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Gangplank Build Guide by killswitch06

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League of Legends Build Guide Author killswitch06

Guide to eating oranges - In Depth Gangplank Guide

killswitch06 Last updated on October 8, 2012
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About me

My name is Benjamin. Im coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina so sorry if my english isn't so good. My summoner name is Toorent and i play on EU Nordic and East. I reach lvl30 before 3 weeks, and guy who help me to did it it's Gangplank. I bought Gangplank when i was lvl20, so i have experience around Gangplank. I play him as Solotop, Jungle or AD Caster. In this guide i will learn you something about solo top and jungle gangplank.

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Can kill squishy champions with 1 critical.
Great farmer.
If you are top lane for example you can help your bot lane or mid lane with Your Cannon Barrage.
Eat orange and everything will be okay.

Bad if you dont get a lot of farm early.
No escape skills.
Early game squishy.

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Passive: Grog Soaked Blade

Gangplank's basic attacks apply a poison debuff for 3 seconds that can stack up to 3 times. Each stack deals 3 + (1 × level) magic damage per second and slows the target by 7%.

Gangplank have very good passive. Why? Couse it helping him to better farm, slowing enemies with the basic attacks is so nice, and here is example: You as Gangplank fighting versus Vayne on solotop. Wayne have 150 hp. You attack she with your Parrley than she run out with 10 hp. NO MORE. His passive is so good like a little ignite. Parrley set poison on enemy Vayne so vayne die, and you get a kill.

Q: Parrley

Active: Gangplank shoots a target enemy with his pistol, dealing physical damage. If it is killed with this ability, he gains extra gold and refunds half the mana cost. This ability can critically strike and applies on-hit effects, including his passive.

Gagngplank bread and butter skill. This skill is the best one of Gangplank. Why? I will give u simple reason. Only damaging skill except ultimate. Applie on-hit effects like Frozen Mallet, Sheen and it can crit. You farming with Parrley. Why? Couse if you kill creep with pistol u gain extra gold and mana cost is refunded. So always max it first. This skill is so freaking good, becouse of this skill you can play Gangplank offtank with Frozen Mallets (slow and dmg), Warmong (Health and HP5 and couse u farming so good you will have more health), Atma's Impaler (Armor and CritChance and a lot of dmg - so good). You can play Gangplank as Critplank. Build Critical strike items like Infinity Edge, Phantom Dance but i dont prefer this build a lot couse you are squishy than.

W: Remove Scuvry

Active: Gangplank instantly removes all crowd control effects on him, as well as healing himself.

WILD SKARNER APPEARS: SKARNER USE ULTIMATE ON GANGPLANK. Gangplank ate orange and everyrhing was ok. For me this skill is so ****in' OP to this isnt normal. Gangplank can stay in lane forever with this skill without lowhp problems. Than it remove Crowd Control so its awesome. Nocturne gank you with fear, press w and run away. Vayne shoot you with her e on walls, you get stunned. Eat orange is my suggestion. I max it last but its good skill. With this build
you will have 30 AP so you will get healed for more 30 HP.

E: Raise Morale

Passive: Gangplank's attack damage and movement speed are increased permanently.
Active: Gangplank fires into the air, disabling his passive boost but inspiring himself to gain additional attack damage and movement speed, with nearby allied champions receiving half that amount, for 7 seconds.

First skill i take for jungling, second i max. I like this skill couse this skill giving me more attack dmg and movement speed to me and too nearby allies. Why is this skill so good. Look. If i gank top lane. We have irelia. I use e skill. Irelia stun enemy team solo top with her e, than she have more attack dmg to finish him down with my help. In jungle route i use e is good couse i can kill blue buff faster with more attack dmg.

R (Ultimate): Cannon Barrage

Active: Gangplank signals his ship to fire cannonballs upon target area for 7 seconds. 25 cannonballs will drop over the duration and each will deal magic damage to all enemies hit. Enemies in the area of this ability are slowed by 25% for 1.25 seconds, with the duration refreshing if one stays in the area.

