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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tarotar

Godlike Morgana

Tarotar Last updated on August 27, 2010
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Alright I've played Morgana for a while and i have yet to lose a lot with her using this build. If you are completely noob at Morgana well first off your torment soil does a lot on creeps. Your shield can save you or your ally in many occasions. Your snare can be beneficial for saves or ganks and finally the ulti is great for team fight and ganks. This build i made makes morgana do lots of dmg as well as having good survivability.

Early Game
Ok i usually like to take mid lane with morg for the creep kills and lvl, but shes good in lane too it doesn't matter. Buy Dorans ring and buy a mana pot, if your are a bit over zealous and get hit alot then buy a hp pot (if you're that type of player). Just keep spamming your soil on creeps and try to hit all creeps and the enemy champ with it. It won't do much to the champ but over time you will see his/her health go down. Don't bother trying to waste your dark binding until lvl 6 just lvl it up for later or unless your team is setting up a gank. Once you hit lvl 6 you should have the boots and you can easily kill the champ mid with you or you and your partner can kill the champs in your lane. Back off on the creeps a bit and let the champ come closer to your torrent to prevent them from running away to their torrent. Once you have a open shot use your dark binding, then use your soil, and finally your ulti, follow them so your stun will take affect and boom easy kill, you might have to ignite them after the stun just in case. However if some one tries to gank you throw your shield on your self and if they are dumb enough to keep following use your ulti, lead them to your torrent, snare them, and throw your soil, that along with the torrent dmg should kill the greedy punk.

Mid Game
Well at this time you can just keep staying in your lane or go gank if you think your tower will be safe. To gank with morg is the same 4 steps bind, soil, ulti, ignite, but you might not have to ignite them with the extra dmg from ally champs. Once you kill the champs go and push the lane and kill the torrent. Mid game is where the fun team fights usually start so this is how you do those. Don't be all gung-ho and rush in with your ulti try to be the 2nd or third person to go in. Throw your shield on yourself and use your ulti. The best team composition with morgana would be Amumu or Galio. Let them do their ulties and rush in with yours. After your ulti stuns them that should let your team be able to kill them easily and if some one tries to run away use your snare to capture the champ. This way you should score an ace and again push the lane and kill the torrent. Also another key thing with morgana is the shield it cancels all negative spells and absorbs magic dmg so you can use this to save your allies, if you feel like you can use your ulti without your shield throw your shield on some one who's about to die or whoever is getting focused.

End Game
Well its pretty much like the mid game with team fights. Do what you do in team fights and by now you should have Zhonyas and Guardian Angel, making you unkillable. Also make you a lot more effective if you die with GA on or use zhonyas, it does not cancel your ulti, so you can kill people without dying. At this point its pretty much Good Game. If the game is dragging out sell Dorans ring for a void staff to do more dmg, or any item you feel like you need. By now you should have won and every one on the enemy team should hate you.

Helpful hints
Don't use clarity right away if you need mana, this will trick the opponent thinking that your a free target and if they are foolish enough to rush you pop clarity, your snare, soil, ulti combo to finish them.
Your tormented soil is a great way to KS dragon, neutral buffs, or baron from the enemy team, all you have to do is make sure your on the other side of the wall and you can throw our soil down, pop your shield and run.
When you use the skill shot try to make sure no minions are in the way and aim a little to the right or left of them so that way if they run in that direction it should hit them or if they decide to stay still it should still be able to graze them.

Proof that this build works =D