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League of Legends Build Guide Author Parlito

God Mode Twitch ( in 10 months , never failed once )

Parlito Last updated on May 1, 2011
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All i have to say are 3 words :
DARY !!!
P.S: [ i changed the original screen cap into this ^^^ ]

** changed the picture because the first comment i got that it was a Vs BOT game ... ** , i had a super feeding team hence the 1/12 ashe and 6/17 corki ....

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This build usually wont work as good as it is if ur not level 22-30 ... and have the full crit rune page ... You might ask yes but with 2 phantoms , executioner's calling , infinity edge will already give you a big overflow in crit chance late game .... it would , but with this page u start out with 20+ crit chance at the start .. and thats really huge for level one , so at lvl 4 or 5 * while taking mid * you should have atleast 60% crit ... and that owns.

-- so rune page is only really important for early game , but thats the essence of the whole game eh ? --

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I dont really care what you do with the overflow 9 points , but the EXP+ at mid makes a huge difference for anyone to be honest , thats my preference , anyway the 21 points in offense should be exactly as these are .

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Summoner Spells

I never play with any spells other than these , sure you can have your occasional Fort + Teleport team , but i wont play twitch in that team anyway ...

1= Exhaust , Usually i use it after i use W when someone is running .. OR while stealthed and want to gank .. OR to escape be able to stealth if someone trys to hack you ... etc doesnt take a genius ..
2- ignite , dont use ignite unless its goin in for the kill.

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Ok , these items above should be bought in the same order as it is shown * occasional elixir of agility/pots/wards* wont hurt if u are consistant.

After 1st Zeal , you have the option to get B.F sword before Cloack of agility then go for the phantom dancer , you should get the B.F sword if you have the money to do so when you go to the base after a kill , escape or etc .... if not , stick with the exact same build..

Last 2 items you see a phantom dancer it doesnt matter which way you build it aslong as its gonna be done ;P !!

Last item ... there is one free spot , Occasionally it goes for Madreds / Tiamets / Guardian Angel / mallet / hextech / zhonya's / banshee ... Depending on occasion,

1-If they have a REALLY high hp tank like a fed cho , you get madreds..
2-if its a heavy Meelee team Tiamets * actually in that case i would drop the boots to get 2 Tiamets for 100+ AD , and 100% splash damage , you still have the 2 phantom dancers at that stage for the movement speed boost and it should be enough *.
3-Zhonya's you get it if ur being focused alot in team fights ( as in 4 flashes in nuke the hell out of you ).
4-mallet / hextech / guardian angel shouldnt have any special occasion but they are always nice , hextech adds great AD and boosts your expunge damage with some nice life steal and spell vamp , + the activation is really cool * if you dont forget about it xP *
5- banshee , against a l33t karth , or anyone with a high range / sudden ability ( karth's ult , eve's stun , ashe's arrow , brands ult and so on ... )

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

1- own mid ,
2- easy 1 vs 1 early game against most people , especially at level 2 * you have expunge for anyone trying to run *
3- can gank top or bottom fast
4- can survive if a meelee * esp warwick and his ult * if he tries to gank you in mid.
5- own the game

Cons :

1- you need to BE IN MID and own the champion fast , because the later you develop it , the harder it gets*esp against vlad , he gets leet at 9 , or kog *.
2- very expunge dependent
3- long gaps between item purchases
4- tooooooooo squishy
5- most likeley are going to be first target , and they have wards all around.
6- if you get owned early , * talking about more than a 0/5 or 0/4 * you wont be able to catch up and you will be owned all game .... with barely no kills ..

P.S : if you are at number 6 of the Cons i have a request :
UN-INSTALL .. because if you dont own at this , you probably shouldnt be playing this game and waste everyones time

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TIP : if you press Q ---> B fast directly after eachother , you will go back to base while stealthed ... so you wont need to worry about the wait time for B ...

TIP : you dont want to mid against ( Kog , Brand , teemo , cait , fiddle ) if you still arent good with this build , also , if you are getting leet and get against a kog in mid that kills you once or twice and you know that was stupid * except death by his ult *, change lane fast because he will own you and will disable you all game ...

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Game start , Decide to gank either top or bottom lane never the jungle .. decide that by seeing which lane has more damage output or a double stun lane .. you should get into the first bush while stealthed just incase .. and when all the 3 are in bush stealth to the other one , your team targets one , they get in wait for 1 second then get in the fight .. DONT get out of the bush so you dont lose sight .. ignite / exhaust if needed .. i preffere to ignite / exhaust once i get in so i can make sure that our team gets first blood ..

If you get the kill you should have enough money to buy a boot , if not heal if needed and go mid * all of that should happen before minion spawning , if they do you shouldnt be at top ganking * ..

Learn how to last hit minions and occasional champ auto-attack harrasement ... you will deal really high damge to them ..

you are basicly going to be auto attacking all game + expunge to get the kills ...

early 1 vs 1 in mid , stealth .. make sure he's not too closer to your tower.. low minions or high minions doesnt matter .. position yourself where it would be hard for him to escape like standing behind him closer to his tower so u can get a higher hit range as he tries to run past and you wont have to chase him that distance ... start with auto-attack out of stealth if he's near , use exhaust , dont use expunge unless he's low , or you know its going to kill him ... because it will do huge damage at 6stacks. you have advantage in auto attacking where the 20+crit would go off ever 2 or 3 hits doing double damage.. use W if he tries to run , ignite if ur about to die or he has a way to run ignite + expunge ... anyway this wont be hard to get used to .

if you get a kill , you dont need to worry about pushing the towers for the time being , Back to base or help gank top/bot .. would help if you fake out the b too while still insight ...

Your gank at LvL.6+ should always start with 1 auto attack off stealth then R---->exhaust(not all the time) ---> W === > hacks ---====> ignite =====> expunge ... * use ignite before expunge it gives u 10 ability power ;P , not much but you get frustrated sumtimes when people escape with 2 hp =D !! **

make sure u ward both bushes in mid , but thats not until mid game when ganking is kind off starting ... * if they have stealthers ward with purple in both bushes and mid *

Late game , You shouldnt get to this point , either already won the game , or they surrender .. but if it gets into REALLY late game * i had a game lasted 80+ minutes with 180kills more or less for each team * .. you wont be able to expect what happens , thats why owning early will end it .. you might even have to change your whole build to fit in the stituation you're in at that late game ...

As it comes for farming , all buffs are good but red is better for you , i wont take blue if someone needs it more ... plus , sometimes if your that mean steal both buffs so that enemy wont get any if your team isnt gonna take it , someone would ..

Also , the more fammiliar you get with this build the more you realize why the high crit rune page is important , you wont be able to kill that fast early game without that crit scale except maybe with half crit / half crit damage * which alot of people preffere * but i am used on the high crit early and its working ... also , sometimes you need to change order of buying the items lyk rushing a banshee or madreds or something before the phantoms and IE ...

Tell me what you think ;P !! i would love negative feedback if someone sees any , i played this game almost since it came out , and experimented alot with most charrs .. this is by far the most succesfull build i have , leveled up 7 accounts from 20 to 30 using twitch and sivir mostly ... * the screen shot is from my latest account on EU server *.... COMMENTS COMMENTS !!