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League of Legends Build Guide Author Moaz2

Hax [Jax]- instant kills (just add water)

Moaz2 Last updated on March 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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OK first off i want to say that jax is my main, and i have been using this build ever since i started playing him when he was free. i made this, all by myself and of course it is a hybrid build since i LOVE hybrid champs...

Please enjoy this build and keep getting those wins :D.

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Pros / Cons

lets see...
you know what i am going to add the Cons later, when i find some. comment if YOU do!
Pros(like me ;):
Great damage
very high damage
one of the best finisher/escape mechanism (leap)
can stun (after dodge)
has a lot of dodge
he beats people with a lamp post...

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OK now the masteries, i go 9/21/0 because believe it or not its so dam useful,the health the extra dodge chance, AND whenever you dodge u gain movement speed, helped me LOTS of times. also the CD reduction is needed from the offensive tree, especially the magic penetration. should be common sense.

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Skill Sequence

Leap first of course, you want to keep harassing your enemy and once you get empower you must use EMPOWER>LEAP if you have your stun EMPOWER>LEAP>STUN>PHYSICAL ATTACK, this combo really takes off a lot of your enemies health if not killing them. i upgrade the dodge last because i get ninja tabi which gives me dodge so no need for the extra dodge and since phantom dancers dont give dodge any more the dodge play is really kinda worthless. your empower must be upgraded first then leap and then dodge/stun.

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1- dorans ring - i get this item for the health, the AP, and of course the mana regen... this healps because you might run out of mana while still in a lane, so just hang out in a bush get some mana back and when the enemy comes close *SURPRISE IM BACK* and empower leap him. >:D (you may sell after hextech gunblade.)

2- Ninja tabi - i get this because i dont upgrade my dodge/stun because really the main reason you want it is for the stun, so the dodge here helps a lot to proc your stun.

3- Guinsoos - ok so as you see i get a staff first for the AP most people get the axe for the AD first when they get guinsoos, ama tell ya why i chose AP over AD... first of all it costs less, second it makes empower leap way stronger than you getting AD, also your ulti only scales from AP
(by this time you SHOULD be lvl 11 when u get guinsoos YOU SHUD SHUD SHUD have your second rank on ulti, if u dont u doin somtin wrong.)

4- hextech gunblade - here you need this for the spell vamp SO DAM HELPFUL and it gives an AWESOME 75 AP and abit of AD too, also the life steal helps but most of the health your getting back is most likely from spell vamp, this also helps with 1v1 AND 2v1 AND 3v1 above that not really gonna help cause you would die >.>. if you do try this out and get up to rabbadons you will see that you cant ever die *EVER*.

5- Rabadon;s deathcap - OK now i RARLEY BARLEY SELDOMLY ever get up to the point where i have to bring out the death cap (they usually surrender by the time i get hextech ;) if you do get this you will impossible to kill, in a 3v3 you wont lose a single health without getting health from the hextech, also this gives an upgrade to your guinsoos (the AP stacks give 30% more AP too) and also, i took the time to notice that, empower and leap with rabadons deal about 700+ damage each, and your ulti does 500+ damage (which is every 3rd attack O.O)sooooo.... with the hextech and rabadons nobody can 1v1 you...

6- Raylies crystal scepter- ok i noticed that end/late game you need a slow because once people see you they run and scream like little girls ;)

7- this item is totally depending on your game and should probably be a nashoors if u dont die alot, IF YOU DO DIE ALOT then get a gurdian angle and bam u revive and gain your health in 2 seconds cause of hextech ;)

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sorry g2g...

ok thanks for taking the time to read this hope u like it ama add more stuff im just soooo sleepppyyyy maybe tommorow ama add more stuff cya then. :D