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Garen Build Guide by Balthaer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Balthaer

Garen - Chase & Execute

Balthaer Last updated on June 24, 2011
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Hello and Welcome to my first Build,

I'd like to show you with this guide how I play Garen - The Might of Demacia, at the moment.
This is my first Build and a new idea i had while playing Garen and i think it's realy funny to play.
Also some things i have to say:
1. In my opinion Garen is no Tank! Courage lasts only for 3 sec and he has no other Control or dmg reduction skills except his silence and I think this one doesn't realy count.
2.This is build an idea. It's just tested in a few games and i'm putting it online so that a few players with more skill than me can test it. ;)
3. This is my first build. Please don't Flame me if it is a little inconsistent and just correct me.
4. English isn't my native language so correct me if something isn't right.

Have fun reading and trying it out.
/Discuss ;)

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Pros / Cons

+ Massic AD Dmg througout the game
+ Great chaser (479.9 running speed on lvl 18 without Decisive Strike and Nimbleness)
+ Good escape mechanism (Judgement + Decisive Strike, in this order no slows and really really fast)
+ Great farmer
+ dodge grant's some defense vs. auto attacker

- Vurneable to CC
- Cooldown dependant
- Really Squishy
- Kind of slow early game

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The Masteries are pretty basic.
- Cripple because exhaust is my Summonerspell of choice, great to chase down or escape.
- Archaic Knowledge because Demacian Justice deals, in fact, magic damage.
- Nimbleness to get extra runningspeed on dodge.

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Armor Penetration Marks & Quintessences for massiv early game dmg.
Dodge Seals for nimbleness, one core of this build.
And Glyphs of celerity because as it says in the tipps:
"The only thing restricting Garen are his cooldowns"

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Summoner Spells

As summoner spells I usually go with Ghost and Exhaust, they are both great for chasing down enemy champs or escape if you have to.

Flash: great for engaging or closing up to an enemy Champ.
Ignite: Just the spell if the enemy get's away everytime with low hp or to kick the *** of Immortal Mundo.
Cleanse: Garen is very vulnerable to CC, with cleanse he's a little less.

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Ok the items...

I start with a Longssword and a health Potion, to get a bit more laning time,
heading for a Brutaliser when I go back for the first time. the Brutaliser got everything Garen needs Cooldown Reduction, Armor Penetration and some AD.

After this I go traight for the Ninja Tabi, the 12% Dodge are the thing you need here (belive me, run past one minion wave and you dodge at least once = Nimbleness Buff).

Then i pick up an B.F.Sword for some nice extra dmg early game.

after This I go for a Zeal, Runinng Speed an Crit? Thats just great for Garen. The Attack Speed is ok but not neccessary.

I go for the Infinity Edge next; It's a nice item for garen because hes crit depended and does extra dmg with Judgement based on his Crit chance.

After this I pick up Sheen for the great passiv, too bad Garen has no use for the stats on his item.

Then I Complete the Phantom Dancer = more Crit and Running Speed = Perfect.

After this we go for another Zeal and complete Youmuss's ghostblade as soon as possible, more CD reduction, more AD, more Crit, more Armor Penetration and a usefull CD, overall a great item.

Now I Complete the Trinity Force.
Again everything you need, AD, Crit, running speed, a great passiv, maybe the slow is not as cool as the one you get with the Frozen Mallet but the 150% more dmg on your next attack ? Just too good to let it slip imho.

After this I got everything I think Garen needs so we got a blank Spot in the inventory. After giving it a bit of thought i came to the Conclusion that sunfirecape is kind of an ideal Item. It got some armor and health what is always good, but especially the passiv is great for Garen the 35 extra dmg per seccond add to your Judgement witch is you main nuke spell in team fights. everyone close enough to you to be in the range of Judgement is also in the range of the Sunfire Cape.

An alternative to this would be last Gasp: lesser survivability but great for teams that stack armor

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Skill Sequence

I like to max Judgemnt first. It's the primary nuke skill and just great to farm at all times in the game.
Go for Decisive Strike at lvl 2 and max it second to Judgment engage + silence + nice dmg, perferct to jump into blattle an Spin to win.
Courage is maxed as the last spell it just isn't so neccessary for this build just a nice bonus to escape traps in my opinion.
Needless to say that you should put an point in Demacian Justice as often as you get to.

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with this you should be able to chase down nearly every opponent.
you can just get rid of slows and only stuns realy bother you once you are at the enemy champ.
if you engane with Decisive Strike, trinity force strikes the first time then you use judgement and it progs a second time and hit's rigt after the end of judgement, after this you just go again with Decisive Strike and if the enemy still strugels end it with Demacian Justice. the Enemy camph should be slowed due to the Trinity Force and unable to escape without using Escape Skills or Summoner Spells.

I Think with this build Garen is realy funny to play and most of the enemy's just don't know what hit's them at first
Have Fun trying it.

PS: I'm open for constructiv Criticism but
please don't just flame.
Just Leave a comment why you like/don't like the Build and tell me what I didn't consider.

sincerly Balthaer