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LeBlanc Build Guide by LeblancOnly

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeblancOnly


LeblancOnly Last updated on February 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction: Leblanc unkillable guide

Hi I play mid role for main such as leblanc. I can't express how much love I am in with leblanc because of her instant burst, so now i will show u the guide to a lane dominant and also anti gank. .I have been enjoying LeBlanc a lot the past couple of weeks, and I have had really good results with her in soloQ. LeBlanc is a really fun and versatile champion. She can both have heavy CC (2 CHAINZZZZ?!!) or do high burst. LeBlanc has one of the highest skillcaps in the game and incredible outplay potential which makes her really fun to play. I wanted to shed some light on how I play her, so I wanted to make this guide. I hope you can learn something from the guide. And sorry for my English because it's my third language.

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I often gets double Dorans Rings for mana regen. I don't build any other mana regen items, so having the mana from the rings is great. After that I go for as much damage as possible with Sorc shoes and Deathfire grasp. Deathfire grasp is the perfect first major item for LeBlanc, since it increases her burst by a ton. Cooldown reduction is also good since her ult doesn't cost any mana, so the more it is up, the more you can spam it. Since LeBlanc is really good for killing champs more than farming like Orianna/Ziggs, I often build Void staff after my Deathfire Grasp for the magic penetration on champions, it gives more overall damage on champions if they have MR. If the enemy team has low MR you can go Deathcap after DFG. Then I build Deathcap for more AP, once you reach DFG + Deathcap + Void you will hit a major powerspike, and you'll be able to tear through even tanks with your combo. I usually get Zhonyas at this point unless I feel like a Quicksilver Sash is needed. Then as my very last item I often go for either GA/QSS for defensive, or Liandrys/Morello for damage depending on what I need. Liandrys if they have HP stackers and Morello if they don't and I need C DR.

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My standard page is very basic. This is probably the most standard AP mid page ever. Magic pen are the best marks unless you like running double pen, I just prefer Magicpen because it scales slightly better into lategame with other magic pen items. Armor yellows are just solid, I run them on every champion in every situation. There are just no other better altervatives in the current meta, so you should always be using them. Magic resist blues I use in most games, I would always use them if I am against an AP middle, and sometimes even use them against an AD mid if they have magic damage elsewhere. AP quints are the best quints for LeBlanc in my opinion, since she has high kill potential in lane and althrough the game. AP quints simply higher her damage, so she has an easier time killing people.

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My skill order on LeBlanc may seem weird to most, but after a bunch of testing this is the skill order I like the most. I always go 2 levels in Q and then max W for waveclear. The reason I didn't pick up LeBlanc ages ago was because I felt like her waveclear was lackluster. But LeBlanc has pretty decent waveclear if you max W. I felt like getting 2 levels in Q is really good early especially since you cannot always use W for damage and sometimes have to use it to even get close to your target. After that I have pretty much been sticking to this, and I really like it. It is also extremely hard for people to kill you when you buy CDR and max W, since you will have your Distortion up constantly. My level 1 spell depends on the matchup, if I am against a low harrass matchup where I can poke him down with Q, I start with Q level 1. If they have spells that I would want to dodge while doing damage I go W. It's pretty much 50/50 what I do. For example against Syndra I would go W and play safe whenever it's on cooldown, then use my W to not get hit by her Q and win the trade.

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Masteries: LEBLANC

These masteries are pretty standard as well. Get as much damage, penetration and CDR in the offense tree. I go 9 in the utillity tree, for movement speed, reduced summoner cooldowns and buff duration. There is not much more to say about these masteries since they are so standard on most AP carries.

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Champion Matchups:

and are the only matchups I feel that are hard for LeBlanc. Kassadins tankiness from his passive and his silence is hard to deal with. Most of the laning phase you will beat him though so make sure you take advantage of that. Especially before he gets his riftwalk you can kill him really easy with any kind of jungle support. Just be careful not to get silenced and bursted down later in the game, since there is not much room to be building magic resist before your core items on LeBlanc. I often find myself facing this matchup in scrims and it works out alright, but in SoloQ it's a lot harder.

( VERY HARD TO PLAY AGAINST): I think this matchup is only good against really skilled Syndra players. The problem is that she can cancel LeBlancs distortion with her E. So we need to counter this by having her already silenced with chain or mimiced ult. Syndra also has good poke early game with her low cooldown and high damage Q, which can really force LeBlanc down to her tower before she reaches her strong level 3-4. What I like to do is go W level one and not trade at all unless it's up, and even give up a few creeps early to not get destroyed.