AOE slow? With big damage? And global range? YES PLEASE! I love this ultimate so hard. First i steal a lot of Barons and Dragons with this skill. Second i can KS with this <:D. Third i can help to push another lanes with staying on mine and keep farming creeps with q. Fourth, enemy going recall - nothing better press r on enemy base. When enemy recall he will die with no problem. Only problem is big cooldown but it can be negligible couse skill have more pros than cons.

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In this chapter i will give you some starting item options and core items.

Starting items options

Cloth Armor + 5 Potions

I really prefer this option. No matter if you jungling or you laning. Remember in early game you are squishy, so armor can help you. You need mana to farming creeps, no to heal yourself so keep your W skill for some enemy stuns. Than in exchange of your W you will use health potions. You have it 5. Later you will build Wriggle Lanterns from this cloth.

SPECIAL TIP: Dont use potion every time when you get damaged.

Brawler's Gloves + 2 Potions

For very aggresive players i reccomend this starting item. You will need to upgrade glows faster as possible in Zeal after this, you need to upgrade Zeal in Trinity Force. With this starting items you need to farm champions, no minions. And you will be often out of mana. So take teleport if you start with this 2.

Core Items

Here are items i really like to build on Gangplank. First here are boots. I love to build 3 boots. First - Boots of Mobility i always build on Jungle Gangplank. Why? I Want to counterjungle enemy so i want movement speed and i go for boots of mobility + early zeal + raise morale can give me huge movement speed. If im laning i go for Mercury Threads or Ninja Tabi - if enemy team is AD oriented i go for Tabi, if enemy team is AP oriented i go for Mercury Threads. I ALWAYS TAKE Trinity Force. Always. Why? Becouse it give me everything. Movement speed, on hit effects for Parley, critical strike, health, mana, Attack Damage, Ability power. I really love this item. Tons of damage rules <3. Warmong Armor for health, so it make me very tanky. I farm good with Parley so i can farm up Warmong with no problem. I get Atma's Impaler if i bought Warmong Armor Earlier. If jungling i love to take Yomumu Ghostblade. Why? More movement speed for counterjungling, critical strike, armor pen. and attack damage. Very good item. And i forgot Wriggle Lantern. I ALWAYS BUY WRIGGLE. WRIGGLE IS MUST HAVE ITEM. It give me lifesteal, so i can stay in lane more. It give me armor and free ward every 3 minutes. I really enjoy in puting ward on enemy red. Coming here with a lot of movement speed (its so fast summoners!) than i parrley it and stole it. SO OP!

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Summoner Spells

In the Leauge of Legends we have some Summoner Spells. For Gangplank i will show you the best ones. Lets see best first, than i will show u okay, than meh spells. (USE MEH! MEH ONE IS BEST!)

Than we have:


I Reccomend this spells to use on Gangplank.

Flash is blink. This can help you in chasing enemy or escaping. You can blink into walls so it's very nice. Flash can help you in counterjungling too. Picking up flash or ghost is like what you more prefer. I prefer flash so i reccomend it in this build.

Ignite, mhmm. For finishing enemies when they running. For countering Dr. Mundo and Alistar. (Mundo healing reduction and Alistar dont block true dmg). What to said more for this spell.

Smite help me to counterjungle and killing my jungle creeps. Use it only in jungle. It deal true dmg to minion or pet. Smite is very useful in lategame becouse you can steal baron and dragon with smite.


Teleport can help you a lot if you play aggresive. You will be out of mana often so you can go recall, and back to lane very fast without losing a lot of xp. In late game if your team is smart and they ward Dragon and Baron you can tele here and steal their baron/dragon. I use Teleport if i play solotop.

Use exhaust if u like it. Period.


Can help but i dont like it.


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Basically this is this. Rate objectilivy. Dont rage for english please, im not so good. This is my first blog so dont flame me a lot.