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Garen Build Guide by base1234

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author base1234

Garen-tank in all situations

base1234 Last updated on November 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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-Added Atma's!!->damage boost, now integrated in all builds
-Made the new Masteries!!-now even better!
-Changed item builds a bit

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You will probably ask WHY TANK GAREN?...well, he is practically invincible once he gets guardian angel, and will have basically 70-80% reduced damage from both ad and ap...and he doesnt need ad items to be an annoying ******* in team fights...his q is an imba silence and his ulti will kill almost any champ with a quarter or less of his health(depends). Also, he is just so annoying when he pops out of nowhere doing his spinning thing:D...and yeah, he can't be killed unless he's totally alone vs 3 enemies or something...
p.s. i like turret diving:D

Also, i have proof that it works:D...note that when my team sucks i intentionally feed:D

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They pretty much explain themselves: health quints
health glyphs
armor seals
magic res marks
optional:armor or magic res quints
armor pen marks

mainly, just use smth between health, magic res and armor... i can only say that seals are best for armor and health and marks for magic resist.

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Now, defensive is much more useful to Garen, and now he'll have more health and cooldown reduction!!...also, now has improved flash and exhaust!

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They are quite situational, so i'll break it up into: 1)Standard build
2)AD heavy team(similar to 1)
3)AP heavy team(less armor)
and i'll explain all the items first, so i don't talk about them 3 times:D
1)Doran's Shield
-Laugh at all opponents coz they barely decrease your health bar:D
-Health regen stacks with passive
-Stay inlane until you can get merc's

2)Merc's Treads
-Even less ccs from tenacity+e:D
-You really have balanced armor and magic res early so you don't get surprised by gankers with different stats than what you are prepared for
-other boots seem useless...even ninja tabby vs ad heavy team are useless coz they can't ALL be ad(unless they're ******ed or something) and they surely have cc
-standard tank boots

3)Aegis of the Legion
-Keeps your balanced tank state till things get serious
-dang cheap
-just a great core item for tanks early-midgame
-cool aura looks good on garen and also helpful:D

-the best item vs ad, and CHEAP...
-better than Randuin's, which will scare off opponents after they see your imbaness
-opponents won't even notice that they are dead, especially ad/crit/autoattackers
-just so invaluable to a tank, who needs people to actually attack him

5)Force of Nature
-together with thornmail, gives you around 200 armor and magic res
-health regen ftw! you will actually not need to b because you will regen like 1% health/sec
-helps with survivability, although not noticeable

6)Guardian Angel
-more armor and magic res
-in case you die, you revive!
-after you revive, you will still be able to fight or retreat safely.

7)Frozen Mallet
-Health is nice
-Damage is almost useless but meh
-the slow is godly if their team keeps escaping teamfights

-lots of health
-you will farm minions anyway, but you neew warmog's try to slip it in your build after boots/aegis
-health regen!!
-stacks great with both thornmail and force of nature+passive, but makes guardian angel almost useless(because you won't die)

9)Sunfire Cape
-I don't use, but i've seen many garens use it
- health not really that great, neither armor, and the passive damage is just useless if you ask me
-just uses up space

10)Atma's Impaler
-Builds up ad and crit for your damage
-also, a little more armor
-get only if you have a significant amount of health

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I'm too lazy to explain the skills thoroughly now,and they quite explain themselves just read descriptions but i'll make it short:

Q is great silence, gives you speed...can use early with e for scaring lane opponents...just q-e

W is great tanking ability...reduces damage by A LOT and passive is nice, you only need 50 minions for 25 armor+magic res

E is the main farming ability...try to use it so you actually kill the minions, otherwise you might lose the minions

R is a great finisher...just wait for an opponent to be at a quarter of his health and BLAM! kill!..but try to not waste it in team fights...also, don't use on tanks!!'s affected by magic res

i put in 1 in q at lvl 1 for the silence and speed, then 1 in e at lvl 2, then w at lvl 3, then max e for farming and stuff. W is second maxed, because you are still a tank, but in early you don't need it as much!then q maxed last coz it only increases damage a little and lowers cd

Now some explanations on how to use the skills:

-for farming minions(with nobody on your lane) just use e while in the middle of the minions

-for farming minions + harass in lane use q-e then run into the minions, but beware of harass. This can also lure opponents because they can't actually see you have q activated so you can
take a few hits, then run to lane buddy or ganker(if it's the case)

-for chasing first run with q, and after hit use the enemy can't react in the first 2 secs nor flash

-great initiation is to q-e then run into all enemies, and immediately use w so they waste their spells on u...then your team pops up and kills(not guaranteed)

-normal initiation is to just run with q, silence ap carry then use e, and w when you're at a quarter-half health(situational)

-it's cool if you chase a low health enemy to use your ulti on it, but be sure that your team is winning the fight:D

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Summoner Spells

flash/exhaust always, maybe teleport in some situations.
others are useless...maybe except heal if you're new