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Shaco Build Guide by chiggin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chiggin

Guide to the Laning Murderer

chiggin Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Shaco Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my build to the Laning Shaco. What? Did I say Laning shaco? YES I DID. it has come to my attention that there are tons of Shaco Jungle Guides and little to no Laning Guides. now down to business. The Laning Shaco. He is useful ally and a a fearful enemy in lane. Not only does Shaco have the high chance of producing a First blood at level 1, but it also allows Shaco to have enough free space to push. With this build that I use on a regular basis, it allows me to match a late game tryndamere,Katarina or Master Yi.

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Why didnt I put any rune build? Good question. Ever since I got Shaco at level 5 and played him till level 30, i never bought any runes, and I still dominated. Runes for Jungle Shaco are A MUST. But for Laning Shaco...Not really, its all about smart play. Just get whatever runes you think are most important..(Magic Pen is not important AT ALL. Shaco's Attacks are all Physical.)

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Its a typical mastery allocation for Shaco however, notice i do not put any points into utility Mastery and offensive mastery, those two masteries are downright useless for a Laning Shaco.

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Item Build

my Item build is all about critical if you didnt already notice. With my end build, you'll be dishing out 500+ crit 2 times in a second. And with your Hallucinate, even more because your hallucinate does take your Critical Chance. Something a Tryndamere would piss his pants fighting.

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Skill Sequence

I dont really have to explain the necessity of getting Two-Shiv Poison, Deceive, and your Hallucinate up first.

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How to Murde--- I mean play (Early game)

When starting out, get your boots and 3 health potions. And rush out to the Top Lane Brush or Bottom lane brush. By the time the announcer goes "Welcome to Summoner's rift" you should be between the First tower and the brush. Go to the head of the brush patch and place 2 Jack In the Boxes. Adjust your placement accordingly if you think that the enemy has ranged units. but you shouldnt worry much about that. So wait in the brush by yourself, or if you have a competent laning partner, camp out with him/her/it. It is crucial that you stay behind your teammate and provide support when the two bumbling enemies walk into your Jack in the boxes. With this part covered. I assure you that, with a good and active partner, you should've gotten the first blood. All before the minions arrive, or a bit after the minions. From here on out you are put in Caution mode. As in PAY ATTENTION TO THE MINIMAP. The moment you see another lanes' enemy disappear, not by your teammates. Get ready to hide. On your first recall, get beserker boots and your B.F sword if possible. If not just keep farming and stick to the build.

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How to Murde--- I mean play (Mid game)

I consider it Mid game when you turn level 6. So you have your hallucinate? Good, but you are not God yet. so dont think Hallucinate can save your ***. At this time you should be looking for possible victims on other lanes or your lane. One thing to note when trying to murder the opposing enemy. Try not to tower dive.

Here is a brief rubric of how you should consider tower diving.
Is the enemy killable with ONE "TWO-SHIV POISON"? If no, dont try to tower dive
Are minions at the ready to take incoming turret fire for you? If no, DONT TOWER DIVE.
(I cannot stress this enough, because i have seen Shacos being stupid and playing merry go round with the enemy around the tower, And ending up in a pile of ashes while the enemy gets away with 10 hp)

Get your infinity edge up fast enough and all the kills are yours to take. Of course leave some for your teammates. They need to eat lead for you. =P

Nearing level 12 you should have gotten your build up to:
1 IE (Not internet Explorer)
1 PD (Phantom Dancer)
1 BG (Beserker greaves)

With this current build, you should have no problem killing off paper champions and champs who are trying to run away.

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How to Murde--- I mean play (Late game)

Need I say more? The moment you get most of the build down, you are an unstoppable killing machine.(without the Black Cleaver). Rules of tower diving still apply, but you can bend it if you're feeling extra murder-ry. At this point, Katarina is practically your food. Your unparalleled damage and critical will make Tryndamere consider engaging you, and all those other victims will run at the mere sight of you.

Now to address your last item. Black Cleaver is a personal preference, however you may wish to Substitute it for a
Last Whisper ----> For Tanks (Mordekaiser, Ammumu , Rammus*)and runners (AKA Blitzcrank, Evelynn, Ashe etc)
Bloodthirster =====> For dps (Kog maw, Xin Zhao and Katarina) and everything else.

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Last Minute addressing

As a Shaco, the rules of engagement still apply
- Do not get into team fights (Help by picking off important enemies before the fight, or during the fight/ Kill any retreatees.)
- Plant a Jack in the box in every brush you come across if possible. This will allow you to monitor movement of the enemy.
- STRICTLY NO TOWER DIVING. Try to find alternate ways of killing.
- While being chased, try not to deceive towards your base. Deceive behind the enemy and run the opposite direction, but try to make it seem like you just deceived away towards your base.
-In the event that they warded the area, play around with them in the jungle. Either till your teammates get to you, or the enemy team finally loses track of you. However with my build you'll be running faster than rammus's power ball.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, Shaco is about mind games. Make the enemy cautious of your movements.
Finally, yes the item build is expensive, however, by the time you make the IE and 2 PDs you'll be owning. so try to work towards that.

Oh and if you think there is anything that should be improved, please do tell me, as i'm trying out different build sequences and play style. once i've compiled them all, i'll publish another guide.