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Talon Build Guide by danirafi2

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author danirafi2

GozGoz Assasins Guide

danirafi2 Last updated on May 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well,this is my first build,I'm not the best player out there,I'm ok.

I want to share my build for Talon,its pretty awesome I do alot of damage and enjoy playing this way.Please dont downvote me unless you've tried my build.
I didnt add to much to the build nor will I till I see some comments,good\bad doesnt matter, just wanna know people actually care about my hard work!! =]
The build is pretty basic,I dont read guides myself so it might be a little similar or totaly different to other builds,this is just how I play Talon.
This isnt a guide for beginners as I wont be explaining every single thing about Talon,I assume whoever reads this guide has some experience.

I've made some changes to the guide(and I'll keep making them),due to comments. Thanks for the criticism and I'll keep playing Talon till this guide is perfect!

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Armor penetraion,gives you 15 armor penetraion.
Magic Resist,You get a good ammount of health and armor in this build,could use some mr.
Health,to give you the edge you need incase you want to go for first blood.

Armor penetraionn,another 10 armor penetraion lets you start the game with 31 armor penetraion+10% thats true damage for most enemys!

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Offensive Tree:
Well Basic 21\9\0,damage,attack speed some lifesteal and armor penetraion,this will serve you well.
Defense tree:
You're gonna need the little health bonus and armor if you're gonna go for first blood or just poke at your enemy allot.By mid game you shouldnt be as squishy as the beginning,so every bit of health is good for you!

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Youmuu's Ghostblade\The Brutalizer-
As I said the brutalizer which is later upgraded gives you awesome Armor Penetration you always need,with the runes,masteries and Youmuus Ghostblade you will end up having about 50 Armor Penetraion and an EXTRA 10% of whatever armor the enemy has left.
Also,dont forget about the active,its pretty awesome giving you a decent escape if or maybe just the attack speed you need to win a fight.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity-
I took the CD reduction boots mainly for the ultimate,Talon has a great ultimate with under a minute cooldown with the right items,its good for ganking+escapin.Its great.

The Bloodthirster-
Gives you lots of Attack Damage and Lifesteal,enough said.
Just always be sure to stack to the max before you start a fight,lots of people forget to do that and its a very big mistake.Just farming before a fight can get you an extra 35 attack damage and 7% lifesteal.

Frozen Mallet-
Decided to switch Trinity force with Frozen Mallet,for the health boost and the slow proc'.
Gives you a great health boost and a nice slow,combined with your Rake slow and the active on Youmuu's Ghostblade you will catch any enemy.

Infinity Edge-
Now you're gonna want asmuch attack damage as possible,you will get it with this item.It gives you good synergy with Trinity Force and Youmuu's Ghostblade. 80 attack,not much to say about this one.

Guardian Angel\Black Cleaver
I only put Guardian Angel in there because I wanted some sort of defensive item,apart from the hp of Frozen Mallet and the bloodthirster's LifeSteal you have no means of defense.
You dont have to get Guardian Angel but you do need to get at this point some sort of defensive item.If you're doing realy well you could instead go for the black cleaver,although I wouldnt recommend that.Even if I'm doing well I try to get some defense.

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My skill sequence,and why:

Noxian Diplomacy-Your next attack will do extra damage,if against a champion he will bleed losing more damage over 6 seconds.I max this skill third.

Rake-You throw your knifes in a cone shape as they go and comback they do damage to enemy's they pass through.This can do tons of damage,a good way to harass without putting yourself out there too much.Dont use this too often,it will finish your mana pretty fast.

Cut Throat-You dash to an enemy silencing him and for a few seconds you do 2-5% increased damage.This is good when you want to eat up the enemy's caster,just silence him by the time he realizes what happened hes a gonner.I max this last.(put one point in this by level 3)

Shadow Assault-You spread knifes all around you in a circle's shape while inside you are stealthed,after a few seconds they all converge to you and whoever is in the way gets damaged(you can leave but you will lose the stealth bonus),while inside you get a movement buff.
You use this to run away or to initiate a gank,catch fleeing enemy's or hide and escape after you proc'd the "Guardian Angel".Use this whenever off cooldown,it has under a minutes cd which is good,dont be afraid to use it but make sure you can escape after you have.

Just something to think about =]:
Ok,lets assume you got flash and ignite as your summoner spells.You see an enemy(doesnt realy matter which) you E(Cut Throat) to the enemy(silencing him and doing increased damage),immediately you Q(Noxian Diplomacy)and W(Rake),I keep the ultimate when the enemy has full health and I know he wont be an easy target.If hes gone,nice if not use ur ulti+ignite.

If you keep your ulti for an escape,a good way to go is to activate,go somewhere the enemy wouldnt expect and flash away.
Dont go where they would expect you to! You can always use your Youmuu's active for an escape.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended choices-
Ignite: good to last him enemy's,with the Noxian Diplomacy most enemy's will flee away and die near their turret. Strongry recommended.
Flash: You will probably only use this to escape when your ulti is down,I always take this as you need a good escape mechanism.
Ghost: Incase you dont like Flash you can take this,less recommended as you will get the movement buff you need from your Youmuu's active.
Exhaust: A good replacment for Ignite,I sometimes take this,but not always.