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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Carrotkiller

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Carrotkiller

Hail mundo(lane or jungle)

Carrotkiller Last updated on October 19, 2011
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Mundos :D

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Hey, this is my first build i will post here so plz dont get so mad if it doesnt work D:
I really dont know why but mundo gives me a luck on games that i cant understand , but i usually play nice with him so nothing more to do so i will post it here so u guys can try and feedback what u think about it =D!

Will teach to make a a laning mundo (solo top or bot ) and jungle(i really dont like his jungle D:)

Read everything plz :D!

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Pros: Nice nuking on his Q
his ult heals him Alot and give him speed(can save u from ganks)
Nice passive
Good damage even on tanker with his q

Cons: Lose to much Hp with skills
Lack of damage
If you get ignited you lose your absurd ult regen
Not as funny as many heroes :(
Dont get focused
Need skill with Q

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Use 3 quint of hp on level 1 so i can get a little better Hp regen on low level, win some Hp maks u survive more in lane and always nice to have more hp =D

use 9 of this per level cuz i really wanna get buffy late game and my early i really dont want to play agressive.

use 9 of this as the same motives i use my seals , i wanna get buffy late game and i dont like to be agressive

use them to get some more armor early game so i can survive longe in lane

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For me Flash is the best spell: nice for chasing and running :D
Exhaust: get it cuz of my fuctiong of protecting carry, if their carry start attacking your carry exhaust him and take him down

Other spells:
Ignite: nice for fb and if u afraid other team have swain or some other hero with insane hp regen fell free to get it
Ghost: nice spell makes u run really fast, pass by creeps and nice for running or chase
tp: let it for support
Heal:Good early to firstblood, but late game will heal almost nothing, wcan be used to save from karthus or vlad ult
clairyovance: let it for support
Clarity: nope.U dont use mana
fortify: a kind good spell but have others better
Cleanse: you the tanker if they focus u they dumb, but, u can get it to ,a nice spell :D
Revive: long cd ?
Rally: WTF???? this still exist

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I get 0/22/8 because:

1. dont get a single masteries on offence cuz i will let the ad of my team have the dmg
2. defensive masteries because they are nice :D, more hp regen per 5 secs ,+ 6 armor and magic resist, dodge chance and 4% less dmg received (dont look much early but late is nice :D)
3. get on support one more for the hp regen but some extra exp is always nice ( if u dont like change it)

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Skill sequence

First, I max my Q thats mundo main skill (nuking, slowing, nice dmg on ppl and creeps,helps last hit), then i go for my w for some reasons,less crownd control on you(less slow, less stun duration), some nice dmg early game( this will consume a good hp so care when turning it on then my E, lower Hp, more dmg, this is a nice skill, makes your attack damage skyrocket and u can even try to fight someone (just do it if u have a good laning partner). And mundo signature spell, his Ult! just love this spell :D! get it on level 6, 11and 16 use it everytime u half hp or lower( dont use full hp i beg) and when someone have a ignite or something that makes u regen 50% less effective just wait to use it( if u see u dieing, use it anyway but heals worst).

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Early Game: hp pots: nice move speed make easier to farm if u dont want to q and makes easier to run from ganks
2.Regrown Pendant+ hp potion: insane early game hp regen + u passive makes u regen lovely
3.Doran shield if u want some more hp and a little more Armor

Mid game:
Wont be much problem for u to get some gold so make mercury threads and the giant belt of Hp(if u can complete wamogs u welcome), and then spirit visage to make u hp regen skyrocket and makes u ult heal almost all u hp.

Late game:
If u didnt fed, farmed well, and team got dragon, u can prob have thornmail or atmas for extra armor or a Force of nature if you need some magic resist cuz of some Heavy AP burst dmg.Continue following the build and later u will need to see how u team going...
If they have a good damage and just need a tanking : make randuim that gives u some extra Hp and slow ppl when activated, or make a guardian angel if u want more Armor+Magic resist+ a lovely passive win games.
If you see your team is needing some more dmg: make atmas and with u E maxed out u will have like 260 dmg+( U can think thats nothing late game if u dont have arm pen or crit, but that 100 dmg+ 60 dmg from your W+ your Q its a cool dmg to the carry of the other team.And with thornmail u will return part of the received dmg and increase your damage output.

