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Ashe Build Guide by Blizzardry

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blizzardry

Golden Ashe

Blizzardry Last updated on July 13, 2011
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Introduction & Playstyle

I've played Ashe as my main since the tutorial. I've purchased, played, and tweaked many other LoL champions and builds only to find myself returning to Ashe regularly. My playstyle just fits Ashe perfectly - hang back, assess the situation, carefully choose your target, move quick, strike hard, get the hell out - not to mention an epic skill shot. She also plays a very good support champ with her Frost Shot - assisting allies with kills (offensive), and saving allies from a pursuing enemy (defensive).

I have tried and tested many, MANY builds for Ashe. What follows below is my build that consistently carries a team and earns a victory.

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Gold, Gold, and More Gold

You'll notice in my recommended runes, masteries, skill sequence, and items that I have focused all effots into attaining gold more quickly. Beyond the support of 3 Avarice Quintessences and 1 skill point in Greed, I buy an Avarice Blade and Heart of Gold as my first two items and aggressively level my Hawkshot ability.

Some simple math will reveal that at approximately 10 minutes into a game and beyond you'll be PASSIVELY earning a minimum of 14 additional gold every 10 seconds, 84 gold per minute, or 1680 gold (the price of the items is 1575 gold)) over 20 minutes - in addition to ACTIVELY earning an additional 3-5 gold per minion kill, or about 18-30 additional gold per minute. That's 100+ gold per minute beyond all other champions on the field!

So any game beyond 25-30 minutes will give you a significant advantage in gold accumulation (2500-3500 gold or more in a 25-30 minute game - 5,000-8,000 gold or more in a 40-50 minute game).

I consistently have 3000-6000 more gold than any other player in the game - sometimes over 8000 more gold than any other player in the game when paired with a Twisted Fate (see Champion Syndergies below) - giving me a significant advantage in itemization and damage output and being the true "carry" Ashe is meant to be.

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Match Walkthrough

For this build to work the best, Ashe should be 1v1 in the mid lane. Brawler's Gloves and (2) Health Poitions are what I take first so I can immediately build into an Avarice Blade. Focus primarily on last-hitting minions instead of harassing the enemy. The earlier you can buy the Avarice Blade and Heart of Gold, the more you'll benefit from them later on.

I'm often able to stay in the middle lane long enough to buy both the Avarice Blade and Heart of Gold in my first trip to base (1100 Gold). However, it is not uncommon to stay out until 1450 gold, where I also buy Boots of Speed at that time.

At about 15 mintues into the match you should be level 10-11 with your Volley maxed earning an extra 3-4 gold per kill from Hawkshot and able to help gank top and bottom lanes or have your allies help gank your own lane for some kills and assist coin. Focus next on increasing your movement and attack speed by upgrading to Boots of Swiftness and starting or building outright your Zeal.

You'll need to start stacking some damage to maintain your effectiveness in team fights and ganks at this point, so you should start building your Infinity Edge with a B.F. Sword or Pickaxe, completing the Infinity Edge before moving on to your other items.

About 25 minutes into the match, you should now have your Infinity Edge, Zeal, Boots of Swiftness, Heart of Gold and Avarice Blade. making you a lethal opponent and gold *****. With the sustained income from your two items, begin building to your opponents' weaknesses with either a Blood Thirster (kill minion waves to regen health and earn more gold after a quarrel instead of returning to base), Black Cleaver (effective vs. tanky teams), Banshee's Veil (if they've got a tough Veigar, Malzahar, Kassadin, Katarina or other bursty AP champ), or completing your Phantom Dancer (for more movement speed and damage output via critical hits).

You can easily be fully built (Boots of Swiftness, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Black Cleaver, Blood Thirster and Banshee's Veil) about 35-40 minutes into the game. So long as your teammates engage teamfights (or you engage with your Enchanted Crystal Arrow from afar) and you can stay back and pick off the squishies or low-health champs, you'll dominate teamfights.

Should the game go longer and you find yourself with excess gold, remember to buy elixirs and consider replacing your Boots of Swiftness with another Phatom Dancer (will decrease your movement speed slightly but increase your attack speed and crit chance), as well and drop Banshee's Veil for a Force of Nature or Warmog's Armor to better counter your opponents' champs and builds.

If you find yourself after several games with more gold than necessary at the late-game stages (this means you've done great last-hitting, killing and assisting), simply adjust your masteries and/or runes to adjust for your particular playstyle (i.e. Armor Penetration Quintessences, Cooldown Reduction Quintessences, etc.)

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Champion Synergies

Twisted Fate - Should an ally play as Twisted Fate, you'll earn an additional 2 gold per minion kill from his passive.

Nunu - Find yourself with Nunu often and he can use Blood Boil to increase movement by 11 / 12.5 / 13 / 14.5 / 16% and attack speed by 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65%

Cho'gath, Xin Zhao, Annie, Heimerdinger, Taric (any character with a full stun) - Use your Enchanted Ice Arrow for coordinated back to back stuns on a single target to bring them down quickly - great for ganking a lane early - mid game.

Xilean - Earn additional experience via Xilean's passive and out-level your 1v1 opponent in mid-lane, landing your Enchanted Ice Arrow before they even reach level 6 for an easy kill.