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Soraka Build Guide by PAbuu

Good as any healing soraka guide

Good as any healing soraka guide

Updated on June 14, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PAbuu Build Guide By PAbuu 8,463 Views 0 Comments
8,463 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PAbuu Soraka Build Guide By PAbuu Updated on June 14, 2015
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Hi i play this game for some while now. I like to try out all kinds of stuff and fun builds, but i do give it quite some thought and aspire to make it viable.
I am not saying this is the best way to go its just something that is as good as most imo.
And it works for me so far and is fun.
This guide is not for beginners and won't explain any basic knowledge.
You will have to learn that from one of the other 1000 guides on mobafire. ^^
Also excuse me for my english grammar.... i suck at it.

At the start of S5 i actually got a real big hype for Taric and i played him alot.
One day i wound up at Soraka's lol wiki for some reason i can't remember.
And i could not believe my eyes THAT HEAL, while Taric his starting heal is 60hp and has a starting cd of 18 seconds.. which will be lowered by his passive... but still is really high. Soraka has a starting heal of 120 hp with 4 seconds cd.
Not saying that taric's heal sucks, just saying that sorakas heal is OP.
This guide is all about the "healing Soraka" and completely ignores her dmg/poking abilities.
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I havent been able to implement defense items in my item build, so i try to make up for it with the per lvl runes.. tho i wish i could get more but this will have to do.
I take no flat runes since i have no problem surviving the early game vs any matchup.

The movement speed quints( which give extra movement speed equivalent to boots of speed) are key to be able to easily and i mean it will make it really alot more easy to avoid getting caught early game by any enemy supports poke or stun. ea: blitz morg tresh vel. Also it will help tremendously with safely warding, when the enemy spotted you and they want to cut you off or catch you when you want to ward a certain spot.

(Choose your own marks idc)
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The key features in this mastery page are meditation and expanded mind as it will completely remove all your mana problems, fleet of foot and Wanderer are really important because it will make it easier for you to roam and place wards without getting caught, 10% cdr so i will be able with the help of my build to get to 35% cdr wich im happy with.
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Because Soraka her heal takes 10% of her max hp i always start with a crystalline flask for the endless heals inlane.
Which will really lower your gold income but, i usually manage to finish my core build around 30mins. So im ok with that.

I have to say tho i do think ancient coin is better because it gives a nice amount of extra gold, but it will significantly reduce the amount of times you can heal your adc.
So you must be really confident that you will be able to get through the first 5 minutes without your adc getting to much dmg. And to be honest in soloq i don't have that much faith in myself or my adc that it will all go smooth. So for now i take flask.

On my first back i buy ionian boots or if i don't have enough cash i get boots of speed and a ruby crystal and wards always got to have 1 or 2 wards in my inventory until i get sightstone. After i finish my ruby sightstone and ionian boots the fun begins with ardent censer... just look at that passive... i dont even have to explain its op.

And last but not least the rabbadons.
A quick calculation will explain this choice: with rabadons and cencer you will have a total of 208 ap.

Your w scales 60%ap. That is 124hp.
Now that may not seem like much but it is. Considering your starting heal is 120 and building up to 240. well the difference between your level 1 "w" and level 5 "w" is also 120. Well it may still seem like not much BUT your ult also scales 55%ap and that extra heal will also get increased with 50% when used on an ally with less then 40% hp
Ingame this will mean the difference between your adc getting bursted to 0 and him/her getting out alive and getting that ace.
In my experience so far

Now there are 2 slots left.. 1 slot i use for pink wards and the last slot.. really imo can be anything, 99% of my games i never get the money to get my last item so im still experimenting with that.. :P
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Laning phase

Now this is a little tricky, since not many adc's realize that crystaline flask and lvl 2 soraka can heal them 10 times over from 50% hp to 100% hp.
And since you have no damage at all without dmg r/m or spellthief. Your adc will be confused why you are not attacking the enemy and does not realize your dmg is a joke but your heal is op. Somehow the adc his job must be to make a poor/good 1vs1 trade with the enemy support or adc in which your adc will probably lose more hp. But that doesn't matter as long as he does average somewhat decent damage to them they will have lost the trade, since you can heal your adc almost infinite. Now im not saying he should dive in 2v1 cause then he will lose 80% hp or die.
90% of all trades botlane are 1vs1.. just harass/trade and back.. unless you or your adc will get caught by hard cc but that is situational( i will get back on that). only sometimes you will see the support and adc attacking simultaneously. so as long as your adc is chipping hp off your enemy you will slowly get control of the lane and they won't even think about it to come near your adc again.

Now you dont have to explain all of this to your adc :p
Just tell them to not be afraid to trade.
Tell them you will win trade if he just retaliates to any aggression from the enemy.
Never tell him to initiate an aggression. only respond. If he has the skill to make aggressive plays he will do so automatically.
If you play this right you will have no problem getting farm. if your adc is getting zoned from farm that means you are not seeing the dozens of opportunities to trade the one who is zoning you. I usually use a few friendly pings in the start to make him notice these moments. after a few successful trades your adc will understand what you are going at. Now it might require some tact to actually communicate this right with your adc so this guide may not work for everyone.

Finally if you or your adc get caught by hard cc the best thing to do is to cc one of your enemies back with a silence or a root. Heal as much as possible in the mean time.
The potent of your enemies engage/landed cc will be drastically reduced by a well placed and well timed "e"
This is hard as hell, but reliable and possible with enough practice. In mid game you can use the same strategy to reduce the potent of an enemy's engage or cc on your adc with a well placed e.

Remember "healraka" is a passive lane. Dont expect to get kills .. that will only happen sometimes .. atleast that happens not much when i play, maybe if your more skilled then me .. go for it. But i think in most cases you will have a farm lane. you will get no kills but won't be killed either. I have no problems with these conditions as soraka, caus mid game i always feel stronger when on par with the enemy bot lane.
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TIP: USE YOUR Q in every bush before you walk face checking in to it.
It is your job in mid/late game to try and have at least 3 wards spread out on the map.
Even do other roles can buy/upgrade trinkets ... in 80% of the cases they won't.
Which sucks, but that is the way it is.
So dont qq about it just be the best support ever and let them think they have carried the game.
;) you and me know better.
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Hey dont take this all to serious this is just a view on a way to play it.
Cant promise anything with this.
But if it works for you im happy i could help.

League of Legends Build Guide Author PAbuu
PAbuu Soraka Guide
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Good as any healing soraka guide

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