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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CombatMannequin

Garen: Focus Fire is an Understatement

CombatMannequin Last updated on January 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Focus Fire the Demacian Way

This build is designed for Garen to take out one opponent very quickly but turning him into a pure Melee fighter. While tapping into Defense for a little extra damage mitigation, this build is excellent for getting in and being able to focus fire down one target, dwindling them down incredibly quickly to finish them off with his Ultimate. Best used during team VS team fights to pick off an enemy nuke before he can deal any real damage, then help clean up with Judgment and Decisive Strike cool downs. However, don't get too arrogant in multi-battles because this build is a bit lacking in survivability, and you can be easily torn apart if you try to take on a few enemy champions on your own. This build as a straight up Focus Fire/Gank build that has done me a lot of good so far.

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General Tips for the Focus Fire Build

This build is very, VERY destructive. Move through the jungle to come to the assistance of team mates in need, or to catch enemies off guard. This is not an effective Pushing build until much later, so while Garen runs rampant pissing off the enemy, you should make sure the rest of your team knows they should be doing the Pushing. In Multi-Lane games, this build is particularly effective, as it enables you to catch opponents off guard more easily, allowing you more ganks, more feeds, more gold! Be weary, though, because this Focus Fire build doesn't have as much survival as some other Garen builds. Be careful not to feed. In single lane fights where all the action is going on in a single lane, this build is effective for sweeping in from behind, taking out enemy Ranged champions, or enemy Nukes fairly easily with minimal resistance. You should save your Ultimate, though, for taking out specific targets, since this build is very potent at ganking simply with the sheer damage of Decisive Strike and Judgment. And if you need to make a quick escape, Courage will mitigate quite a bit of damage, so don't forget about your shield ability!

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Early Game

If you can, work it out with your team to get Middle Lane. This allows the fastest XP gain and quickest growth for Garen early on, which is exactly what you want since you need a few points in Judgment to make it truly devastating. Without feeding, or pushing too far, you may also want to try and gank the enemy champion in Mid for some extra gold. Try to taunt them into coming at you, or prepare ambushes using the Jungle and Brush. Getting a strong start makes this build even better. Don't worry about running into other lanes for kills. You'll get your chance. Focus on leveling up and farming some fast gold.

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As the game goes on, and you get a few items, such as Frozen Mallet, Garen can be force to be trifled with, especially if you play it smart Early Game. As your team begins to push, you can begin Jungling for extra gold, or buffs and use the Jungle to try and gank. As you do so, try and communicate to your team when, and which lanes are clear for them to push.

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End Game

At End Game, you should be a forced to be reckoned with, all revved up with plenty of Power Items to deal serious damage. In most of my games, I've become such a threat that the entire enemy team needs to be in the same lane I am to take me down. This will create for a dangerous situation. Try having another serious ganker on your team, or just a teammate or two to try and circle around to give you some help. If there's not much ganking to be done, End Game with this build makes Garen an amazing Pusher, able to take down turrets by himself, with auto-attacks and Decisive Strikes. End Game you should also have quite a decent Health Pool to sustain several hits from a turret if you need to. In End Game team battles, you should be trying to focus down the more dangerous enemy Nukes or Assasins to try and cripple their fire power.