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Garen Build Guide by BeTheChampion

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BeTheChampion

Garen the pitty AD-DPS-tank

BeTheChampion Last updated on June 14, 2011
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Hello everyone, this is a strange new but good Garen build/guide.
This build is AD-DPS and tank cause when im playing Garen and trying only to tank or to AD-DPS i never really doo good, soo i compared the AD-DPS and tank with eachother and i got a OP Garen.
The first game i played went 10/4/6 (they surrendered) soo it was quite good working.
Than i decided to share it on mobafire soo everyone could doo OP with Garen.

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If you are looking to the runes you see that it are stacking with lvls.
Now you wanna ask why did i doo that?
I say this works perfect cause i think Garen is special need to be OP in lategame soo he can doo better as tank and AD-DPS.
And the quintences are not all of same but of MR, Armor and AD soo you will stay balanced in them all.
This will work perfect if you are gonna follow the build and the way of play :D

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Spell choose

Here i will show why i choose this spells and which spells are good to and which are ofcourse not.
I choosed Ghost and Exhaust cause Ghost is good to escape or chase your enemies and your walking through minions to soo its the best escape or chase mechanism, and Exhaust is to weaken enemies for killing em or slowing em and not letting them to kill you when you are very low hp.

Other good Spells to choose from.
Ignite : Ignite is a good finishing off or killing champions like fiddle, master yi, etc.
Great if you not like Ghost or Exhaust.
Fortify : Fortify good cause ur the tank and it helps if one of ur turrets is getting attacked and no-one is there to defend it and it can help you kill an towerdiver.
Flash : Great for escaping or chasing you can jump over walls or get your foe before they reach there turret.
Spells not to choose!!!
Clairvoyance : This is an really dumb spell for a tank/dps cause its never really usefull and its more a supporter´s thing.
Revive : This is an spell for feeders or just bad players or beginners and not a good spell for smart people.
Rally : Not good cause most times enemies will not stay near you if you got rally besides you and its to weak for being an usefull spell.

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The items

I did choose the items cause this is an tank/DPS-AD but i will explain why i did these items in my build and not others.
Hexdrinker : It gives AD and magic resist and even a 300 hp magic shield its excellent cause it can save your life from spellcasters like karthus or morgana and others its just an excellent item for every tank.
Atma´s Impaler : It gives armor and crit strike whats not really that good but the passive shure is 2% of hp to your AD who doesn´t want it cause if Garen gots his Warmog and stack max he will have like 3500-4000 HP and 2% of 3500 = 70 AD and thats really handy with the armor and its not that expensive item.
Mercury´s Threads : Best boots for a tank it gives 35 tenacity and 25 magic resist stunners and binders and others will have big fear for you cause you will ignore there tricks and kill em in no time.
Warmog´s Armor : It gives like 1400 health if fully stacked and a big health regen plus it stacks amazing with Atma´s Impaler soo this is a primary tank item plus your passive will get better to.
Force of Nature : Force of Nature it gives the highest magic resist and a good health regen plus 7% movement speed and thats great for chasing and escaping.
Thornmail : Thornmail is one of my favourite tank items its cheap it gives 100 armor and it gives 30 percent of damage back in magic damage if you think thats not awesome i just have no words ulitmate for killing those fast AD-DPS´es.

Just stick with those items.

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Pros / Cons

The pros and cons about Garen.

~Good laner because his passive
~Good tank and DPS
~Hard to kill
~Good chaser and escaper

~Long cooldowns early game
~Needs to be mastered
~Vulnerable to ranged DPS

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I will explain how to lane best with Garen.

Garen can lane extremely good with his E skill if his damage output is high enough and the skill, Garen can doo amazing if he has a good dps partner like Xin Zhoa (I think they are best together cause Xin slows and knochs his enemies into air and the ulti of Xin and Garen can be OP together) but he will lvl slow.
Soo the best i think with Garen is to solo lane if there is a jungler soo he can get more exp soo lvl faster and ofcourse doo more farm and getting his items more early than his enemies.
But you most play carefull with Garen if your enemies have range or stun/bind cause they still can kill you hard if you not play safe when you are solo.
Soo you most get all the creeps to your tower when you are solo and than doing last hits on them soo u will get large amounts of gold ^.^
And gold can decide the game soo farm the best you can and try to stay as long as you can in your lane to gain lvls.

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Ganking and teamplaying

Soo the best time to doo ganks and teamplay is if your whole team is lvl 11/12 cause than your ulti is already OP and you most atleast got Hexdrinker and Mercury's Threads.
To gank good you need atleast a slow or stun soo that's why i choose Exhaust best thing to gank.
Ganking is fun like your coming out of the brush and your gonna team that mid-champ but you most still be carefull if the other teams champs are dissapeared cause they can doo a counter-gank and than you will be slayen.
Teamplaying is best if you got the first 3 items cause u got nice magic resist,armor and damage ultimate to doo teamplays and killing the other team isn't it?"
Yes it is :D you prob will own if you follow this item build and if you're team is good to but remember to play safe always.

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Soo i hope you liked this item build and guide im hoping you are now killing your foes with Garen like you never did before :D and if you wanna play with me on LoL im playing on the european server and my ING is WSpartaWplease doo not forget to vote this guide and leave a comment :D