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Garen Build Guide by Ensatsumaru

Garen - A guide to burst

Garen - A guide to burst

Updated on July 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ensatsumaru Build Guide By Ensatsumaru 3,964 Views 0 Comments
3,964 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ensatsumaru Garen Build Guide By Ensatsumaru Updated on July 3, 2011
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Hey everyone, this is a fun build, isnt very great working obviously, but its viable. Dont mock it till you try it, its my Work in progress way to play a legit AP garen.
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- Make garen have high damage late game
- Way to play your favourite demacian AP
- Actually fairly high burst late game
- Garen, so you are definetly going to have a good early game if played well
- Tanky burst
- Does hybrid damage (Mostly physical because of lichbane+decisive, might be because of early game that makes it seem mostly physical though.

- Bad mid game
- Low damage till late game in comparison to other champs
- Less escaping then a usual garen
- Squishy
- Your teammates will complain about your build
- Possibility of fighting veigar, or some other anti AP champ
- Close to the fight
- Requires Deathfire Grasp+Lichbane to have ANY use at all.
- Terrible creep farming
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Item Choices

This only works somewhat for two reasons - One - His ulti and deathfire grasp combo works actually pretty nice - Deathfire at the start since it does more the higher their current life, then ulti after since it does more the lower HP they have. Lichbane you proc with your Q to do some extra damage, then can use your courage also to proc it again. Abyssal/Sorc shoes are for the magic pen, and the MR from abyssal works nice too. I thought about a void staff, it would be viable, but its less likely since you already have about 55+15% magic pen, and reduce their MR by 20. You could swap realistically something for it, depending on the situation, but I didnt include it since its less likely. Rabadons is for the extra AP to make your deathfire/lichbane hit harder, and zhonya's provides nice AP along with armor, and something to use while waiting on decisive to come back up. WoTA would also be a viable item if it would help your team, yet again swap it up with whatever is a situational drop, IE they have minimal AD, swap it with your zhonya's. Mejai's isnt highly common, but the CDR and nice flat AP helps. If your doing really well, grab it!
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Skill order

I chose this skill order for one reason - Judgement is good for early game kills, and ranking up decisive is fairly useless - barely a damage boost, not enough to worry about. Courage is better since it lets you live longer, since your a glass cannon burst.

When in a fight, you burst like this - Decisive to run in>DFG while going in>Hit with decisive>Pop courage to proc lichbane again>Auto attack>Possible ulti>???>Profit
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Best game

Just wanted to show a picture of my best game. Cant say the enemies were the greatest, but they held it out a long time.
Edit - image and URL function didnt want to work, so just going to post link to the picture on imageshack.
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Not much else to say, just a really trolly build for lulz. Go burst as garen, go carry games!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ensatsumaru
Ensatsumaru Garen Guide
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Garen - A guide to burst

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