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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heretic'sBlade

Godly HP Regen

Heretic'sBlade Last updated on April 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Right let's get this started then shall we?

Amumu-Facts: HE IS A TANK! If you looked at his skills and thought; hmmmm I'll build him AP. DON'T. If you look carefully at his skills you'll notice that they all require him to get in a fight and stay there stopping your opponents from leaving while your team mate's mop them up. His AP scaling for despair is horrendous as you need 500 AP just to boost it 1%, and if you have all that AP it means you have no armour items so you cant stay in the fight to deal big damage with it, similarly with tantrum your main damage spell; this does AP scale fairly well however the cooldown reduction included in it means you have to get hit a lot to spam it, something you cant do if you have very little armour. This is why I have always gone with a tank Amumu, and this build is a way to maximise your tanking ability.

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Okay now with the runes it's a fairly simple explanation, the M.Pen to make your damage skills a bit more effective, especially Despair. M.Def Seals and Glyphs as your P.Def is naturally higher, these just level it out a bit and make you a more overall tank. With my Quints I decided to go for dodge as with the extra 4.5% Dodge chance you now have 18.5% to dodge with Ninja Tabi and the masteries on, this is a huge dodge chance meaning on average you can dodge about 1/5 attacks meaning you can stay in a fight for so much longer. Don't know why it only says 16.5% in the dodge chance I dont think it's factoring the masteries in.

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Pros / Cons


    Ability to keep pushes going
    With Decent teamates you can destroy an entire enemy team in about 5 seconds
    Complete Mundo domination as I hate him with all my soul.
    Sniping enemies that think they're safe in some bushes after running(not a build specific one but still it's sooooo much fun to Bandage Toss someone through a wall to nom them)

    Tendancy to get focused by other teams when your still in the laning phase
    As a tank sometimes you might have to sacrifice yourself to stop them killing a godlike teammate as you don't want them to have the gold.
    The inability to harrass long range enemies that just keep poking you.

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Okay so this build isn't an all weather guide to playing Amumu on the item front, different opponents require different tweaks to the item build. For instance If your playing against a mostly physical damage team then change out the Force of Nature for another Thornmail and Vice Versa for a mostly magic damage side(when I say mostly I mean 4+ of the enemy team). If your fighting a team and they've got a Kat that's been fed which unfortunatley happens a lot another tweak you can make is swithcing the Frozen Heart for a Banshee's Veil, this also applies for any other magic damage characters such as Jax or Karthus to name a few. Generally this is all the tweaks that the build needs as with all tanks armour is king. Some people may complain at you for not having enough HP but the HP Regen Items play their part here, If you have taken a lot of damage during a fight you can just back off for a little while and within 10 seconds your HP is usually back at an exceptable level to get back in there. This is an amazing tactic for keeping a push going during the teamfight stage as you back off a little and hey presto you have enough HP to tank the turret with your teammates wailing on it. Now you may ask why no Guardians Angel, this is a valid item choice however I dont usually take it as all it usually does is provide false hope of living again, most people will see that you haven't died and will crowd your death site to do violence upon your person and steal a kill from their teammate.

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Laneing phase: This guide is based on a non-jungling Amumu, I dont jungle very well, every time I have tried to do so I end up getting raged at by my friends as their dying without the tan support on their turret. Hokies anyhoo starting with tantrum and a regrowth pendant with a HP pot you proceed to your lane as normal. One word description for this part of the game: FARM! Tantrum is an amazing skill for farming, it costs 50 MP always, no mp increase as it levels and a nice range for this AoE, don't be afraid to use it to last hit a minion the gold is always worth the mana. You can try and harrass enemy melee champions with it but your main objective is to farm. Dont bother using Despair to try and farm with as it's too mana intensive and it doesn't deal that much damage early on. If your playing with an aggressive teammate try and back them up when they go for more than a casual poke on an enemy, a well aimed Bandage Toss can really help getting them dead with either an assist or kill for you as it stuns them and deals a bit of damage, as well as making them curse your name and calling you a lucker non-stop. Remember this quote from Napoleon: 'I insist my Generals be lucky' luck is never the lack of skill, its the correct application of it any given time.

Okay so you've reached level 9 and the laning phase is sort of coming to a close, grab that Blue Buff and be confident in the knowledge that it is yours, and yours alone, With its mana regen it allows you to keep Despair on constantly and keep your mana very high to abuse Tantrum.

Now you're in the teamfight stage here comes the true job of Amumu, you're an initator which means you pick up the courage and when an opportunity comes to start the fight you take it, make sure your not in turret range as that's not a good way to start a fight, the middle ground is a nice fair playing field and with your Ulti you can very quickly make it Unfair for them. Bandage Toss into them, pop off your ulti, and stick Despair on and run around like a madman drowning them all in your sorrow and spamming Tantrum whenever you can while your teammates systematically destroy them with their 2 seconds grace period of destruction.

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Summoner Spells

Okay to start with FLASH IS A MUST! You need this to escape sticky situations whenever they might arise, flashing over a wall will generally take you to safety. as for the other I'd either take Teleport or Ghost adjusting the masteries to suit. I prefer to take Teleport as it allows you to get back into a fight or defend your turret if you've had to base for some reason, whether it be health issues or simply to spend some of that stacking gold. Also it allows you to carry a push after being so heavily wounded that you needed to base.

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Message me with any comments and or suggestions or constructive comments about your view on the build.