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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scripto

Garen: Snowball King

Scripto Last updated on December 31, 2010
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Ive tried just about every way possible to build Garen but have had the most success BY FAR with Snowball Garen. Simply because he is the BEST and EASIEST champ in the game to get stacks with in early game. Most games I never get past Boots of Swiftness, Leviathan, and Sword of the Occult before they surrender. I do have to warn you this build is not for noobs. You gotta know what your doing with Garen, and especially how to use Judgment! We'll start with Early Game...

Early Game:
I cannot stress how important it is that you and your lane mate buy QUICKLY and get your *** off the fountain. Call ur lane partner pregame and tell him to do so. So, make sure you both get to the lane ASAP(which will b easy on you since you have boots) and either set up at the tip of your bushes(i used to do their's but its too easy for them to get back to the turret, unless you have a stunner laning with you), or the river bushes(my personal favorite cause they usually get pretty close to you cause they think you are in the other bushes). Now you must be patient, wait for an opportunity when they are close enough(if they have not already walked into your lap) and basically blow your load all over them, soon as you step out of the bushes exhaust, CAUSE THEY WILL TRY TO RUN, soon as your in range start they judgment and be sure you keep them in the range, burn you ignite whenever you can unless its obvious you dont need it.

This will get me FB 4/5 games. Judgment is OP AS **** early game and you gotta abuse that.

After this you will dominate the lane no problem. try to sit in their bushes as much as possible and if they toe to far repeat the same combo as you started the game except when you burst out of the bushes hit Q so you get a speed boost and silence them before unleashing judgment, and dont be afraid of the turret. you can take some fire especially after you get your first rank in courage.

Side note the point of that point in courage is simply for that turret diving. wait till the shot is about to hit u and hit it. 99% of my lane kills are in the turrets range cause I push them so hard(plus they think they are safe on the turret)

Mid Game:
You should have some kills by this point(or else you better go find yourself a new build) and have some healthy stacks. You'll have your ult by this point(GOD I LOVE IT) and there really isn't much to say about it, use it whenever you think it will get you the kill, just b sure to hit it quick.(if you think they are ready to have some Damcian Justice dropped on their *** but you are right in the middle of a judgment BE SURE to hit E and get out of it so you can ult them before they get too far in past their turret.)

Other then this there really isnt that much to say about what to do mid game that hasn't already been said. Be sure to hide in bushes a lot if you know someone will run through that way, Decisive Strike and then basically have your way with them. Garen can very easily sprint(btw you will be so FREAKING FAST) into a lane behind a guy and you can drop him from full health easy.

Late Game:
This one's up to you. Play it as you like. Run where your team needs you. Push turrets that are open. You have enough speed to cover the map faster then anyone. Just keep up the farming when you can.(and enjoy those 40 stacks if the game lasts that long)

Boots of Speed-VERY NECESSARY first item. Gets you to your lane fast and helps make sure you stay in range so your judgment tears them to bits early game.
Boots of Swiftness-Every time you enter a battle the enemy WILL run. you gotta get to them and start laying down some judgment as fast as possible.
Leviathan-I personally like it better first cause the survivability. And its easier to stack with it early on. But you can switch it with SotO if you really want.
Sword of the Occult-Cause you will be getting many kills early game and double stacking is so good it should be a sin. Literally you are good to go with these 2 items for a long time.
Zeal/Zeal/Phantom/Phantom-These items are so great for garen.
Crit Chance scales with judgment so you will be dealing crits our the *** as you spin after them
(Dodge chance was nerfed off of the these last patch, but they are 500g cheaper now)
AWESOME Move Speed is my favorite, get in, serve up some Demacian Justice and GTFO, close gaps between terrified champs running from you. get across the map to where you're needed(dont miss out on that exp)
Attack Speed- Very nice for when judgement is on cooldown. I sacrificed this in previous builds but i regret it. Besides it comes with everything else you want all rapped up in a Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge-No way you get this far in a game, but on the chance you do there isnt really much to be said here, its glorious. especially for you.
Crit chance AND increased crit damage
Lots of damage..Period

If I missed anything just let move know and I'll see what I can do!

Vote and tell me what you think!!
And please don't down-rate without a comment...
and if you like it I am always glad to hear about your success!
Garen's next skin^^^