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Garen Build Guide by Sublime

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sublime

Glass Cannon Garen anyone?

Sublime Last updated on September 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Garen- the glass cannon

Hey Sublime here bringing you a perhaps brilliant build that most people will love to use and hate to verse.... glass cannon Garen. Now some people will be looking away in disgust and yelling obscenities at the screen on how you that in the ten commandments it states "though shalt build Garen tanky." But here me out, with the new rengar patch that just came out, they buffed Garen's judgement attack, or his 'spinny spinny' as I like to call it, so that now it can critical hit people for insane amounts of damage. Unfortunately for the enemy team, that damage is 1000 damage when you use judgement.... each second. This is why I used this build in a troll gam where me and some friends built all characters completely wrong (tank karthus, Mage allistar, Ad carry ahri) but i digress. So it was by complete mistake I made the build which completely dominates enemy teams, and the baron when he hasn't warded his lane.

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The reason for building flat AD marks is for all of garens moves, plus it makes sense to build AD marks because marks are meant to be used for attacking.
The reason for armor pen quintessences are to completely destroy those pesky volibears and nautiluses you may encounter, because once you hit full build, they will build armor.
The reason for armor seals is because since garen is a tank character, if you get stunned or snared, you may find yourself in a spot of bother, the small amounts of armor that these runes give you may be the difference between life and death if you come across a Leona (damn that second stun).
The reason for the cool down reduction glyphs is for Garens cool downs at lower levels, although he has pretty decent cooldowns in the late game, it always helps for that 11 second cool down on judgement which is your main damage output with this build.

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The reason I chose the masteries in this build is because you still want Garen to be able to take a hit and not be too squishy but you also need the all important Attack damage and so I believe that people can choose what masteries they want, because anything but AP and manaregen work with Garen.

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you need boots at the start of the match because being fast is what makes judgement effective, after all pots have been consumed and you have enough gold for a ***e, or even better a frozen mallet, you can base and get it. After that get your boots of swiftness so you can run very fast and then start on your sun fire cape. The items I have listed are really just the iitems you want for tankyness to get you kills and also trick the enemy team into thinking you will just be building strait off tank and will not be too much of a threat also its to have health so you can stay in lane and farm longer. after the sun fire cape things start going away from the typical Garen build, you first build a infinity edge for the crit chance and the AD you get from it. After that you build a phantom dancer, then you alternate between bloodthirster and phantom dancers until you inventory is full, you then sell your boots to buy another phantom dancer and then sell your frozen mallet for a bloodthirster, and then when you have enough, you can either keep the sunfire cape or go for your last phantom dancer. This build will have you doing 400 official damage with judgement per second (1000 if you count the critical strike) 800 damage with decisive strike, and too much damage to comprehend to a low health enemy with Demacian justice.

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Skill Sequence

You get judgement first so you can deal a decent amount of damage to whoever is dumb enough to get close to you, then get your decisive strike because who doesn't want to hit someone so hard they can't talk? and then you get another point in judgement before getting courage. As with any champ get your ulti at 6|11|16 because that's what all the cool kids are doing and then max out judgement then decisive strike and after that courage. You want to do this because judgement has a huge damage output at level 5 and decisive strike has a pretty decent silence at level 1, you can always get another point in decisive strike before getting level 5 of judgement if you feel you want to forward flip onto someone harder.

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Summoner Spells

I always take flash and ignite with all champions so this was sort of useful to me, I take flash because its good for getting out of tricky situations easily and ignite for when you don't want to tower dive at level 1.

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Pros / Cons

The pros of this build:
You will destroy anything with a face
Very successful ganking as Garens passive will ensure you have full health at all times
Can catch up to anything
With a 1000 damage per second AOE around you be prepared for multikills

The cons
People will rage at you for building Garen 'wrong'
If you get stunned or snared, you may die.

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This build requires you to have quite a bit of gold, so whenever you can, farm a lane, when ganking stop off at most jungle camps and try and rack up as many champ kills as possible early game.

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Team Work

Who needs it when you can 2v1 Yi and Annie?

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Creeping / Jungling

I have never tried to Jungle Garen so i'm not an expert in this region but late game just stop off at all jungle camps and use the extra gold to buy yourself something nice.

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Well this is it my fellow summoners, I know some of you will hate this build but for those select few people that love Garen as much as i do, this build will bring new life to him. I know how anyone meant for him to be build but it works for me and hey, it may just work for you.
P.S. when you go to solo baron with full build make sure you watch your health as you will come out with more then you went in with :)
Happy Ganking