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Teemo Build Guide by WhiteKnightmare

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhiteKnightmare

Godlike Teemo 1 vs 5 shroom field build remastered (Youtube)

WhiteKnightmare Last updated on April 6, 2012
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zlajo (1) | March 22, 2012 5:25am
Nice guide, play mostly simualar with this. Still got a few remarks:

Zhonas, Rabadons, Morellos, Void staff, MPen boots, are all on place. Runes and MAsteries, tho i use a bit different, it seems that they are fine.


Nashors tooth- 100% not needed. And now, "becuase":
in total with nashor and morellos+ masteries you get 49% cdr, while the cap is at 40%. Trowing money on cdr that isnt usefull is bad.
Thats why it should always be changed with : Deathfire grasp. It will give you not too much cdr ( in total 39% with masteries and Morellos), a nice active effect and early game gold generation with kages lucky pick.
Also Ap teemo as mentioned in guide is a champ that relys mostly on DOTs, so att speed you get from Nashor isnt that usefull..

All in all: change Nashor > Deathgrasp is a must..

Sekond of all, ok, Zhonas gives a bit armor and got nice active, but its not enough. you cant wait whole game for y opponents to attack you, and just mass shrooms on 1 place.. You need the ability to activly participate in any team fight on every part of map without to much preparetion. Thats why you build needs more durability. For example:
Rylais ( got 500 health and slow), Rod of Ages ( 700 health), Abyssal staff ( mr).
Any of these items would be good. But at least one of them that gives health.

i know that its your strategy with mushrooms field, but pro teams will counter it, pretty easy. How? After once encountering y field in battle, they will buy oracle. After they see your field, they wont destroy you mushrooms. They will just change lanes, and push another lane, not mined by shrooms. And you will not have enough time to put up a field, nor will you be strong enough to participate in teamfights, as a glasscanon teemo, assasins will disperse you in half a sekond. Thats why i suggest some durability items.

The rest is nice, just no Nashor and some more durability.
Fulundry (68) | March 8, 2012 3:39pm
Do us all a favor, and check out this guide.

I'll be honest, I didn't really read the guide; it was way too daunting. I can tell you've got a lot to say, but put it into a more internet friendly format. With the right coding, this could be one of the top Teemo guides around.
SirTreek23 (1) | March 4, 2012 11:31am

Nice guide, very thorough!
Shizukani (48) | March 4, 2012 1:56am
Nice guide!
Funk Master Rep (8) | March 3, 2012 9:49pm
nice guide but holy **** wall of text
A Chubby Baby (290) | March 3, 2012 8:57pm
+1 great start!

i checked out your videos. so funny how players just underestimate these shrooms. about your guide, its very well written and informative, but i think you should get better coding and add some pictures or colors. if you dunno how to do that yet, check out jhoijhoi's guide on making a guide. really helped me for mine.

keep up the great work!
ApplesMan (1) | March 3, 2012 5:35pm
yeah i think u explaniened alot could use more color though Voted +1
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