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Fizz Build Guide by StillDIZZY

get FIZZED on!!!

get FIZZED on!!!

Updated on November 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StillDIZZY Build Guide By StillDIZZY 1,920 Views 0 Comments
1,920 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author StillDIZZY Fizz Build Guide By StillDIZZY Updated on November 21, 2011
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I want to start out by telling you that this build doesn't keep you alive. The Zhonya's is for some armor on top of the ninja tabi if needed and the Lich Bane brings a little much need MR, but you are still squishy so don't think you can dive the whole other team.

Now, Fizz is an excellent champ and his DOT is so OP they will definitely nerf it soon so play him while you can!! He is called the Tidal trickster for a reason so don't stay in an auto attack battle with the heavier melee champs unless you are positive you can win. His kill style is based around bursting large portions of your enemies health down, then having your DOT either finish or maintain high damage while you wait for cool downs. Get in and Get out quick! I suggest you start out by activating your seastone trident, then using playful trickster to land on or (if harassing is your goal) behind your target, finally urchin striking across (if harassing this should allow you to land the seastone trident attack before safely dashing back across the target to safety).
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Summoner spells

I usesurge and ignite for one simple reason; guarantee the kill.

surge boosts both attack speed and ability power so this is a no-brainer.

ignite is honestly interchangeable with flash or tele or anything you may find more useful in 5v5s but dominion obviously calls for ignite since the true damage DOT can bring down people long after you stop attacking them as fizz

the next obvious choice is ghost.
while good for a speed boost your passive kind of makes this a waste. I see the point to rush top in dominion but in fives you could definitely better use another summoner spell.
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TheNinja tabi are a must have the dodge will save your life many-a-time.
Then rush your malady, the shred and extra dot are excellent.
This is where the options start:
I usually get a stinger before going for my lich bane but it differs depending on what you need more at the time.
after the lich bane is complete finish or buy your nashor's tooth, honestly this item shouldn't need explaining for this champ, if you know what they both do.
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Once your three core items are finished the last two can be changed based on the game.deathcap and a zhonya's gives you an amazing damage output and some damage mitigation.

will of the ancients helps longevity but must be combined with one of the later.

rylai's and morello's evil tome is a good combination for high damage and some mitigation that is cheaper than the deathcap & zhonya's. (with the added bonus of a slow)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StillDIZZY
StillDIZZY Fizz Guide
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get FIZZED on!!!

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