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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Illaoi Build Guide by Hechatonchires

Top Give 'em a Harsh lesson! ( Season 8 Illaoi guide ) [8.7]

Top Give 'em a Harsh lesson! ( Season 8 Illaoi guide ) [8.7]

Updated on May 21, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hechatonchires Build Guide By Hechatonchires 9 1 43,635 Views 3 Comments
9 1 43,635 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hechatonchires Illaoi Build Guide By Hechatonchires Updated on May 21, 2018
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Hello and welcome to this guide, BTW this is my first time writting a guide, so please leave your comments about what you think of the guide and your personal experiences while using this champion.

Im Hechatonchires in game, my real name is Alex and i will be teaching you everything i know about illaoi, how to play her , and look cool while doing it ;)
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Pros / Cons


+Deals heavy Damage
+Can do 1 vs 2, 3, 4, 5 easily
+High sustain
+Excels at fighting with low HP and winning
+Tanky, and still a damge dealer
+W deals max Health damage


-Slow and low mobility
-Can get easily kited
-Weak to high CC
-E is a skillshot, and very hard to hit as well.
-Weak without tentacles
-Mana hungry at early levels
-doesnt have any CC
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Runes ;)

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Summoner spells

This summoner spell is a MUST HAVE on illaoi, it allows you to chase and finish off enemies that are running away, it helps A LOT on positioning your Ultimate, and even escape a fight.

This is my favorite summoner spell, i take it 100% of the times i play illaoi, it allows you to rotate easily, go back to your lane faster, and split push; Best spell for every top laner in my opinion

Ignite its not useful for illaoi,there are some occasions where you could probably take it, like against an Aatrox or Olaf, champions that heal a lot, but i never take it
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Best Items ( in my opinion )

This is the perfect and first item you can get, it gives health, attack damage, Cdr,WHAT ESLSE COULD THIS ITEM GIVE!!, omg it also gives ARMOR SHRED and MOVEMENT SPEED, every single stat it gives is perfect for illaoi

This will be normally your 2nd item, it gives armor, health, MORE MOVEMENT SPEED, and a basic attack slow! awesome item for illaoi, BUT you could pick the armmor item you think can work for you

WOW with this your heals will be improved by a lot, you will heal even when you cast your W, it gives a LOT of attack damage and some CDR.

Well this item is awesome, not only for the nice amount of
Health, Magic resist, or Cooldown reduction it gives, its also awesome for the PASSIVE!!, It increases all healing recieved by 30%!! with this and the death's dance you will be a healing monster

The Max HP shield it gives is super useful in teamfights, aven if you are being focused, the shield will keep you alive for a lot more, and it gives some nice attack damage based on your base AD(70-80 i think)

These boots are the perfect pick not because it has Magic resist, its because it lowers the duration of all kind of Crowd Control, wich are illaoi's only weakness.

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Passive (Prophet of an Elder God) Cooldoown: 20-12 seconds

INNATE: Illaoi periodically spawns a Prophet of an Elder God Tentacle on nearby impassable terrain if none are nearby, which remains on the battlefield until killed or when disabled for 60 seconds.

Tentacles deal 10 - 180 (based on level) (+ 120% AD) physical damage when commanded to attack by her abilities ( W ).

My opinion:

This Passive is your best way to fight several champions at the same time, set them on places where you will be close to, that way you can use them really often, great passive, deals heavy damage.

Q. ( Tentacle smash )Cost: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 MANA Cooldown: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 seconds

ACTIVE: Illaoi slams her idol into the ground, summoning a Tentacle that slams down in the target direction, dealing 10 - 180 (based on level) (+ 120% AD) physical damage and heals her for 5% percent of her missing health.

PASSIVE: Tentacles deal 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% increased damage.

My opinion:

Well this deals a lot of damage, you can almost clear a full minion wave with only one Q Hit, It heals you basing on your missing health, it means this heal is a lot stronger the lower on HP you are.

W. ( Harsh Lesson ) Cost: 30 MANA Cooldown: 4 seconds

ACTIVE: Illaoi's next basic attack within 6 seconds gains 225 bonus range and causes her to dash to her target if it's not inside her base attack range, dealing 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5% (+ 2% per 100 AD) of target's maximum health physical damage, capped at 300 against non-champions, and commanding all tentacles in range to attack her target. This resets illaoi's basic attack animation.

My opinion:

This ability is the thing that moves the tentacles from your passive or Ultimate, also it deals max health damage; if an enemy is hugging a wall from the other side you can actually jump to them and cross the wall (thin walls)but this rarely happens.

E.( Test of spirit ) Cost: 35/40/45/50/55 MANA Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds.

ACTIVE: Illaoi unleashes a tentacle in the target direction, stopping at the first enemy hit. If the enemy is a champion, it pulls its Spirit, placing it in front of Illaoi. The target is tethered to the Spirit, and revealed while it remains active.

