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Morgana Build Guide by Jaximos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jaximos

Guide to Morgana (Mid and Support)

Jaximos Last updated on August 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone this is the first guide i have ever made so please bear with me,if this works out well there will be more to come. I picked Morgana to write my first guide for because I have grown to know her very well and consider her my best champion. I have learned extensive knowledge of Morgana and her powers and abilities in lane and in Teamfighting. As one of the most powerful CC champions i feel that in teamfights or in lane Morgana is one of the most powerful champions.Her utility and damage is what makes her so strong, Having the strongest snare in the game and a stun with an AOE ability skillset along with a spellshield she can be essential to many team comps.

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I find that the best strategy to farming with Morgana is to use a W (Tormented Soil) on the ranged minions and then farm the melee minions with either your Q (Dark Binding) or your basic auto attacks.If you decide to use your Q (Dark Binding) for harass that works well also.One of the great things about Morgana is that she has Great farming potential with her W. If you find yourself being harassed in lane you can simply walk in cast range of the minion wave and Drop your w on either the melee or ranged minions and that should kill most of the wave once you are past early game.

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I find that this is the basic mastery set for Morgana whether you are playing Mid lane or you are supporting bot lane.

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I like to keep it basic for runes. Majic Penetration for anybody who builds Majic resistance early game. Armor and Majic resist to held Trade early-mid game. And the quints of ability power for overall damage.

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I find that it is best for me to start with a Dorans ring and 2 pots with a yellow trinket for early ward. It is best to use your trinket around 3 minutes into the game as most junglers will have cleared both of their buffs by that time and will be heading to a lane to gank. Pick up the second dorans ring for some more early game damage,mana regen, and trading potential. Another reason i like to pick up a second dorans ring is that it offers early sustain with the farming strategy i use (using your w on the ranged minion wave) because of the mana that dorans ring gives back to you upon killing minions with an ability. I then buy a chalice of harmony to get Mana Regen and some Majic resist to help with trading(which will also help if your jungler does not give you blue buff).I then get sorcerers shoes to help with mid game trading and to help if anybody on the enemy team has early Majic resist. I then buy my way into a Zhonyas hourglass. In my opinion the most essential Item for Morgana. The Zhonyas hourglass offers armor and ability power and the active is what makes it a powerful tool for Morgana. Whether it be going for a kill on your Laning Opponent during lane phase or diving into a team with your ultimate Zhonyas will be the most essential item that you buy for Morgana. The active on Zhonyas allows you to not take any damage for 2.5 seconds also meaning you can set up a lot of plays by timing your ultimate and zhonyas correctly to allow your team to then follow up with. Rabadons Deathcap is a given for any Mid Laner. Rabadons Deathcap increases your overall ability power by 30% meaning that with every item you buy it also increases your overall ability power. I do not feel that void staff is always essential but i do think it is a very good item offering a good bit of ability power and majic penetration for anybody on the opposing team who has built Majic Resist.I like Athenes unholy Grail on Morgana because of the CD reduction it offers meaning you can throw snares at the enemy team more often and use your Spellshield and your W more while also offering a lot of Mana Regen and Majic resist i feel that it is a core item for her. I like abyssal scepter on Morgana because of the ability power that it gives you and the passive on the item, If you were to say flash into the enemy team to get an Ult/Zhonyas combo on them if you have an abyssal scepter if would lower all of their Majic resist meaning anybody on your team can do more Majic damage to them and also meaning that you yourself deal more damage to them and seeing as if you are using your ultimate on somebody as Morgana you have to be close to them i feel abyssal scepter is a good item to go to for a finishing item on the build also for late game to help negate some of the Majic resist the other team as likely built. As seeing that if you followed this build you are probably uncontrollably fed and somehow the enemy team hasn't surrendered by late game.

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Skill Sequence

On morgana i like to Take my Q at level 1 as if you do land it on your opponent it deals a bit of damage and gives you a chance to auto attack them also as at level 1 unless your opponent just stands in Your w your not going to deal a ton of damage to them. Your spellshield is a good thing to pick up at level 3 as most junglers might try a level 3 gank on mid lane if not some other lane. Your spellshield allows you to ignore a certain amount of CC the enemy jungler might hit you with(EX:An enemy vi walks into your lane and already has her q charged up if you apply your spellshield to yourself if she does make contact with you morgana will not be moved in any way but you still will take the damage of the spell).Leveling your W at levels 4 and 5 allows you to be able to cast it on the ranged minion wave and be able to kill them with only your W allowing you to still farm,if you find yourself being harassed heavily you can drop your W on the melee minions then return to your safe zone.

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Ranked Play

Having amassed over 400 games with Morgana i can definetely name some games that my team would have lost have it not been for Myself making the best use of her utility and CC abilities She is a great champion with a ton of potential to carry games if done right(and lets be honest who doesn't want to carry a solo que game??).

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Unique Skills

Along side all of the different combos you can do with morgana i would like to point one thing out that happens to me a lot. I find the entire wave cleared with my W before my opponent can kill a ton of my minions. i find them standing in front of my minions thinking that i cant do anything else to them and that they can easily dodge my snare(wrong).One of the reason i have snowballed myself in ranked play the most is because of this mistake the enemy made.With Morgana's q You can snare your opponent in place allowing your minions and most likely your W which is already back from cooldown to deal a ton of damage to them almost killing them completely in the early game stages at level 6 if they make this mistake and you have your ultimate up it is almost always a guaranteed kill if you Q+W+R and ignite i will almost guarantee that you always kill them. Another mistake that the enemy makes a lot is trying to dive a morgana. If anybody ever tries to dive you if you can land a snare and throw a w down with your ult on top of the tower damage ( if the tower has aggro'd them) Most of the time they will either die or Immediately leave and if they don't? Don't sweat it just set back and enjoy the free kill

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Pros / Cons

The pros to morgana is she offers a lot of great cc and utility she is a great farmer and there isnt really a phase of the game where she is weak or she falls off she still offers great cc and utility for the entire length of the game. The cons to morgana is that after her E(spellshield) she doesnt have any natural escape if she misses her snare on whoever is ganking her

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I hope you all Enjoyed this guide and more importantly i hope that it helps somebody else out there get better with morgana and maybe carry Some ranked games with her and boost their elo. I do apologize that this guide isn't as long as most others and that it isn't as flashy and their aren't any pictures of item pictures as i have not experimented with any of the picture adding or item pictures in the guides yet.Thank you all so much!