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Hecarim Build Guide by StichedSmile

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StichedSmile

Hecarim - Dat Speed Pwny

StichedSmile Last updated on September 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Well Hai! First build so i decided to add my Speed Pwny build for Hecarim

This guide is set up for those sneaky sally`s who seem to just stay out of arms reach(or for Hecarim: his Halberd`s Reach)during a fight whether it be chasing them through the jungle, getting into a team fight when your allies are caught off guard, or even just cutting down stragglers after a team fight! Hecarim is a very good solo lane due to his natural beef, his moveability to avoid gank's. and this speed allows you secure a kill in a chase. Also laneing with a partner Hecarim provides great support/damage, for the sheer fact of his peels/CC,
FIRST BUILD :) be gentle I thought I would share my Hecarim Tactic with the world!

(yes i understand its a lot of typing but its well worth it :) <3)

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Dem Runes

The reason I have chosen these runes is: because AD marks to boost the pow to his pony trot, Standard Resil seals to beef him up, Shielding Glyphs for again extra beef for those tough team fight moments. And you wouldn`t be a speed pony without those beautiful Swiftness Quint`s this allows you to purchase a DB off the rip to punch some of those Sneaky Sally`s in the face early game. be careful though seeing as you cant purchase Health pots with this starting item.

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These masteries allow you to be that slightly tanky Pony that everyone likes to see! While with This build allows you to do some decent damage. and getting that Warmog`s during game allows you to use the mastery Initiator (Movement Speed over 70% Health) to become a little more useful. again going into the Defensive tree is ideal for me because the minion damage reduction is nice due to the fact of during a chase when your hitting a champ and all the minions are swinging at your speedy pony leg`s you can pop your useful little Spirit of Dread skill and everything is dandy again!

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Skill Sequence

This is Pretty Basic for Hec, because maxing your Q(Rampage) allows some sexy attack speed and AoE damage, keeping Devastating Charge next to max (besides your Ult Obviously) to do some traveling before kicking face. and Maxing Spirit of Dread last because I usually just use it for Utility during buff farming during threes, or during a chase, it also pops out that much more damage during those hectic team fights.

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DB first for some pow off the bat, Next Boot`s and pot`s or even a ward if you are soloing a lane. Then quickly turn that into Boots of Swiftness so they may fear your trot of doom. After build a Phage for survivability and to help secure kills with your mad speed. after this Get a Zeal to continue your production of a Trinity Force, finally a sheen to Trinity Force. next Build a force of nature to beef you up without losing your precious speed, Zeal to Phantom Dancer, Warmogs for beef, Finally sell your DB and this is personal preference but i would suggest a BLoodthirster for some lifesteal, OR a Madreds Bloodrazor to become a Tank killer on 4 legs.

DB - Boot`s - Boot`s of Swiftness - Phage - Zeal - Sheen - Trinity Force - Force of nature - Zeal - Phantom Dancer - Warmog`s - (sell Doran's Blade) Bloodthirster/Madred's Bloodrazor

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Pro`s and Con`s

- High maneuverability.
- Fast Attack rate to Speed Trot and cut down Carries and Tanks alike, and if you chose lifesteal fast health regen.
- Naturally Durable.
- Ability to knock off allies during a team fight, including your Ulti Fear.

- Hard to get a handle of.
- Early Game cant play aggressive due to the distance you need to secure a kill.
- Easily focused during team fights.

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Team work!

Hecarim has incredible CC and peels during team fights, open with a knock off to keep your ad carries safe, also use that fear of yours to deal high damage, lower their health and secure the kills with Q,q,q,q,q,q,q,q,q spam, continuing your peels with Devastating Charge. And that passive of yours makes it perfect to position yourself through-out the team fight to be where you need to be.

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Farming is fairly easy for Hecarim, your Q is very good for last hitting multiple minions during farm stages. and your speed allows you to move through the jungle quickly and efficiently getting buffs and some extra gold quickly.

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Unique Skills

Besides all of the facts I have stated previously, his passive is the reason this guide works so well, ignoring unit collision and adding that extra damage for the speed you are aiming for.