Spirits have the target's current health and last for 10 seconds, reduced by 1 second each time the target damages Illaoi. Illaoi and her allies can attack the Spirit to inflict a portion of the damage dealt to the tethered champion. Damage transmission: 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45% (+ 8% per 100 AD)

The tether is severed if the Spirit is killed or when the target moves too far away,slowing them by 80% for 1.5 seconds, marking them as a Vessel for 12 seconds.

VESSEL: It spawns a Tentacle near it every 5 / 4 / 3 seconds but it's able to free itself if it takedowns Illaoi. Each Tentacle will autonomously attack the Vessel once every 10 seconds.

My opinion:

This ability is really strong, A portion of the damage you and your allies deal to the champion's spirit will be redirected to the enemy champion; also you can increase the damage transmitted damage 8% for every 100 AD you have, for example, if you have 300 AD you will be dealing 24% more damage to the real champion!! at max level E you would be dealing 69% of the enemy's cuurrent health, thats a lot, even more when they are at full HP and you destroy their soul, also if you destroy the soul you get 23 Gold!. if you use this ability to pull a soul before your ult, you will spawn 1 extra Tentacle and most likely delete the soul owner :D .

R. ( Leap of faith ) Effect Radius: 450. Cost: 100 MANA Cooldown: 120/105/90

ACTIVE: Illaoi leaps into the air before slamming her idol into the ground, dealing 150 / 250 / 350 (+ 50% bonus AD)physical damage to nearby enemies. For each enemy champion and Spirit hit, a Tentacle is summoned for 8 seconds

For the duration, Harsh Lesson's cooldown is reduced to 2 seconds, all Tentacles awakened by Illaoi are untargetable, and attack 50% faster.

- "There are kind and gentle gods. Mine isn't one of those."- Illaoi.

My Opinion:

Well if an ultimate allows you to fight several champions at the same time, it means its broken!. with this you will deal DEVASTATING amounts of damage, heal yourself by a lot, an also look really scary and Awesome, sometimes you can use flash + Ultimate to get on top of everyone and hit them real good >:).
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Fighting and POSITIONING!!! :O

With all these videos you will see how positioning is super important for illaoi. The reason is her tentacles are stuck in walls and they dont move, so you have to move to them if you want to fight 2+ champions at the same time!

As you see here, illaoi is super good at fighting while she is on low health. One super importan thing,YOU HAVE TO BE WELL POSITIONED, cuz if you look at the moment i fight that full HP jinx, you will see that im positioned near 2 tentacles, and as we all know illaoi gets healed for every tentacle hit to champions

Look at that outplay! omg!. Well, u can see that i used Flash, but not because im a COWARD, it was cuz i wanted to get near those 2 Tentacles, and i used my E on Riven because she is super weak and as you can see i this video, she got deleted!.

Ok, in this video you can see again that the POSITIONING is key to victory; In the video i was going to recall, but u know how people love to catch unsuspecting low health enemies, BUT NO! actually i was expecting them, thats why i recalled near these 2 tentacles; They go and try to fight me, but i kill 'em and walk out ilke a low HP legend.

In this clip you see that i Flash on top of them,the reason is that i HATE those cowards ADC's that are hiding behind their allies, i know its logic, BUT I HATE IT!. OH as i was sayin i flashed on top of them to surround the with all the tentcles, this way they cant get out that easily, and that Ashe got deleted! happy ending :)

in this video you see an epic fight between me and other 3 bastards that tried to 3 v 1 me; But the illaoi main never gives up, instead pf running and flashing away i decided to fight them, resulting in an early 1 vs 3 triple kill, these enemies had high mastery score, Shen had over 379K mastery points, both kayn and shen are M7... But with this clip i can prove my point again POSITIONING IS KEY TO VICTORY.


Here you can see those bastards that tried to outnumber me, well, it would be a sheme if Illaoi's Ultimate spawned Tentacles for every fricking champion hit by the Ult,Oh wait IT DOES; Here i was able to fight them because they got way to close to me, even the RANGED adc, so i spawnded 6 TENTACLES, they deal heavy damage and heal me, so the situation was perfect ( for me ofc )

Another happy tentakill, in this situation jinx got a Quadra kill, so she had to kill me to get her precious PENTA, hahaha IMPOSSIBLE, then as usual i kill the Jinx AND get my own QUADRA KILL!, But im going for my TENTAKILL!! the thing is that lux started running away, but i still got it >:D

This part ends here, while watching all my cool clips, you should have learned that POSITIONING IS KEY TO VICTORY. If you are getting ganked and u know and hope u can win the 2vs1 fight, u HAVE to be sure to hit your e, because it will cause you to deal more damage to the soul owner and also you will spawn more tentacles! which means heavy and quick damage.
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Farming with illaoi is really easy, so this chapter wont be too long.

