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Irelia Build Guide by xTheDane

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xTheDane

Good, easy and simple build.

xTheDane Last updated on January 29, 2012
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Hi everyone!
Welcome to xTheDane's dominion Irelia build.
In this build, i'll give you some tips and tricks, so you can hopefully win some dominion matches.

About me: I'm fourteen years old, and i live in Denmark. I almost always play dominion, because i think it's hilarious. Feel free to add me if you like, i play at EU WEST. My name is xTheDane if you didin't notice.

Constructive criticism is warmly welcome, since this is my first build. EVER!

I must warn you, english isin't my first language and since i'm only fourteen i haven't learned to master the language completly. Besides my gramma is awful. But i hope you don't mind giving me a chance.

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Pros / Cons


• Great damage output
• Life steal, without items
• Deals true damage
• Good last hitter
• Great farm
• Very durable
• Great chaser
• She's a babe


• CC is not reliable
• Item dependent
• Expensive to buy

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Now for the masteries. I like to go with 1-21-8 because it gives:

Improved Ghost and Ignite
+6 armor
+6 Magic Resistance
+3 Health Regeneration per 5 seconds
+108 Health at lvl 18 (6 Health per level)
+30 Health
+8.1% Cooldown Reduction at lvl 18 (0.45% per level)
+24 gold on champion kills and assists
+3% Health increase, and 10% reduced duration of disables
10% reduction on time spent dead
Improved Recall
+2% Movement Speed.

Which is a lot of those things you will need. I'm not going to be totally detailed about this topic, because honestly i don't know so much about this. I copied the stats from SingerOfTheFall's build, because he uses the same masteries.

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I start buying Mercury's Treads and five health potions. I buy the Mercury, because i need the speed and magic resistance. And the five health potions, because i will properly need some health after the first battle, at the windmill. Now i would want Trinity Force, since i can't afford it yet i start building up to it. Starting with Zeal, Phage or both. Zeal for attack speed and critical. And phage for health and slow. Then when i afford Trinity Force i will buy it, because it has EVERYTHING!

+30 ability power
+30 attack damage
+30% attack speed
+15% critical strike chance
+250 health
+250 mana
+12% movement speed
Passive Unique: Your basic attacks have a 25% chance to slow your target's movement speed by 35% for 2.5 seconds.
Unique: After using an ability, your next basic attack deals bonus physical damage equal to 150% of your base Attack Damage. 2 second cooldown. Does not stack with Sheen or Lich Bane.

Then i will build up to Youmuu's Ghostblade. If you can afford Youmuu's buy it. If you can't yet, buy The Brutalizer so you can get some attack damage, and cooldown reduction. Then if you not already have bought Yomuu's you buy it. It gives attack damage, critical strike, cooldown reduction and armor penetration. It also has an unique active, which gives movement speed and a lot of attack speed.

Now i will need some armor and health. That's why i'm building Randuin's Omen. Again if you afford buy it, if not then just buy Warden's Mail. Then when you get the last gold, if you haven't already buy Randuin's. It gives good armor, health, health regen and little bit cooldown reduction. And it's unique passive and active are great for escaping.

The last two items, are up to you, if your facing heavily AD champs, like Sion (unless he has gone AP) you could buy Thornmail, due to it's armor and passive that makes 30% of the damage taken damage the attacker.

You could also go with Infinity Edge, if you want high AD and critical damage.

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Skill Sequence

In dominion you start in level three, so i have chosen to put two points at Q and one in E. Because i think Q is a very good starter, for getting some kills. Let's say your team arrives at windmill first, and the other one has a Rammus who's up at the windmill, and rest i capping mid. Then your team gangs rammus, he uses his ball to almost escape with very low health, but you use your Q just before he's out of range and kill him. Besides when you are at the windmill you will have gained enough exp to come level four, so you can get your W ready. You W's passive is life steal, so Irelia doesn't need any items to have life steal. And when you use W you will deal true damage, which is good against tanks. Now you would basically just get your Q and E level five. When you hit level thirteen you will have Q and E full level. And your R level two. This makes you an excellent chaser. Then get your W and R level five. When your W is level five, it will give you 26 health each basic attack.

