than not, its such an ingrained sequence for an annie that she'll waste that mana and prolly catch a parley with her face on your way out of her range. Also very useful against malazahar. It completely removes his ult and puts it on cd. Yay for wasting someone's ult!

5. While pushing a tower, it's often not worth using raise morale if you're by yourself unless almost an entire minion wave is there. However, if there's another champ there, its worth it. Especially if its a AS champ, such as trist or ww.

Hope you find the guide useful. Sorry about the wall of text. I don't know how to do all the pretty images and as it's not really necessary, it is easier on the eyes. Any constructive criticism is always welcome, and if you downrate me, please, for the love of all that is holy, tell me why. Leave a comment. I don't even care if you just had a bad day and just felt like it. Friggin tell me. Thanks for you time and good luck out there.