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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Svir Volgate

Gee Gee Gee Kass Kicks ***: Max Ap Kass

Svir Volgate Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Kass Kicks ***

I don't know what to write; so I'll keep it short. This Kass guide is designed to obliterate the competition. The trick is: you've got to stay alive. If you can't keep those stacks, for whatever reason, I hope you notice it soon. If you aren't getting enough kills or assists then you better ditch the Soulstealer and get another Archangle's.

This guide expects you to know how to survive with Kass (one reason why I like to take Cleanse) There are situational alternatives available, but I don't like to deviate from this item build if possible. When I do need survivability the best options for Kass are Banshees or Quicksilver Sash. If you've found yourself up against a really tough wall of MR, then grab a Voidstaff. Usually the sheer AP from this build can overcome medium-high MR. When complete this build will give you well over 1000 AP.

Sometimes I like to mess around, ditch the boots and go for 5 AA's and a deathcap, but that's just sick.

This is a growing Guide, please leave comments and suggestions.

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Magic Pen for obvious reasons
Flat AP, because Kass only needs to rely on runes till he's got a few kills and items
Mana Regen for the same reason as above.

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Summoner Spells / Masteries

Cleanse is one of the best skills for Kass. It will keep you alive; I promise.
I usually take Teleport; sometimes I wish I could take advantage of something else, but then I backdoor a kill, or save a teammate because of it then remember why I love TP so much. It's also great early game for shopping.
In a 3v3 i'll ditch TP for Ignite.

Pretty Standard 9/0/21 Masteries.
I like the smaller cooldown from Spacial Accuracy, but you can really mess around with these.
I like that Utility Mastery helps with buffs, but if you don't get them often you might want to pass.

Just adjust these masteries to your playing style. You'll get it after a few games.

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Designed for Max damage. Pretty simple stuff really.
Null Sphere: is great because it does a lot of damage and silences the enemy. Once you get to 6 you can use a Rift Walk and immediately cast Null Sphere on the enemy. This combo is great for early harassment because while silenced the enemy champion will not be able to cast back at you; more often than not this will give you more than enough time to get back behind your creeps without taking any significant amount of damage!
Nether Blade: is, for me, most most useful as a way to charge both Force Pulse and Tear of the Goddess/Archangels Staff. The passive mana leech is useful, but by level 13 you'll have so much mana regen that this bonus will be rather unimportant. That being said, I don't like this skill to not be on cooldown. Use it all the time to keep your Force Pulse loaded.
Force Pulse: This spell is amazing. It does as much damage as Nether Sphere, but in a cone shape and instead of silencing the enemies it slows them 35%. This spell is great for clearing out snowballed creep waves once you've got a little AP and 4 or 5 ranks in it. I like to Rift Walk behind an enemy champ, then either silence them with nether sphere or nuke them with this spell then follow it with a nether sphere to start up the force pulse charge again. This spell is AMAZING in team fights. You can hit multiple heroes for massive damage and since everyone is spamming abilities it will recharge VERY FAST. If Kass isn't targeted in a team fight then he will often be the main source of damage.
Rift Walk: This think is what makes Kass GOD. This spell gives you an insanely low cooldown blink that also does damage--late game A LOT OF DAMAGE. Every time you cast the spell within 7 seconds it stacks dealing bonus damage; however, the spell also costs more mana. This is what makes Kass somewhat tricky. If you aren't careful you will drain your mana like Godzilla just ****ed the Hoover Dam. Most of the time this will happen when you are either chasing someone down, or running away.

Kass's passive is pretty much just a little bonus MR. Don't worry about it much.

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<--This ****ing Item I LOVE

Just remember, Mobafire doesn't take the 1000 bonus Mnaa or 3% per AA into account in it's cheat sheet.

I always got with Mana crystal and 2 hp pots to start. I'll almost always try to solo mid with Kass so max lanability is key.
I try to stay in lane till I can get a tear and at least half of a soulstealer. The trick is to get that soulstealer as soon as possible. Early stacks are so important to this build.
I don't Really like to rush boots, because Kass's ult is movement.
However, Sorcerer's Boots really do kick ***. I used to mess around with Ionian boots, but **** that, just grab blue buff or max your stacks for the CDR.
Once you've got 200 or so AP you will be a major damage dealer; don't die! Keep those stacks and finish your AA and Deathcap as soon as Possible! Once you've gotten this far you'll be in great shape. Keep getting those AA's till the game ends. If it lasts long enough grab pots for fun!
When you're getting killed too much you can fix it with a banshees Veil most of the time.
If they've got a lot of CC or someone like Vlad is giving you a lot of Grief then get a Quicksilver Sash. This thing takes care of like every status, even the one's cleanse can't remove like SUPPRESSION!
If you really need more Magic Penetration then Grab a Void Staff.

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Pros / Cons

-Amazing AP Damage
-Great farmer mid/late game
-Insane Ganker
-Good CC (Silence/Slow)
-Strong Solo Mid
-Can Still have an amazing KDR even if you lose the match

-Can have a hard time farming early game
-Squishy (This guide doesn't not promote much defense through items)
-Requires a good (at least competent) team to win

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Kass can have a hard time farming early game because he's a melee caster with little means of defense. Depending on who you are laning against you'll have to adjust to maximize your income. If you aren't being harassed too hard, just rely on last hits for gold, but if you've got to stay back try last hitting with Null Sphere; if you use this method, be weary of your mana. Once you've got a tear of the goddess, you're going to have much more mana regen and every time you cast you'll make more mana! AMAZING!

Usually when I play Kass I get almost all of my gold from Hero kills after level 11, until I've got enough AP to END ALL CREEPS.

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Creeping / Jungling

I don't usually do much creeping, with the exception of some Blue Buff when it's available. If you've got a team that's willing to help you out then get it early and often, but if not then wait till you can kill it yourself (once you're around 11-13 you should have no problem getting the buff quickly and safely)

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Sometimes I play a little too recklessly, but that's something I need to work on myself. This build is the ultimate snowball, once you break 1000 AP, you'll see why Kass is so much fun.

Yes, that is Yuri from Girl's Generation (SNSD)