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Summoner Spells

I have chosen Flash, because it's what i would call the ultimate summoner spell. It's great at chasing, escaping, setting up a kill and saving a teamate. And i have chosen Ignite, because it's a great chasing tool. If the enemy is getting away and is very low health, use ignite to kill. Or tryndamere uses his ultimate / r, and becomes invulnerable use ignite. You could also go with Ghost instead of Flash, but i like flash better, if enemy is going for health in low hp, with an unfriendly turret, and your low health to flash to the enemy out of turret range and ready to get the kill. You can't do that with ghost. Or if enemy flashes over a wall, you would have to go around the wall, and miss the kill. That's why is use Flash and Ignite.

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Team Work

Team work is the key to success.

In dominion team work is really really important, if one is failing badly, the team has a very big chance of losing.

The best way to winning a dominion game (My opinion)
Go four top and one bottom.

Who takes mid base?
The fastest take mid base, so he/she can help the team as soon as possible.
Example: Your team has a Rammus, Rammus buys boots and some health pots. Round starts, he uses his Q to come very fast up to windmill and start capture. Rest of team is capping mid base. three of the enemy's arrives to windmill, and one remains to take mid base. Now Rammus is against three players, let's say one of the enemy is Sion. Sion uses his Q to stun Rammus, and the the remaining two jumps him. Rammus falls quickly and rest of the team is on their way to windmill. Meanwhile the enemy team captures windmill. Now the enemy team has one kill and three bases.
Other example: Rammus takes mid base, and rest of the team runs for windmill. Your team has three at windmill and their team has three. Now when the mid base is captured, Rammus can quickly help his team defeating the other three, now it's a four vs three. Your team kills two, and capture windmill. Before the person taking first base could help his/her team. Unless boots, or very fast champion.

It's very important to always help bottom lane, and if your at windmill and no enemy is near. Recall, buy items, go bottom lane, get a kill or two and head back up to windmill. Very important you don't walk! It's much faster if you recall than if you walk, and besides you might get ganged.

If your team is getting pushed o-so-badly, take their mid base. ( if no one is there )
Make them recap it, and get back the windmill. Or if there are two heavily fed enemies at your bottom lane, gather your team and destroy them.

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Tips And Tricks

Chasing : If your over level six and you have your ultimate ready use it, do as much damage as possible, minions might kill the runner. And use your Q, if your not in range, target a low health enemy minion, if you kill the minion your ability will have a very low cooldown. This time your in range with your Q, use Q and maybe use W or E.

Chased : Your getting chased. You see a brush, go into the brush, and when enemy is inside or very close to the brush run out. This almost always works, the enemy clicks somewhere inside the brush, and you get the edge on the chase. Use Q on a low health enemy minion, or a healthy enemy minion. Low health preferred, so you get low cooldown. If non of this works, or if it does, but somehow the enemy keeps up, use your Flash. Flash over the wall, go in a brush and flash into another or just simply Flash, if you think that will save you.

Getting base : Enemy has windmill or any other base and you want it, he's full hp and your full hp. Farm like you never farmed before, kill all enemy minions, so your friendly minions will attack tower. When it gets neutralized jump the enemy kill him/her, and start taking the base.

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Farming is important!!

Sometimes i see people in dominion who doesn't farm at all! They just take the automatically exp. They almost always end up getting level nine when i'm level eleven. That means i can easy take them down. Look at tip three, in Tips And Tricks. It's also important to get some gold.

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Some of my results using this guide. The two last items at this picture, is just fast buy, without thinking.Thanks for looking at my build, i hope it was useful. If not i hope you will find a useful build, please give me 1+ and feel free to add me!