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General Guide by Dranek

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dranek

Gold III, 8-3-5 after 200 Games

Dranek Last updated on March 12, 2016
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Early Game:

When the enemy Lasthit Minions, You Autoatack him and Q him when Ready and go in Bush, because Minion Attacks you. then again and again!
At lvl 2 you go in Q-E and Hard Poke the *****, and then you wait and go in Again with Q-E and often you have the First Blood maybe you need Flash.
then Roam Midlane if you can after kill the Top, when the enemy push you can kill that ***** or get a Assist.
Ward Your Lane, a Pink in Bush and a green in the other and GG maybe kill the Jungler your are a BEAST.

When ever you have time do your Golem/Gromp and the crab, and when you have time for it clear the enemy Jungler, so you **** their Jungler, and when you are lvl 18, the enemys are 15-16, thats realy awesome for win.

Mid Game:

lvl 9 go for Blue Trinket.
Maybe don´t help all time at the 2 first Drake Teamfights, Push and get Turrets, but after the 2Dragons, help your Team!
You have in Mid Game often 3 or 4 kills and you destroy the Turret and go in Enemy Jungler and Ward the bush between Red and Enemy Base Road, you wait Kill the Jungler and the Enemy will Rage.
Then you Push Mid or Top, All Time when you get Kills PUSH THE Lanes you have so Much Life Reg, you need often no Back!
Try to Flash Q-E-Ignite-Ult the ADC/APC you become some Kills.
When you kill the Top and Push hard, he will come and deff, you run mid and push hard.

Late Game:

Now you have 8 or more Kills and nice Items
You can´t kill all with your Combo because all have Items
But you can Focus the ADC/APC and nobody can Kill you
you are so ****ing Tanky!
When you are realy low, go out reg your life in 10 seconds to 100% and help again.

In Teamfights:

You go in and focus the ADC or APC you use your combo!, Now look what your Team doing and Focus a new target or Run Away, don´t feed if the Teamfight is lost run away, and don´t feed more!


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About Me

I'm 22 years old
I prefer always Garen because all will flame you with "NOOB Champ" but you DON´T GIVE A ****
and carry the game.
I want to get to Platin this season and that with spin to win.
I play Lol since 2015 and started in Bronze 3 and now I´m Gold 2.
And that is not the end, with Garen it works really well.
I hope Garen will please you, I love this champion.
Garen is not often banned and you can carry your team!


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