Let's start, if you want to be ahead of your enemy top laner by denying farm and hitting them, you need to be in the safe zone to have the best result, The safe zone is havin one tentacle on each side of the walls, this way you can do THE Y TECHNIQUE, wich i will show you later. Not only you can do THE Y TECHNIQUE, you can also punish the enemy top laner if he tries to farm or attack you, Here is an example of the SAFE ZONE
And here is the video example of the Y technique, its not hard, actually its easy but it is really strong.

In the video you can also see how the safe zone works, i used the Y TECHNIQUE, then Ornn tried to attack me, but instead he gets hit by the 2 tentacles, and i pulled his spirit with my E to make him regret what he did. The safe zone is important
In this video you will see how strong illaoi is at 2 vs 1, even at early levels

In this occasion they gank me at level 8, that Jax got hit super hard, and i only had half Black Cleaver built, nothing else, i could have killed that Ornn but he ran away. So you see? illaoi is almost gank proof if you are well positioned (BTW at the end of the video you can see kha'zix jump towards Ornn, he got the kill, happy ending again).
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How to play against Illaoi

In this section you will learn how to play against illaoi, the tips in going to give you are simple, but not a lot of people use them, lets get started:

First of all, take a look at this amazing play.

You can see here that i had a disadvantage because they were both ranged champions, and also i missed my E (Test Of Spirit). I was able to kill both of them even with that low HP i had because they FOLLOWED ME TO MY TENTACLE, Never follow illaoi to her tentacles, she will just destroy you and your allies. Other Mistake they made is not warding the bush before going in, because of that i had them at Melee range, if they used a ward they could have kill me from a distance, but since they didnt warded, they didnt notice i was going to attack them they thought i was still running away and they kept walking until i had one of them in my R (Leap Of Faith) range.

Watch this video that has Fog Of War activated so you can better understand why warding when chasing Illaoi is so important

See? They didnt even notice when i use my R(Leap Of Faith), thats why it is so important to ward when chasing Illaoi, if they had placed only 1 ward, they could have killed me, but since they didnt i killed them.

Other imporant thing to be a little safer around Illaoi

Destroy her wall tentacles!! nobody does that and i dont know why!, if you dont destroy them she can use them to clear Minion waves in less than 3 seconds, she can also use the tentacles to harass you and defend herself; If your jungler is going to gank you, DESTROY THE TENTACLE before the fight starts, if you dont, she will have about 80% chances of killing both of you.

Look at what happens when you dont destroy the wall tentacles!

1.- She can easily farm without moving and if you try to attack her she will hit you really hard

2.-If your jungler comes for a gank she will run towards her tentacles(Yeah, the same tentacles you didnt destroy), and she will have an easy early Double Kill, or she will kill one of you and the other one will have to RUN.


What to do if Illaoi uses her ultimate?!?!

In this situation you and your team only have 2 options, The first and most safer is to WALK AWAY until her ultimate is over( wich lasts about 8 seconds).
The second option is only useful if your team has a lot of Crowd Control, Uff CC destroys Illaoi, it makes her unable to hit you with the tentacles and get healed, in a 1v1 this wont be so useful because not all champions have CC, but if your Jungler is a Sejuani, Nautilus, Warwick, Rammus or Fiddlesticks you can probably kill her in the gank, just make sure you keep her stunned or rooted while her R is active.

What to do if Illaoi pulls my soul!?!?!

Well, if she gets to pull your soul you are in a big trouble, you have 2 options, get out of the spirit range so she cant deal a lot of damage to you (you´ll still get haunted), and the 2nd option is try to fight her and maker her stop hitting your soul, but if she has tentacles on the walls that will be impossible, and if you get close enough she will probaly cast her Ultimate and delete you; The best thing you can do is stay behind minions and try to dodge Her e, its like Blitzcrank´s Q but instead of pulling you to her, she pulls your soul

An example of the worst place to get your soul pulled by Illaoi:

Thats all i had to say, if you apply these tips, you will probably have a little less hard time when playing against Illaoi
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Team Fights :O

I dont have a lot to say in this chapter. But luckly i have some tips for you!

Before starting a Team fight, (yes, i mean that moment where everyone is walking around in circles waiting for someone to start the fight,) well at this moment you can pull an enemy champion soul! yeah great idea, you have your allies there to help you destroy it, and it will start to spawn tentacles that will attack the enemies, making it hard for them to keep watch fot the incoming tentacle hit and the possible teamfight;

And if you actually start to fight, procure to cast your ultimate in a way that it hits several enemies, REMEMBER, the more enemies you hit with your Ultimate, the more tentacles you will spawn. More tentacles = more damage + more healfIGHTING
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Thanks for reading my first guide <3

Oh, it looks like this guide is over! Did you you read all the guide? it took me some time to make it so i hope you did :)

The guide isnt as well decorated as the other guides because i learned everything while i was creating it, but i think it has some juicy info here and some cool clips; But anyways i hope this guide helps ypu to have succes with The Kraken Priestess, please leave a comment about how good you think this guide is, Thanks for reading And good luck on the Rift :) .

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