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League of Legends Build Guide Author Productiveinsomniac

Guide to building champs by Jagged

Productiveinsomniac Last updated on March 9, 2015
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My Season 3 Achievements

i currently only play for fun now, due to my obligation with NetherRealmStudios Mortal Kombat. I play professionally on the Playstation consoles PS3 and PS4. i have played MK1, 2,3 UMK3, MK9 for NRS. and will be playing MKX upon release!

NOTE: i am no longer Diamond 1, i consider myself NO RANK DUE to my inactivity! i am currently Unranked as of now and will be for the remander of the next few years

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Building is tough for beginners and some times intermediate players

I am making this guide to help you understand the color codes and what items are best suited for that champ/role.

I am a twisted treeline player. i came from fps and mmorpgs. I dont play Sommoners rift so if you are a hard core SR player, disregard this guide all together.

i was a Diamond player back in the day.. and today i mostly play normals.. so if you are hoping to use this info to rank instead of just understand the basics, there are many other factual guides on here to help you out with that!

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Understanding your abilities scales!

breaking the meta.... Item builds are one of the ways you can do that. You see, in THEORY, any champion can be any role. Sure, you can buy attack damage items for Ahri, send her bottom lane, and call her the Marksman. You can… But you shouldn’t.

You see, certain champions benefit from certain types of items. Most of the time, you will buy either attack damage(AD) or ability power (AP).
If you go into a game and hover your mouse of the ability icons, you’ll see a description of the ability as well as some numbers.
If it’s a green color, then that means that ability is enhanced by Ability Power.
If you see an orange color, it means that ability is enhanced by Attack Damage.
This is SOMETIMES an easy way to tell what kind of champion they are.

There are other types as well. If the color is yellow, buying armor will enhance the will see this on Rammus
If it is blue, buying mana will enhance the ability. you will see this on Ryze
Red is health, you will see this on Shen and Gnar to name a few!

example (+14) this would mean that abilty scales with ap items!

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can some champs be built both ad and ap?

this is what makes things tricky.

many champs on this game. have abilities that have 2 scaling with ad and 2 scaling with ap.

for example.
Fizz can be built both AD and AP, most his abilities scale from AP items only, but His Q and his W can benifit from AD items Like Blade of the Ruined King even though his w only scales from AP it procks on an AD item aka BOTRK

Shaco can be built both ad and ap.. the strangest thing about this is he only has one ability that really scales with ad.

Backstabhis passive

Deceive Deceive's damage bonus replaces the normal critical strike modifier, causing it to actually do less than a normal critical until the skill is at least at rank 4. It is affected by critical damage bonuses like lord van damn item. Infinity Edge.

Deceive will apply bonus critical damage on top of its modifier. For instance, with Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge (+50%) and Rank 5 Deceive, Shaco will deal bonus damage equal to 170% of his attack damage (crit=100% + 50% bonus from IE +20% bonus from Rank 5 Deceive) . This is before any other bonuses or mitigation are applied. Note that if Shaco were to attack the target from behind it would deal 20% additional damage on top of the critical strike itself making the total damage of the attack equal to 324% of Shaco's total attack damage.

Base Critical Damage: 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 / 220%

Critical Damage with Backstab bonus: 168 / 192 / 216 / 240 / 264%

Jack In The BoxActive: Shaco summons a box at the target location that stealths after a 2 second delay and lasts for up to 60 seconds. When an enemy comes within 300 units, the box springs open: causing surrounding enemies to turn and flee while it attacks nearby enemies for up to 5 seconds.

Fear Duration: 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5

Magic Damage: 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 (+ 20% AP)

Maximum Magic Damage: 315 / 450 / 585 / 720 / 855 (+ 180% AP)

Jack in the Box is a ground targeted ability that places a pet at the target location.

Does not apply spell effects.
Magic damage will be mitigated by magic shields.
Banshee's Veil item.png Spell shields will block the fear, but not the attacks.

Additional Information:

Casting Jack In The Box creates a puff of smoke that is visible even through brush and the fog of war, and makes a distinctive sound that can be heard by enemies.
Boxes are immune to ability damage and displacement effects while in stealth. As such, they can be used to block skill shots.
Boxes will not be triggered by enemies that Shaco does not have sight of. As boxes grant sight, this is only true against stealthed enemies, or while Shaco is affected by Paranoia Paranoia and Smoke ScreenSmokescreen).
Stealthed boxes will be revealed and disabled by Sweeping Lens item.jpg Sweeping Lens.
The fear can affect stealthed enemy champions, but it will not reveal them unless the target's stealth state depends on their location or movement (e.g. Teemo.png Teemo's Camouflage.png Camouflage or Akali Akali's Twilight Shroud Twilight Shroud).

Two-Shiv Poison Passive: Shaco's basic attacks poison his targets, reducing their movement speed for 2 seconds. It also gives affected non-champion units a chance to miss their attacks.

Slow: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30%

Miss Chance to Non-Champion Units: 20 / 22.5 / 25 / 27.5 / 30%

Active: Shaco throws a dagger at a target enemy dealing magic damage and applying his slowing poison to them for 3 seconds. The passive is deactivated during the cooldown.

Magic Damage: 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 (+ 100% AP) (+ 100% bonus AD)

Magic Damage with Backstab bonus: 60 / 108 / 156 / 204 / 252 (+ 120% AP) (+ 120% bonus AD)


Active: Shaco vanishes for 0.5 seconds, then creates a clone of himself that will last for up to 18 seconds.

The clone deals 75% of Shaco's damage and receives 50% extra damage. This clone deals 50% damage to towers and inhibitors. At the end of its duration or when dying the clone will explode, dealing magic damage to enemies within 250-range.

Magic Damage: 300 / 450 / 600 (+ 100% AP)

as you can see u can build him both ways.... but only Two-Shiv Poison scales with ad.
crit build will make the lack of scales worth it late game.

but to get the most out of all abilities you would build him ap.. both are good!

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Runes vs Strating item builds!

I honestly stray away from recommended builds, i find it both rewarding and fun to experiment with my own builds!

My main aim for my runes is:

1: what are my champs weaknesses?

2: what will benefit them early game?

3: What will allow me to out lane opponent early game, and send them packing their tail between their legs?

If i build ATK Speed runes, lets say in marks and seals on Shaco, for his AD crit build, that allows me to pick up Lord Van Damm's Pillager early on! instead of going 2 atk speed items.

other crit champs that come to mind are, Tryndamere and Yasuo and they also benefit from ATK Speed!


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