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League of Legends Build Guide Author KittehKat

Gankplank, The Way to Gank.

KittehKat Last updated on August 16, 2010
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Ok, lets go over the spells he has.
Parrrley: This is his main damage spell. The Cooldown Reduction runes are a must for this because they will make the cooldown on Parrrley really low, therefore, you will be able to use Parrrley a lot more.
Remove Scurvy: I use this for healing when I have no health potions left. I also use it when I'm stunned, or slowed, and have low health, because on top of healing you, Remove Scurvy removes all slows/stuns.
Raise Morale: This is a good passive. Its also good for denying creeps. I don't treat this with too much importance, but I do need it.
Cannon Barrage: My favourite ulti in the whole game. It has a global range, which helps for helping slow people that are attacking your teammates, or getting the last shot on a champion/champions with low health. I don't always necessarily
use it to kill someone, I also use it to slow people down, or to make them take the longer way around the Ulti. For example: If I'm running away, and I pop my ulti near me, the ulti will slow down my chaser/chasers or make them go around it to escape the damage, therefore giving you enough time to get to a safe spot, and get back to base. Safely.

-How To Play With This Build-

Alright. You saw the items I get, and what did you think? "Noob!", well, let me prove you wrong. The reason I get 6 avarice blades is because this way you get much more money than you would if you only got 2-4 like other builds.
First you buy one Avarice Blade, get Boots of Swiftness, Then get the rest of the Avarice Blades. Soon enough you will have enough gold for an Infinity Edge, sell one Avarice Blade, and replace it with Infinity Edge. You should do that for all the items, I made sure that the items went in descending order, from priciest, to cheapest, this way, you would get the most out of your Avarice Blades.

-What Spells Should I use?-

Well, always start off with Parrrley. With the runes I have set to this build, your Parrrley should have little to no cooldown whatsoever, therefore, making you crazy over powered. Gangplank's only Offensive ability is Parrrley, so I suggest to use it whenever you can! Most people run in with Parrrley, then back off and watch. Well, with this guide, you run in with Parrrley, and keep right clicking (auto Attacking), heal whenever you need to, and use Raise Morale whenever you have a minion nearby.

Parrrley>Auto-Attack>Remove Scurvy(if needed)>Raise Morale(you can also use this before you begin fighting them)>Auto-Attack until they die or Cannon Barrage if you want to slow or get them if they have low health remaining.
Once Again...
Parrrley>Auto-Attack>Remove Scurvy>Raise Morale>Auto Attack/Cannon Barrage>They're dead.
Another way to do it (if you have no cooldown on Parrrley) is to just spam Parrrley, until they are dead. Of course this will make you lose all/most your mana, but you would get the kill. xD


The Nashor's Tooth is for those players that have no runes whatsoever. In which case, you would get it somewhere near the beginning, to lower your Parrrley's Cooldown, you could also get the Blue Buff for lowered Cooldowns in case Nashor's Tooth isn't enough. Let's say you do have runes, and you have almost no cooldown on Parrrley, in this case, you would probably get The Bloodthirster or The Black Cleaver. Or anything else you see fitting. Hey, you could even get Nashor's Tooth to reduce the cooldown on Cannon Barrage.

-Why Get Flash and Ghost?-

Mainly because you have no escapes except for Remove Scurvy, which doesn't always help amazingly. Ghost and Flash can help you escape, but they can also help you catch up to a champion you are chasing. But make sure it's worth it, because you might regret wasting your summoner spell on getting a kill, but then finding yourself escapeless for 2 deaths.

-Early Game-

Early game, you might want to get Brawler's Gloves, and a Health Potion. Try to get first blood if you are on top or bot, or at least get a kill before minions come, or soonafter minions spawn, this will give you an increase in gold, and give you a higher chance of getting better items, then being fed. Try to stay back, as Gangplank can easily be abused, but try to get the last shot on minions, as the extra gold will once again help you. Deny whenever you see one of you minions is almost dead, this will take some practice. You shouldn't be going back to base until you have about 2000 gold or so. If you are having a bad game, go back to base as soon as you can get an Avarice Blade, for the extra gold that you aren't getting.

-Mid Game-

By now you should have all your Avarice Blades or close to having all of them. This is good because the Avarice Blades give you a high Critical Chance, therefore you would probablly be critting every Parrrley. Once you get all Avarice Blades, you will be getting a lot of gold, and on top of that, you should be getting some kills too! Don't worry if you aren't ,maybe you are having a bad game, or maybe you still have to learn Gangplank a bit better.

-Late Game-

Now you should have almost all your items or all of your items. Usually the game is over before I get all my items, because the other team usually surrenders. I only finished this build once, and I was killing everything way too fast, that I decided to backdoor and finish the game. This build will make you overpowered. Also, if you aren't getting kills once you have Phantom Dancer you might want to practice Gangplank a bit more, it won't take a lot of practice, depends on what kind of champion you are used to.

Hope you like this build, thumbs up if you like it, thumbs down if you don't :(.
This is my first build on Mobafire so, it would be preferred if you would just leave a comment with your criticism, and not down it. Thanks :D. (Took me 3 hours to make, in these three hours I could have been playing League Of Legends).