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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exyter

Garen, A Hybrid Tank/DPS build

Exyter Last updated on December 30, 2010
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I've heard so many ppl telling me that this build isnt viable and that I should only try tank-Garen instead. But you know what? Screw those ppl, This is my side of The Might of Demacia. A Garen DPS/Tank Hybrid build.

First things first,
Summoner spells:
andare my number one options because you basically dont need anything else.

While you have a powerful silence ability, Garen doesnt have anything to slow with which makes Exhaust perfect. As for Ignite its a great ability to gank with in the start, and with its healing reduction portion its a great harassing tool for when your opponents are using a health potion and perfect for throwing on a target that you think is gonna get healed(assuming their team has a healer).

Since I havent really been experimenting with other summoner spells I dont know how the others work for him. I could imagine Ghost being viable but you dont really need any speed boost, you're already faster than most champions.

Moving on from Summoner spells then,

My Item build is quite unique, I havent seen anyone else use it so far. The items basically consist of these:

I could make exceptions for when fighting certain opponents, but these are the basic ones. Getting the Sunfire cape early is very important. It allows for very easy creep farming and it works wonders together with your Judgment ability.

And now for the next part,
- Decisive Strike - This is your second most important ability. With the long Silence duration(2.5 seconds!) you can destroy anyone, be it caster or not. Not being able to use your skill do defend yourself is dangerous when you have a Garen next to you. Use this one as an initiator for ALL your fights.
- Courage - This one is for those times the enemy is focusing you. Getting 1 level on this one early is great considering it gives a passive Armor and MResist boost aswell.
- Judgment - This is your main damage ability and if I may say so, one of the most lethal abilities in the game. It deals huge amounts of damage in short time. Paired with your Decisive Strike you can drop an enemy to below 50% without him being able to do anything about it. This is also a perfect tool for initiating fights. Since this build has some tanky items in it, you should be able to initiate all teamfights using your Decisive Strike and this paired together with your Courage ability.
- Demacian Justice - Your ultimate ability. This one is perfect for getting last hits in teamfights. If you're not sure about wether or not you will kill your opponent before your teammates might steal him, just smash this one down on their heads. The damage increases as your enemies HP get lower so using this one early wont give you the full power of it. I tend to use it when my enemy has about 30% HP left. Paired with Ignite, that is a sure kill.
- Perseverance - Garen's Passive ability is one of the best in the game according to me. When not engaged in combat for 7 seconds, you regain HP equal to 0.5% of your max HP every second. Only active if you have actually lost HP of course but if you're being harrased on a lane, take a few steps back, wait for this one to kick in and see your HP rise. For this ability to work you have to not do anything combatlike for 7 seconds but after its already kicked in, you can go back to hitting creeps without loosing your buff.

Alright that takes care of the techincal stuff. Now for gameplay!
Early game:
Start off by buying Boots of Speed and 3xHealth Potions then head down a lane. Try laning together with someone that has a stun or binding ability. If you can, that usually lands you first blood since they can hold your opponent while you spin away with your Judgment. Try staying on the lane until you can afford Boots of Swiftness and the Avarice Blade. If you're doing well stay longer and go back when your potions are out. Go back out and try getting some more kills. Garen is great at ambushing ppl from the brush. Try sneaking into a brush and lay in wait for your opponent to come to you. When they do, hit them with Decisive Strike and the use your Judgment. Together with your Exhaust and Ignite this should be a sure kill.

Mid game:
You should soon be able to get your Sunfire Cape. When you can afford it, get back to base as soon as possible. This items gives you a big boost in DPS as you already staying close to your enemies using Judgment as your main damage ability, getting those 40/second DPS from Sunfire Cape makes it all even better. Most peaople should fear you by now. You should try to assist in ganks and such, helping your team progress. Now is the time to get some movespeed so we can stay close to our enemies. Zeal is the perfect item for this as it gives us more crit, making our Judgment do even more damage. After building your Zeal you should aim straight for Guardian Angel. The other team will have noticed you by now and are most likely targeting you in teamfights. Getting the Guardian Angel makes you able to still initiate and make the enemy team drop low in HP for your team to finish of, while you can be safe not to die since your Guardian Angel will protect you.

Late game:
If the game isnt already over by now, you can finish your Youmuu's Ghostblade and then aim for the finish of your Phantom Dancer. The activate ability on your Ghostblade gives another speed boost(other than the one we get from Decisive Strike) to make you able to keep up to fleeing enemies. You should be doing pretty decent damage by now, but the most important part is that you cant die so easy. Best part about that is that you do enough damage for the enemy team to still be scared of us but you also have enough survivability to stay alive for most teamfights. And finally as a last item the Warmog's Armor provides the HP to stay alive even longer.

That concludes my Garen build and I hope this helps you in your future games as this champion. Be sure to check out my Kayle build aswell!