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League of Legends Build Guide Author gabrik32

Garen Dps mixed tank guide

gabrik32 Last updated on December 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 1

Ok, so this is my first build on Mobafire, so here go's nothing. This is my ultimate build for Garen, the Might of Demacia.

For my items build I first get doran's shield, and a health potion. I then get boots of swiftness, for movement speed. After, I get a giants belt and a ruby crystal and then buy warmhogs armor, for health. Then I get a sunfire cape. I get another warmhogs armor, so by then you'll have over 4000 health. Get a bf sword, and save up for an infinity edge, then another bf sword. If the game is still going, get a bloodthirster, then zeal. Finish the zeal with a phantom dancer. You will have to sell your dorans shield to get the zeal. You'll still have alot of damage, alot of health and be very, very hard to kill. Hope this helps alot, for when you build your items.

Summoner Spells.
For my summoner spells I always have ghost, so when your chasing someone you can use ghost and decisive strike for a little boost of speed. Get ignite for kills you couldn't get to before they got to their turret.

I build my abilities to evenly smooth out them, so they are reasonably even. I get Descisive strike first, so your enemies can't use an ability when ganking at the start. Here's an example. Yesterday I was laning with a jax, and tristana came bot with katarina. trist had rocket jump as her first ability, but she couldn't use it too get away because I silenced her. Jax used exhaust, and I used ignite while we killed her, easily getting us first blood. She made the same mistake a few times, feeding Jax and I. Eventually she got the point and changed lanes. See my point?

My runes are basic attack damage, health regen, health, ability cooldown reduction and armor pen. The good thing about garen is, his abilities cost nothing, because he has no mana. This is one of the most ultimate builds for garen.

Laning basics.
If you have a jax or shen on your team, lane with them at the start. Shens taunt ability makes it easy for you too silence them, use judgement, and stop it in time to use your ultimate. Jax is a good dps-er too lane with. His W ability and his Q ability are helpful at the start, when ganking in shrubs. Be sure they have exhaust, so it is easy to get first blood.

In conclusion, I recap on what I've explained here.
Item build: dorans shield, boots of swiftness, Warmhog's Armor, Sunfire Cape, Another Warmhogs Armor, Infinity Edge, sell dorans shield and get Blood thirster, and a phantom dancer.

21, 8, 1.

Rune page:
Attack damage, health regen, health, ability cooldown reduction and armor penetration.

Build Useful Against;
This build is good against tanks, dps and ranged support, not ranged caster. If you face this situation, do not worry, unless they have Ryze. Or anyone who snares, like morgana, lux and ryze. Beware when your facing a champion who can stun or taunt, because if you are turret diving, they can stun you and, well... Your gonna die, because if they are using everything they have against you, with the turret, well, you can see where this is going.

Handy Tip.
Oh, and for anyone who uses exhaust instead of ignite, heres a handy tip. If your attacking a turret, and they try to attack you, use exhaust on them. The tower doesn't attack you, and they can't hit you until it wears off. But by then you will have turret almost destroyed, so it wouldn't matter. But only use it if you need to.

Early Game.
During the start of the game, make sure your in the brush first with your partner before the other team or you'll get killed. As I said earlier, try and lane with a dps.
Minions have arrived. Stay as far away as possible to the other team until you level up. Don't attack the same minions your team mate attacks because you get less XP at the start and won't level up as fast. At level three try and catch your opponent off guard by hiding in the bushes until they go in, then let your team mate exhaust them, then ignite them, while using decisive strike, then judgement. They should be on low health and will be more cautious in the near future.
Around level six things start to heat up dramatically. Be sure to call mia (missing in action) when you notice someone from your lane is missing. If so called champion is missing, like twitch or evelyn, get a sight ward, so you can see them when they are invisible near it. When it runs out, get oracles elixir so you can see them if they try to surprise you. If they are not capable of going invisible, they might of recalled to get some items and to replenish their health. When you can see the mia champion, say 're' too let your team know that they have been found or they returned.

Mid Game.
This is usually when team fights start to occur. Team fights usually occur in the middle lane (mid), and get pretty ugly pretty fast. Garen is useful in a team fight with his ultimate, to execute champions quickly and suddenly. His silence ability is useful so someone can't get away quickly and can;t stop you from chasing them, (stuns, snares etc.) making another kill. Make sure to look on your mini map to see if any sneaky characters are trying to destroy turrets while everyone is busy defending or attacking. If someone is, let your team know quickly, so someone can stop them. Tanks play big roles in team fights, though some people don't notice it. I sometimes have to divert attention from a team mate, long enough for them to get away safely, just in case they have stacks of some sort. Even if you die, you can then watch the map and tell someone if someone is mia.

Near finished Game.
This is where dps and tanks are needed most, so they can turret dive and destroy turrets without any minions. If your inhibitor turret has been destroyed, put sight wards near it so if your attacking the enemies inhibitor, you can send someone to defend. Once you have destroyed the inhibitor, move into a different lane and take control of that lane as well. Soon, the game would be yours if you have taken out all three inhibitors. The super minions are powerful enough to destroy turrets, if they are high in numbers. They will march through right to the end, and you have won.

After Game Stats.

This is where you can have a look at the game stats, and compare to other people and chat to the other team.

Baron Nashor.
It is almost impossible to take on Baron Nashor by yourself. So, this is a good time for Garen. He is good for taking down the Baron, with decisive strike, doing extra damage. It is better to attack the baron during late game, too give your team a boost of stats until the buff runs out.

So I conclude my ultimate build for my favourite character, Garen. If you do this build, you will have over 5000 health, 250 attack damage and you will be very, very, VERY almost close to, near impossible to kill. You should be legendary in the next few games, I Garen-tee it.

Thanks for reading,