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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phocraken

Garen: The Legitification Guide

Phocraken Last updated on October 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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For awhile now i've been looking for a champ like Garen, someone that can hold his own, why still making a huge difference in team fights.
If built right he's got lots of survivabilty and can deal out a ton of damage in a few seconds, making him one of the most overpowered champs around.


    He's got alot of survivability.
    Great team carry.
    Deals out tons of damage in a few moments.
    Best early game killer in the game.
    Great movement speed.
    AMAZING 1-v-1 champ.
    Extremely long silence
    Can escape better then anyone (Courage=30% less dmg, Descicive Strike= 25% Speed boost,
    Judgement=No Slows).
    FARMING IS AMAZING (Usually get about 125 minions every 5-v-5).

    Can be easily harrassed.
    Long cooldowns.
    No lifesteal.
    Slown attack speed.

Item Build

To start off, buy Boots of Speed and Health Pots x3.
Once you farm for awhile, recall and upgrade your boots to Boots of Swiftness.
Boots of Swiftness REALLY help with Judgement and Sunfires.
Next up, buy a Sword of the Occult, this will help alot with your damage output.
After buying that, buy one Giants Belt, then uprgrade that into a Sunfire Cape.
Sunfire's are Garen main item, they amazingly overpowered when used with Judgement.
Once you've built you first sunfire, buy a Phage, this gives you a much needed slow, and some AP/HP.
Next build your Phage into a Frozen Mallet.
After that the next item is really up to who your playing with.
If your the only beefy character on your team, build some more health.
If you dont have alot of damage output, buy something like Yomumu's Ghostblade.
And then the last item is always a sunfire. Period.

Early Game

ALWAYS go for initial gank, with Ignite/Exhaust you'll almost always get first blood.
Early game try to farm as much as you can (Your extremly gold hungry).
You can save your teamates life ALOT with your silence, just silence them than spin, spin, spin.
Use your spin at the beginning of new minion hoardes, try to last hit as much as you can.
If you ever get down to low health, just go back to your turret and wait for your passive.
Also, harass with silence (This makes people SOOOOOO mad).
Pretty much early game is just farm, harass, farm, harass, etc.......

Mid Game

By now you should have enough gold for at least Phage, but hopefully you've started your first Sunfire.
Mid game try to gank as much as you can, and always pop Decisive Strike before ganks, for the speed boost/silence.
Also Decisive Strike can silence turrets, helping alot if your pushing it, or running away/saving someone.
Try to get red buff as much as possible, it really helps with 1-v-1's, or just ganking.
Almost the same thing as early game, just more farming, less harassing.

Late Game

If you think Garen is overpowered early game.....
Late game is where Garen really shines the most.
You should start to be racking up lots of minion kills, Sunfires will help you take a minion hoard with one spin.
Keep pushing turrets as much as you can, it will help in the long run.
If you get someone down to low health (10%-15%) chase them back as far as you can, just keep using your speed boost.(i've killed people while their in their respawn pool)
When taking out Baron or the dragon, keep on silencing them and then spin.
DONT WASTE YOUR ULT!!!! (I did this alot myself) try to learn how much health it can actually take out.
Also try to last hit minions for Courage stacks.

Thanks for Reading


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