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Talon Build Guide by Theri

Glass Cannon FTW

By Theri | Updated on August 27, 2011

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This is my very first guide and I'm extremely new to this whole thing in general. I know there aren't any pictures and will probably be commented that i need more pictues but if you really wanna see the skills that bad then go look on league of legends and oggle for a bit. Anyway this is for Talon, The Blade's Shadow. He is the newest champion and quite honesly the best one to come out. So far this is what ive come up with for a very good build for him. He is a very AD heavy burster. Yet he has absolutely weak laning ability ( no healing and such). Yet even with the disadvantage of having no healing capabilities for himelf like other assassin champs, he can kill a champion in just a matter of moments!
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Pros / Cons

1.He deals significant burst damage in a matter of 3 seconds
2. Able to gank at level 3 via cutthroat.
3.Can silence and effectively shut down a champ in a team fight

1. He is extremely squishy.
2. He runs out of mana quite fast if you don't pay attention.
3. All of his attacks are AD, so if someone builds armor you're screwed.
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I take Armor Penetration marks, Flat armor seals, flat magic resist glyphs,amd flat health regen quintessences (yes i know that it is what Phreak uses but im going to go give you some alternatives as well). The reason i do use these is to give me a better chance to stay in lane as well as get more burst damage in the beginnging of a game. Can't tell you how many times i've gotten first blood through this. Some suggestions I could say would be to switch some armor penetration marks for critical chance marks and the quintessences for flat health. He needs the armor and magic resist or else he will just fall down in 3 seconds in the beginning of the game.
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I go 21-0-9 for obvious reasons of him being a heavy melee damager. Honestly just experiment. I still am. You could try giving him more armor from the middle tree going for a 21-9-0 build but I've never tried it and wouldn't know how well it would work.
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For items, if your with someone you should start out with a Doran's Blade, if your not with anyone you should use a Doran's Shield followed up with rank 1 boots and a health potion or two. Then follow up with beserker boots (could also use boots of mobility or boots of swiftness if you wanna move quicker to your target), then an avarice blade for crit chance and increased money. Then i grab the B.F. sword for increased attack then get an infinity edge. I then buy Vampiric Sceptar for life steal then build phage to start on the frozen mallet. After i get the mallet i buy a bloodthirster then sell the doran shield or blade and buy a phantom dancer. Then i buy Youmu's blade. Alternates are switching bloodthirster for Black Cleaver for extra damage and instead of getting Phantom Dancer getting quicksilver sash if your having difficulties with snares.
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Summoner Spells

I go with Flash and Exhaust to not only catch up but for my passive to proc on people who have been exhausted. Other alternative i can think of would be cleanse if you are sure your going against a heavy cc team and ghost to catch up. Teleport could also work to get back into a lane sooner.
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Quick gank guide.

Well to start get either Doran's Blade ( if your with someone) or Doran's Shield if your solo mid or top. Get Rake to start out with then proceed to Noxian Diplomacy on level 2 and Cutthroat at level 3. Level up Rake to max first as it gives you a longer slow for your passive. Do not overextend or else you will go down. Stay in the middle lane or turret hug in the beginning of the game. Then as soon as you hit at least level 3 there is the possibility to gank but i dont suggest that until at least level 6 for your movement speed ult. After level 6 and you have a target, use Noxian Diplomacy first then use cuthroat to silence and hit with Nocian Diplomacy all at once! Follow up with your ult then as soon as your a bit ahead use rake. Watch as your ult and Rake hit them for almost all their health or possibly kill them. Alternatively if you think they are too close to their turret use rake then your ult.
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Team Work

Talon isn't that much of a team player in the beginning. Every team fight you should stand back just a bit and look for that opening. As soon as you possibly see that its going in your teams favor jump in on the support character with Noxian and Cutthroat. After that ult and rake them. You should have helped get assists and a couple kills. If, however, you see that it isn't goin in your teams favor, You can jump in on the tank with noxian and cutthroat, rake and then ult so you slow the enemy team and get away. The risks of doing that are that you probably will die. But hopefully you'll have gotten your team away from the other team and your still alive.
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Well in essence i hope this helps. Ive been playing Talon non stop since he came out. Its very possible to get tons of kills with him but since he is the new champ out people are gonna target you like no tomorrow for awhile. I've gone some games with only 5 kills but 15 assists. Remember that he is a glass cannon so he will only go down in a few hits. Wait for the right moment in a teamfight and you probably can help kill all of their team. Vote and leave comments. I'll be looking and I hope you do go easy on this first timer. Have a nice day and have fun as Talon.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Theri
Theri Talon Guide

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Glass Cannon FTW
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