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League of Legends Build Guide Author ElfenLied

Garen Carryish Build

ElfenLied Last updated on August 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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ok guys, this is my first ever build, dont be flaming and ****. im relatively new to garen and im currently level 29, i never ever bought runes so dont know what to put, frankly im to cheap to buy runes, i rather buy champions. as for masteries im not that familiar with them, i just play the game. but i can tell u that i do pretty well with garen. hes a relatively easy hero to play. he owns early game, mid and late if ur good. he had awesome lane staying power so he wont be missing time to go back to base to heal and stuff.
ghost and ignite are the summoner's abilities, u need the speed boost for chasing for escaping while using ur judgment or chasing to ult a weak hero. ignite helps alot with ur ult, as it will almost guarantee a kill. garen is pretty useful on any team and he can take out that annoying tank that soaks up all the damage while ur getting owned by their dps.

For laning garen is not a solo, unless u dont want kills, he depends on support early game to get kills, so laning with a partner with a stun, snare, slow will almost garuantee a kill provided they dont tower hug. go either bot or top and stay in the bushes let ur partner stun or snare or whatever and u go in to spin. the doran shield will provide u with hp as will as regen, u may say why pick up that noob item instead of boots, u forgo speed for regen, thats why i said to lane with someone with a slow or stun. try to stay in ur lane till u can get to avarice blades, they will be ur source of income allowing to u buy ur angels very early. garen is not a tank, he is nooot a tank, so he is very squishy so put some armor and hp on him for some surviablity in team fights so he wont get taken out.

ghost blade will help with his crits for his judgement, and the extra speed helps alot. i put the mallet there so that he will slow enemies while spinning to that they cant run away. next thing, sunfire cape, i know its kinda stupid, but i like the extra damage and hp, but sometimes i usually swap that out for a phantom dancer. just remember garen is not a tank people. as for ur ulti always save it for the guy whos screwing u over, so that u can get rid of him asap. and it very useful against tanks. so heres what u do, Q then E to the hero and it will silence after the spin, u get a nice speed boost also, ignite then ulti if there weak and there u go, u can also silence first then spin so they cant escape. in team fights let ur tanks go in, or u can ur tank can go in followed by ur dps, the extra hp will allow garen to be in the fight more and the guardian angel allows u to be more agressive and chase etc. dont be a wimp, just go in spin, silence and throw in an ult and u get a kill. not that hard. be very careful for casters tho they own garen so try to silence em.

this build is what i usually get with garen, it will gurantee ur a positive score at least, but with garen its hard to not to get kills. sorry for the bad grammar and **** im bored so i decided to do this. give me some feedback, but at least try the build before u criticize, give me some info on runes and masteries to