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Malphite Build Guide by WarwickCooL

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WarwickCooL

hard rock guy ad dps

WarwickCooL Last updated on June 22, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force

Offense: 26

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 4

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malphite is strong champ. he can kill almost every1 with his brutall strike. he will do splash dmg meaning he has capabiliti 2 kill entire nemy team at once.

Story: There is a world of perfect harmony, where all are part of the whole. The Monolith is the essence of all creation, and its denizens are but singular pieces of it. It is beautiful in its symmetry, and in its almost complete lack of uncertainty. The rocky beings that live there know their place and work to fulfill their duties to the fullest extent, functioning almost as a superorganism or hive. Malphite has always strived to live up to his full potential, as his own personal part of the whole, serving the role of a distinguished creature questing to enforce his people's flawless vision of order.

One day, without warning, a dimensional rift opened, and he was summoned across the cosmos to the world of Runeterra. The transition was painful and terrifying for him, as he was cut off from the song of his people and the Monolith - things that had been ever-present in him since the day he was born. He raged, trapped in the Summoning Circle, as those who had called him made their plea. Runeterra was a world that had nearly been consumed by its disharmony. It was a world that needed champions to bring order out of chaos. It was to that end that the rock-creature was summoned, so that he could aid them in this quest. Looking past his own fear and apprehension, Malphite could see that this was a respectable goal, and one in which he could participate - perhaps uniquely so. Today, as part of the League of Legends, he hammers those who would seek to upset Valoran's movement toward order, especially turning his attention to those that wield chaotic magic. Unfortunately, Malphite has also begun to change, as he has been forced to face his own profound loneliness among the world's vibrant individuality.

Beware, minions of chaos! The Shard of the Monolith has come.

shards is usually sharp things.xD this mean malphite was meant for dmg not tank like many ppl thinks xD.

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Rune things

red rune: atack speed for faster dmg. very important 4 spalsh on entire enemys team at once for multikill xD.

yelow rune item: atack dmg for extra big dmg numbers and easyer last hit.

blue rune. more atack speed.xP read about red rune 4 reason.

brown rune: get atack dmg here. it add 2.25!! per quint xD thats allot lol u cant miss out on all that extra dmg :P

all in all: this rune i get 4 malphite is shard of the monolith. shards are sharp thing. he is dps. dps dont need def. if ur noob tanks cant protect u u need 2 play with better ppl.

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here is mastery builds.!

i go for the standard 26/0/4 build. very good for tough guy malphite. the dps increase is important. magpen is 4 if u need 2 get maderds blood razer. u shudnt get it. u will do enuf damag without. but if u need. u never knoe. also very important 2 get les time dead. can be the game changer if ur oponent push and u r dead. also improvd rally and exaust cuz u wil run those.

this is only viable build for malph. i know. trusst me. i am high elo, play with hotshottgg allot xD.

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get early atmas. since all champion have some hp from start its always good. i use on allot of champs xD. u also get bigger atack protect. all def u need lol. ur malphite. cant death. next up: BERSERKER GREAV! best boot in game. easyer last hit. faster farm with aoe dps skill. better dmg on enemys champs. nexct iten: warmogs spam. why? it give allot of hp. means u get very uneasy 2 die. also give ad with atmas implaer. with complete iten build u will wrek ur enemys with ur insane splash dmg. i get tripple kill all time. sometimes even five-kill thing. u will be abble to tank cuz u will do sik dps with this op guide xD lol.

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Skill sekuence

put some pts in brutall strike 1st. also get some ground slams. brutall strike alows u 2 do masive aoe dmg 2 ur enemys creep and push tower rly fast. u cant get ganked cuz ur malphite and ur oponents scared xD lol. get ulty as fast as possibel. very good finisher move. NOTE: NOT USE ULTY FOR INITATE! LET UR REAL TANK DO TAHT! U R CARRY. U NEED THE KILS. USE IT 2 LAST HIT AS MANY CHAMPS AS POSIBEL. VERY IMPORTANT.
get 1 pt in ur marksnipp thing. ur q that is. i call it that bcuz it sounds funny xD xD lol.
then skill whatevr. lol ur malphite dont matter. u will raep face big time xD cuz ur malphite xD. skil las u want. just remember 2 take ur finisher (ulty) when u can.

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Summoner Spelling

get rally for extra imba dps. easy choise. wyh get flash? u hav ulti. not need flash anyways. ur malphite. also exhaust so ur noob enemy cant escape fast lol xD. al other spel bad. u dont need ghost. u have boots for ms lol xD. why get clarity? ur dps not need mana lol. why get ignite? u got enuf dps already lol.

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Pros / ungoods

pros: u kill many pepol with ur imba dps.
u kil many minion with ur imba dmg.
u cant die cuz u have over 5k hp with this build!111! OMG!!! xD lol

ungoods: die easy to op champs. (akali, ashe, anivia, rammus, irelia, soraka.)
is to cool for many ppl to play lol xD noobs

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skil use.

use skil for kill oponent. remember: ULTY NOT INIT. LET UR TANKS INIT. U R DPS. U RLY NEED AL KILS. USE IT ONLY 4 FINISH OF OPONENT!!1 thats rly al i have to say. isnt that hard to understand unles ur noob lol xD.

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malphite is hard rock guy like duds from lordi lmao. since he is shard of monolit he is dps not tank like ppl think lols. so remember: use ur ulti for finish of ppl and u will rape mega face with him! u cnat die cuz 5000 HP OVER!!!!!!11!!1

gl hf and pwn allot of noob. :D