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Garen Build Guide by iKorZ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iKorZ

Garen - The guide to facerolling

iKorZ Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and welcome to my guide on how to faceroll opponents with Garen.

I tried other builds with some success, but eventually found this build as the most effective one for myself. It's a build which makes Garen really tough, while you can dish out a _TON_ of damage. This is not a "Use build = win" but this build is really powerfull, at least in my hands.


- Great survivabilty
- Spin 2 win (Which can't be cancelled)
- Iniating, dealing ridiculous damage and surviving (Even under towers!)
- Ability to get your own kills, or finish off low enemies (Pesky allies who wanna get fed getting in the last hit is annoying, amirite?)
- Great farming capability
- Easy to get a positive score with, and when you're experienced - well he's just faceroll.


- Hes hated by most of the community for his Judgement.
- You will probably not get anyone in awe of your 18-3-15 and the likes, because "your Garen".

Enjoy ;D

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9 * Desolation
These runes will help you boost your damage output throughout the entire game, as all the damage Garen deals (except for sunfire cape) is physical, all his skills deal physical damage.


9 * Fortitude
Health is always good, and these runes will boost your early game survivabilty alot, which will help you rape your opponents during the laning phase.


9 * Focus
CDR, is bread and butter for Garen as the only limits on his skills are CD, the reason as to why I choose flat CDR is because, yet again this will help you early game.


3 * Fortitude
Yet again flat health is great early game, and the opponent will hate you when you spin, because you will have a ****load of HP early game.

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I use a 14-16-0 mastery on Garen.

-First grabbing the crit chance mastery as critting is always loveable.
-Then upgrading exhaust because the reduced Armor in combo with Judgement is just plain nasty.
-Then going on to get all the lovely CDR so we can SPAAAAAM, our abilities to farm etc.
-Grabbing a single point in attack speed to advance to the next branch.
-Then grabbing 3 points in Armor Penetration, which will give you 6 ArP on top of your runes, this will help you really kick ***, especially early game.
-And lastly grabbing the 2 points of extra attack damage.

This gives us these stats totally:
-Critical Chance: 2%
-Cooldown Reduction: 3%
-Attack Speed: 1%
-Armor Penetration: 6
-Attack Damage: 2
And a improved exhaust.

-We start with grabbing both Armor and MR to the max. To improve the survivability.
-Then moving on to increasing your dodge chance to improve your survivability even further.
-Then we grab the reduced physical damage to improve the survivability yet again, and make you able to just ignore those minions slightly more.
-And we finish off grabbing the HP from, which are a huge bonus, and just plain lovely.

This gives us these stats totally:
- Magic Resist: 6
- Armor: 6
- Dodge Chance: 2%
- Block Physical Damage: 1.5
- Hit Points: 48

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Early Game

- You will start the game with a dorans blade, because you will want to deal damage, and you also want the HP. The lifesteal is a nice bonus to this. You don't need to worry about survivability, because your hp will be above 800.
- The first time you die, or when you have about 1k gold, you will want to recall and get your boots and another dorans blade which usually puts me about 100 damage and about 1200-1300hp.

- Now you will rush your sunfire cape, and when you get your first sunfire items, you're gonna start ganking, and the laning phase will be just about over.

Mid Game
- Get your sunfire cape first, this synergises greatly with your judgement, and also grants you some nice HP and Armor.
- After this you will want your Atmas impaler which grants you about 50 damage putting you somewhere between 170 and 200 damage, depending on how fed you have gotten.
- Now you will want some magic resistance, I usually go with spirit visage as the HP and CDR are great on garen, but if they are particularly AP heavy, you can go with a Force of Nature, or if your fed and you really will make them fear you build a Guardian angel.

After this item you will start to hit late game and built your last 2 items.

Late Game

Now you will want to decide on either Phage - Infinity Edge - Frozen if you will want to boost your damage output even further.
Or you will want to go Warmogs/Frozen Mallet if you wan't to be more tanky. Its all yours to decide. Either way you will be hard to kill and have an epic damage output.

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Skill Sequence

-You will want to drop a point in every skill in the first 3 levels.
-Judgement as the first skill though, depending on whether you want to nuke or live you pick Decisive Strike or Courage.
-Then proceeding to max out Judgement, as it is your main source of damage.
-Then maxing Decisive Strike as its a nice nuke early game, and later in the game the silence is just ****ing amazing.
-Then going with Demacian Judgement at 6,11,16 is priority as it will greatly help you finish off champs fleeing, or just get the last hit in to get more fed, or even towerdiving - getting the last 1/4 of the HP, this is your skill.
-Then lastly max out courage, as you have the Armor and MR bonus of 25 from level 1, and you really don't need the huge Percentage damage reduction until later in the game.

So your in the end your priorities will be:
Demacian Justice
Decisive Strike

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Summoner Spells

This item is a great form for CC as garen is short on CC on anything but his silence.
Escaping is just loveable, and so is flashing next to someone Nuke- and silencing them. Then fleeing from the tower.

Other summoner spells might be viable too, but I prefer these two over any other two.

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In the end it all comes down to how you yourself play. And how you feel for the game.
Although this is really effective for me, it might be ineffective for others.
And with this I'm signing off, peace out and have fun ;D