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Creeping And his jungle

Lane Solo top:Not much problem , if u go solo top just try to last hit with u attack, if you see you wont get the last hit on time throw your Q, and will ask all time, BUY WARDS!

Lane bot with support: Almost as top but you will have a job to nuke them to, try to control one of the bushed from bot(the nearest from u bot turret) so u can free walk on it and make easy to aim.

Lane with AD:Dont steal his creeps, let him farm u just nuke and get those creeps he wont get, if u see he is taking some good amount of dmg go there and keep throwing your Q on them ( I BEG! dont throw u axe on creeps and keep saying "I win 25 hp per creep i hit ^^ will keep spamming :D) NOoooo! u lose 25 hp u make u ad lose some last hit and push your lane D:!
Pushed lane= Less last hit and easier to get ganked, so i ask again Buy wards!

His jungle:
First of all start with a cloth armor + 5 hp pots and head to golems ( if u on a premade u can try to make red with a good leash :D), throw a axe on one of the golems, smite him and keep attacking(your axe deal more dmg the mroe hp they have) since u receive dmg use one pot, kill golems and move to wraith, you will be prob level 2 so get u W to make some dmg on every creep, again move to position where u can throw a axe on the bigger wraith (takes more hp)then turn on u W and keep hitting big one till it dies(use a pot if u less than half Hp),now head to wolves and to the same thing( throw axe on big one, turn on W and keep auto attack) if u sucess u will be level 3, get another level for u Q , now u have 2 options: 1. if u have 350 and have 1 or 2 pots go base and buy boots and grab red. 2: gank a lane , even u not killing try to make him waste a spell like flash or exhaust, mundo Q have low CD and can make a good dmg and make the other guy lose some exp
Now u got your boots and went red , you prob have your smite back, throw axe on the red buff , turn on W and keep using your q till he is low HP and smite him(care u get some low hp here if u have less then 60 hp u can throw u axe),after this use pot and level up your E and go to golems again,after u get them, try to gank again, if u dont have sucess, no problem you will make them waste a spell or recall , them u can choose 3 itens paths now:
1.Lantern:% of hitting 500 dmg on creeps + armor
2. Chain armor: 40 armor will help you alot on jungle
3.Giant belt: that bonus hp maks your hp regen bigger, more hp regen from ult.
Buy wards! when u go base always go with like 100 gold + to buy at least 1 ward, ward all around dragon on the enemy bushes to protect and make bot hug turret so u can take dragon faster. After this make the build i told on items.

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Team Work

Mundo work on teamfight is:
tank and protect squish:
An example:
You keep throwin q on the other guys team, if u sure your team have a good dmg output and not full of no brains. Turn on your W and run to them always focusing the one with bigger dmg or the weakest, if your ashe team got surprised by a akali that start jumping on here and keep attacking her, exhaust her and focus her, dont let they kill your carry, if they die u lose.Another situation is: you won the fight but 3 enemies run like 100 hp each, dont be afraid of wasting a spell if u gettign a kill, flash up and throw u Q on someone, if u hit u kill, if u have ult try to chase him( Ult + force of nature= amazing speed), but the other guy got a phantom dancer, flash and try to hit your Q.

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Well thats all i have to say about mundo and his team play( sry for not many images, first build here D:, plz dont be so bad with comments)

Im a level 30 player,with 1441 Solo queue rating :D( finally i got lucky)
And if u guys want to see if works( worked for me) will post my ranked stats with mundo( all them with same build.

(sorry coulnt got to prove that i made them D: they are old i jsut post this cuz i dont have 2 much what to do D:)