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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ohmicidal

Guide to Free ELO

Ohmicidal Last updated on July 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi mobafire I'm here to share with you the secret to get to higher elo than you are now. First thing to know is that this is a duo queue build, so if you don't have a friend you should find a friend.

With this build you will have one of the strongest early game lanes possible, it absolutely ****s on any type of Carry/Support lanes that are popular ATM. You should get used to playing super aggressive in laning phase and know how to zone properly and control dragon. It takes full advantage of Tarics ridiculous AP scaling on his E and W and Q, and garens crazy early game damage.

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Pros / Cons

1. Amazing laning potential
2. Dragon Control
3. Destroys Support/Carry eg. todays popular lane comps

1. Requires a friend

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Taric needs the early mpen to do mass damage, ap yellows for massive damage, blues for massive damage and ap quints for even massiver damage. With these runes you should have around 50 ap at level one, and you can burst people by a huge amount.

Garen takes attack damage reds for highest level 1 damage, armor yellows for defense and being able to hold your lane, MRes for defense, and ad for even more dmage! Garen becomes a monster early game, and has some of the best damage in the game with Q and E.

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Taric wants as much Mpen to do mass damage at level 1. Utility tree helps keep him in lane longer, greed helps a bit for farming as you wont be able to farm much in lane. Utility mastery is amazing and Clairvoance is a great mastery. Utility mastery and flash are great for keeping you ready to go for any fight.

Garen takes his masteries for mass damage, the AS helps but is not really that important (in fact you might even switch it over to reduced cd's), ARp helps. The early AD and Crit damage help, and Havoc is an amazing mastery atm. For defense you want Mres as its harder to itemize for, Dodge is great and can save you in a lot of situations, and the speed helps alot for that.

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Taric is running off minimal farm so you want to stack as many dorans as possible before committing to deatchap and buying wards for the team. After deathcap you want to build as a tanky mage which usually means frozen heart but build whatever fits the situation.

Garen wants to get his brutaliser and atmas early, after this you should build tanky according to what the other team has (eg. if the other team has annie brand malz anivia and swain thornmail is no good)

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Skill Sequence

Taric's damage is great with is E and W. E scales really well, and does massive damage. It is also essential for ganking early. W is a great ability and can set up massive damage for Garen with the armor reduction and it scales decently as well. You get Q last because with the amount of AP you have your heals do amazing at level 1, and later on they will heal for massive amounts. I don't really like to pick up tarics ult at levels 11 and 16 because his other skills honestly seem more useful and poweful than his ult in most situations.

For Garen, you dont really build him any different from normal. You want Q first for the great movespeed and silence, as well as damage. E does amazing damage at low levels and becomes your primary damage spell. W you level last as it is not really needed at this point. R is great for picking up early kills and should be picked up as soon as possible

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must spell for both champions because you're going to be overextending a lot in the laning phase and it is great for getting out of sticky situations.

Taric takes CV because it is a great support skill and should be taken on every team. If someone else takes CV you should take another ignite for more early game damage, or exhaust to secure kills.

Garen should also take flash for the same reasons.

Ignite is absolutely necessary for the damage and securing kills early. Ignite is honestly a game changer in lane and should not be ignored at all.

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Team Work

Its really easy you just stun someone as soon as they step away from the tower, garen jumps in, does his thing, Taric bursts and you heal as you get away. At level 6 it is very possible to dive with this build as tarics heals are very strong at this level.

If the jungler comes you have 2 options, if you can get away, do it. If you cant, jump on their squishy, kill him, and then flash away. You can literally 100-0 people with this build in a single stun.

If you're dominating your lane you should be able to completely control dragon.

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Taric should not take any farm and let garen get as fed as possible. The best way to do this is to have taric standing in the bush or to be zoning the enemy champions in lane. Taric shouold lead off engagements with his Stun and Garen follows up with silence and spin to do the massive damage and get a kill.

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Ranked Play

Right now, Support/Carry bots are what everyone plays in ranked games. This build is specifically designed to counter such lanes. However, if it isn't a support carry lane you should still have an extremely good chance of winning your lane.

The only counters I've had to this build ever was a Cho/Sion lane, cho was simply too tanky for us to take down, and so was sion.

Other than that, we lost a lane to Xin/Brand lane who did massive burst damage before we could do anything.

Other than that, I would see it very hard to counter this build effectively. Like I sad you should absolutely destroy any support/carry bots and be safe for almost any other lane.

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Ok so I hope you like my Guide here it is and I hope you guys can learn to get some free elo the same way me and my friend have.


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