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Nocturne Build Guide by DisContinuouSx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DisContinuouSx

Ghostly Laning 3v3

DisContinuouSx Last updated on March 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first build, EVER, and I chose it on Nocturne, because he is my main and most of the time I go positive and rarely negative. I hope you guys will learn and like my build, and I hope you don't give me a lot of hate, and make sure to keep ganking!

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My Build

I made this build because I wanted to share it with people. It's my build and really, most of the time people don't try the build, they just look at it and decide if it's good or not. If you don't like it, then just don't use it. But It's a very good build when you're handling in 3v3.

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Benefits of Being Nocturne

Pros: When being Nocturne, you have extremely awesome looks, a great voice, and dominating damage, well, with this build. You get a spell shield that will deflect any spell and also doubles you bonus attack speed, let's say you rank up your Shroud of Darkness to level one, it gives you 20% right? Well if you activate it and deflect a spell with it, it doubles that 20% to 40%. He's an amazing farmer, I love playing Nocturne as a Laner, not a Jungler, it doesn't fit me, it might with you, but this isn't that build. His Ultimate has AWESOME range. A huge amount of range means a huge amount of targets to choose from, and that means that you can hit anyone you want, but only one. It's so hard to choose which one to kill. >.<


Cons: When you're Nocturne you are very squishy, and you can easily be ganked and targeted by the enemy team. It's nearly impossible not to die against a 1v5, but you can probably be able to get away from a 1v3, if there aren't CCs. When you're Nocturne you have REALLY LOW mana ratio to your spells in the beginning of the game, probably after your second duskbringer, you'll go pretty low on mana when you levels 1-8. Paranoia is a huge Pro, but you will need a team that knows how to call MIAs, or you can pay attention to the map, and they know when you will initiate with your Paranoia. That's pretty much it. It looks like a lot, but there aren't really bad cons here.

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The reason why I chose to get these items. It's because the items in other build doesn't have a key thing. Madred's Bloodrazor. With the Bloodrazor you're able to do 4% Maximum Health damage. Now that's not a lot but combine it with the Speed of Nocturne's Attacks, you're able to pull off very high damage.

A lot of people have been saying that Phantom Dancer isn't necessary for Nocturne, I say that's incorrect. With high Attack Speed mixing with the Life Steal you get from Bloodthirster and the Attack Damage, you're pretty much good. Phantom Dancer gives you utility with Movement Speed and also 30% Critical Strike Chance. Also, since it gives you more Attack Speed, your passive will trigger a lot faster with high attack speed, which I seem is necessary.

I chose to get Banshee's Veil because if you engage into a battle, you want to not get hit by a spell when you don't notice it or you shield is on CD. Banshee veil is a great combination with it, and it's a passive, so you don't need to worry about activating the Item whenever you need to go into battle.

Now I
Bloodthirster is a great item because of it's bonus, but you have to farm minions or just go all out with your team, but the bonus is A BONUS. Don't jungle and make your team wait for you as you go jungle and make your bonus rise.

You can sell the Doran's Blade and get Last Whisper or Black Cleaver. It's a very useful item and it can help you gank in situations when the team has high Armor, or you just want to be fancy. Also, if there isn't a high Armored champion on their team, or you feel like the damage you are doing to the champion are substantial. Get Warmog's Armor. It's very useful because a lot of the times that you are in Team Battles, you will be focused, and you want enough health to survive while the Life Steal you have will help you.

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Why I chose the masteries that are above? Well, with early game, you will need to be fed, the more armor penetration you have, the more successful you will be to deal a huge amount of damage. I chose a 21/9/0. The reason why I went with 9 in defense and not in Utility, is because that when you're Nocturne, you want more health and armor to survive the engages of Ganks.

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RUNES! The reason for my runes are because as Nocturne, YOU ARE SQUISHY! You will need as much magic resist and Armor passive as you can, don't waste your money on things in-game that increase your armor or magic resist unless it's something like Thornmail. Armor penetration runes give you a huge advantage over the enemy. If they are a tank, they will be beefy AND high HP. With armor penetration and the item build, you'll be able to take out the tank easily 1v1, in team battles, well, you're going to need a good team to figure that one out.

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Summoner Spells

Bad: Foritfy
Fortify is for tanks, don't take it.

Cleanse As a Nocturne, you have your W (Shroud of Darkness) to protect you from the Spells and CC, you just have to learn how to do it.

Clarity Let someone else take this spell, Clarity isn't good for Nocturne middle-late game because after you reach level 9, the Mana to Spell ratio will decrease and you won't need that.

Ignite The reason why I put ignite on hear is because that if someone runs away for first blood or any blood, they have a small amount of health left and you want to just choke someone to death when they get away, ignite is useful, but it doesn't belong in my excellent category.

Heal Heal is good because in team fights, it could be a game changer, so you can take this when you're ganking somebody and you can't outmatch them at late battle so you can use this and kill them afterwards.
EXCELLENT: Ghost Ghost is an amazing summoner spell, I personally used it before I got into flash, but ghost is very good when you are trying to run away, it also works along with your duskbringer movement speed increase. So you can easily get away with this summoner spell, as well as chase someone with it.

Flash Flash is the summoner spell I use instead of Ghost because I like flashing through walls when champions come to gank me or chase me. It's very useful, it also comes in handy when you want to turret dive, you can easily just flash through the wall or out of there and survive that dive and get a free kill.

Exhaust Exhaust is an amazing summoner spell, I have always used it, and with the spell that Offense Mastery Tree gave you, it also reduces their armor and magic resist. Exhaust slows the champion down and then makes their attack damage and attack speed very low, it's amazing when you want to take on a Tryndamere or any champion that is very strong.

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Usually, I like to use my duskbringer to farm minions and Nocturne's passive can easily give you the advantage to farming. Sometimes jungle to get a bonus for your Bloodthirster, but don't jungle for long, just until about 10-20 for your bonus.

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The End

I hope you guys enjoyed my first build. I love Nocturne so much and I do so well with this build and I said "Why not share my build with people?" So I hope this helped you and you can own some scrub nubs with this build. GL and HF!